If you're wondering how come this instalment is here so soon, when I have only one chapter of Vol III up, the answer is that it is unrelated to the previous ones, and it takes place simultanesusly with Vol III, and will probebly tie up at the Epilogue. I don't own Det Xavier, Papa Midnite, John Constantine or Angela Dodson.

A posh Los Angeles loft was full of policemen at noon, who had answered to the call of a cleaning arriving to do the weekly cleaning of the flat when she was faced with the macabre sight in the apartment.

The Victim was Hawley Mathews, a prominent columnist for the Los Angeles Times, forty-two years old, single, killed from a wound in his abdomen.

Hawley Mathews had his right legs tied to the ceiling fan, his left leg was tied to his right so that they met at mid-thigh, both his hands were tied behind him, hi flesh was bruised from battery, but that wasn't what killed him, what caused his death was a great wound in his torso that was almost big enough for his entrails to fall out. And his index, middle and ring fingers were severed in both hands.

The policemen were collecting evidence, searching for fingerprints, taking pictures of the crime scene while an overweight detective was eating a ham sandwich said to his partner, "So, Suicide?"

His partner looked at him sideways and said, "You're disgusting, Libowitz."

Libowitz burst laughing, sending a shower of bits of ham and shreds of pickles ahead of him, "Tell me Xavier, where are we going to chalk out the body?"

"Detective," came the sound of an officer through Xavier's radio, "Lt. Dodson is here"
"Great, send her in."

"Dodson? That chick is handling the case? Jeez." said Libowitz in disdain, "I've got scars older than her; I don't see why she got promoted anyway, what the deal on her?"

Xavier took a step back and then started talking, "Same old story, her dad was a cop, graduated at the top of her class at the academy, got into the force, had a mentally unstable sister who thought she saw Angels and god was talking to her. Over a year back, her sister took a swan dive off the roof of Ravenscar hospital and into a pool. Naturally she was hit hard, and even hooked up with this guy John Constantine, know him"
"I heard his name around the precinct"
"Well, he has a record the length of my arm, literally, he was in Ravenscar twice himself, and got arrested a dozen times and there was never enough evidence of prosecute him. His reputation is for all the weird stuff, satanic cults, ritualistic practices, the occult. Anyway, they date for a while and end up breaking up, and when she got back, she got real good, she was good to begin with, but when she got back she seemed like she had one hell of a lucky streak, and started focusing on these sort of crimes, which she solved without breaking a sweat, now every time there is a crime of this sort, they bring hr in."

Angela arrived, already putting on a pair of latex gloves on, she walked past the detectives, saying "Libowitz, Xavier, hello."

She walked directly to the hanged corpse, not showing in sign of intimidation, fear or even disgust, while Libowitz swallowed the last of his sandwich.

"Weird Broad, how did she know me? We never spoke!" said Libowitz.

Xavier ignored him and headed towards Angela, who was inspecting Hawley's fingers, "Any impressions?"

"Probably Satan worship related, see how only the thumb and pinky are left? It alludes to the devil's fist, a sign in devil worship"
"Can't it be a distraction"
"It they wanted a distraction they would have probably carved a pentagram into his back or '666' into his forehead, or gouged out his eyes. I say he was either a devil worshiper or pissed some off."

"Hey, Lieutenant," said Libowitz, "I wonder"
"-where should we do the chalk out? That's funny."

Libowitz was dumbfounded.

"Any idea on his faith"
"His religion; Catholic, Jewish, Mus"
"Oh," said Libowitz as he took a look through his file, "Raised as a Methodist, converted to Scientology"

Angela gazed upon is face, she then slipped his eyelids apart and looked at his dead eyes.

'I am the one who comes to retrieve.'

The image came as a flood, she saw no less than twenty-one persons standing in a circle, images of ripping flesh, of a tower and two lovers, and truly disturbing sights of human carnage. She could

'I am the one who slays the future.'

She saw an image of herself in a dark cave, looking up at a winged figure, an Angel offering his hand.


Angela came out of it and looked at Xavier who had a look of worry, "Are you alright?"

What sh saw would haunt her for the rest of the day, and that voice that spoke to her sent a chiling shiver down her spine everytime she remembered it. She tried to look unfazed, but couldn't help from having her hand tremble, she let go of the face and commanded in a clam voice, "Take him down now."

A couple of officers went to untie the ropes bounding the victim to the ceiling, while Angela walked to the entrance, "What's wrong?" whispered Xavier.

She looked at him for a brief moment and whispered back,

"There will be others."

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