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Unexpected Hollow

mizz rukia


Later on in the afternoon, the other guys had awoken, telling their fantastic stories over and over. Why did they have such a good time, and my night has pretty much ruined what I cared about?

"So Ichigo... how was your night? I never drunk that much before! Me and Inoue didn't get in until 3 o'clock in the morning! What happened to you last night? You didn't show up after you escorted Kuchiki to her room. Get lucky?" Ishida asked him, noticing that Ichigo hadn't said a word all morning.

Ichigo glared at him, creating a look of concern on Ishida's face.

"Ichigo! What did you do to Kuchiki?"


Ishida looked taken aback then shook his head. "I knew Akina was no good. Well, what are you waiting for? Go try to win her back!"

Ichigo nodded and left the hotel room. He hoped Rukia liked her flowers. He couldn't think of something to say in the card to try and win her back. He could only hope that it would work out!

"How can I make it up to Rukia?" he asked himself. "I've got to do something. There is no way I can allow us to drift apart..."

He saw someone. A raven haired someone, just down the hall. Ichigo ran after her. He slowly made his way to her, inch by inch. She was near the stairs when Ichigo grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

The pain and anger he saw in her eyes frightened him. He didn't think he ever saw that kind of emotion in Rukia before. "Rukia..."

"No! Stop it Ichigo! Now I know okay? You're in love with Akina! Why bother try to hide it? I don't even know why you even bothered to send me flowers! What you want me for? Your toy who you can just hurt and laugh about it?" Ichigo looked in her eyes, finally realizing that Rukia felt the same way he did about her. They loved each other. But Akina ruined their chances. If only he had told her sooner...

"Rukia..." Rukia pulled away and ran up the stairs, crying.

"Well, well, well Ichigo," he heard. It was a very seductive voice he had heard before. It was Akina. He turned slowly around and gave her an evil look.

"You stay away from me bitch! You ruined it with Rukia and I! Go! You're not wanted here!"

Akina smiled at him. "Aw... I'm sorry Ichigo. Let me make it all better."

Before Ichigo realized it he was pushed up against the wall, with Akina's hands starting to go up his shirt.

"Ooooh. Muscles. I like that on a guy." She said. Ichigo pushed her off and ran down the hall, where the stairs were. The ones that lead to the roof.

He sat down, gazing at the spectacular view before him. He was at the edge. He looked down, and saw all the busy people doing their morning shopping. But he couldn't be bothered with that now. Where had Rukia gone?

Then he heard it. The screech of a hollow.

"Goddammit! Why now?" he asked himself angrilly, and saw Rukia running towards him. What a change of heart..

Well, it wasn't a change of heart. Rukia had pushed his soul out of his body. "Come on Kurosaki! Defeat that hollow! What are you waiting for?"

Ichigo glared at her. "Well I would if you had warned me earlier about the stupid hollow!" he shouted at her and he noticed her face was going a little red.

"Well SORRY! I had other things on my mind right now!" Then she pushed him forward.

Ichigo drew out his Zanpakuto and drew it out, ready to fight.


Rukia heard a noise behind her and she spun around, looking at the girl who had ruined her life.

"Akina... GET AWAY FROM HERE! ARE YOU AN IDIOT! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO CAUSE SO MUCH TROUBLE?" Rukia asked her angrilly, trying to push her away.

Akina suddely went hot, so Rukia was unable to touch her. "No. I'm staying here. And nothing is going to stop me shinigami."

Rukia glared at her. Who is this girl... she asked herself. Akina was definetly not normal. No one looked that pretty and had so much power. It was inhuman. Rukia had always heard about the unbelievably pretty girls with secrets who had hidden powers in her manga books, but she never thought of it like this!


Akina loved the reaction on Rukia's face.

"Don't you see now, Kuchiki Rukia? Don't you understand I'm not like everyone. And I'm can destroy you. And I will. You better hang on to your boyfriend, because both of you are going to pay. Maybe not today, but you will in time. Watch out little Kuchiki..."

And Akina disappeared.


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