Well, think about how Angela and John first met, he practically told her that her sister was being tortured in hell and she could do nothing about it. And the riots are connected. It's an entirely different Jack, the one from Crimson was a Scottish book dealer while this one in a college student. Omar will appear eventually, probably in the Epilogue.

Michael pulled out his gun as he and Angela ran back to Garth's building, they saw the lights go dead in his window on the seventh floor and decided it may be too late.

A small hideous creature suddenly exploded out of a dumpster and headed toward Angela, Michael fired at it.

"What the Hell is that?"

"Scavenger Demon."

"You've got to be kidding me."

While the bullets seemed to slow it down, the demon kept on coming, so Angela hurled a vile of Holy Water onto it and a final bullet between the eyes sent it burning back to hell.


Garth slowly choked to death as the Killer wrapped it's fingers around his throat in an Iron grip, his hand waved at his side looking for anything that could be used as a weapon, till he came upon a pair of scissors than he thrust into the arm to no avail, he then found a Zippo lighter which he flicked open and hurled it at the obscured face.

The Killer flinched and backed off, releasing Garth temporarily, then grabbing his sword which was on the floor and thrust the tip into Garth's thigh.


Angela could literally feel Garth's pain as she ran up the stairs, the smell of sulfur grew stronger as she got closer to the seventh floor.

Michael kicked the door open and fired at the cloaked man, who still stood in his place despite taking several bullets to the chest.

The Killer inched towards Michael and Angela, while the first reloaded his gun and Angela reached for a second vile of Holy Water in her pocket. Then suddenly, he turned around and ran to the window, crashing through the glass and falling from seven stories high.

Angela and Michael hurried to the broken window and looked to see The Killer running off with inhuman speed, while a pack of Scavenger Demons followed him.

"What the Hell is going on?" asked Garth as he bled on the floor.


Garth was taken to Midnite's, where Midnite treated his wound.

"Any confessions? Care to tell us about any Demonic trysts?" asked Midnite.

"What the bollocks are you on about?" asked Garth, "Before tonight I was an atheist!"

"So you're saying you had nothing to deal with demons before?" asked Angela.

"No, not at all."

"Then why was he after you?"

"I'm not a demonic Serial Killer, but I'd guess that's what Demonic serial killers do!"

"Look, Mason." started Angela sternly, "All the victims were targeted, and we had your name as one of the upcoming two victims. We know for a fact that the past victims knew each other."

"Look, Miss. I don't know what the hell all this mess is about."

"Hawley Mathews, Simon Messing, Judge Andy Hepburn, Delia Moon, Buckland Wallen, Jerry Brusard; do you now any of these names?"

"No, not at all."

"Then why was your name one of three on a list of upcoming victims?"

"My name?"

"Yes, Garth James Mason."

"That's me dad, I'm Garth ADAM Mason."

Angela was silenced.

"This is most unusual." said Midnite.

"Think so?" Garth said sarcastically.

"Why would the Fortune Killer come after him instead of his father?"

"Assuming the list is not false."

"Well it's all we got." said Angela, "Look, Mason. Can you tell us anything about the killer?"

"He smelled like Sulfur, I mean he reeked of it. He just said he'd come for my soul and flesh, he then said something strange... Nineteen."

"He said Nineteen?" asked Michael.

"Are you daft? I just said he said Nineteen!"

"Card number Nineteen; the Sun." said Midnite as he wrote the number and corresponding letter on a peace of paper with the series of victims so far.

12, 2, 1, 6, 18, 17, 16, 7, 19 ...

L. B. A. F. R. Q. P. G. S. ...

"It's another dead end."

"Not necessarily, we still have Robin Wayland. Maybe she can point us in the right direction."

"Yeah, but we don't know where she is."

"There's a solution for that."


"Just so I'm sure, you DO know you are about to be electrocuted in an Electric Chair, right?" asked Garth.

"Yes." said Angela as she was being strapped in by Midnite.

"I'm not sure you do."

"Would you mind stepping back, Mason?" said Midnite as he pushed Garth aside.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Midnite as he strapped Angela into the chair.

"If John could do it, then so can I."

Midnite poured a mixture of Water and Alcohol onto the floor beneath Angela's bare feet.

"This will all end in tears, I just know it!" said Garth as Midnite plugged in an electric cable.

"The process is instinctive; you'll have to learn as you go along. Good luck."

As soon as the wire hit the water, Angela felt herself as if she was torn from the chair by a powerful storm and hurled into the gulf of space, she gradually started to feel more control over her movement and found herself in a dark dungeon with nearly twenty people standing in a circle, she recognized most of them as the victims thus far, while there was two men she didn't recognize, but one had a resemblance to Garth. The twenty were in the company of a clocked figure; she could catch glimpses of the Wolf-man she saw in Hell walking through a world of Chaos with a master greater than he.

She felt a distance grow between her and the scene so she walked closer to one of the men she didn't recognize, who didn't look like Garth, and she was transported to another location, a Church in a distant City.

Suddenly, The Wolf-Man had came after her, so she instinctively tore herself from her surroundings and found herself back in the club.

"I know where he is." she said as beads of sweet ran down her skin.


Garth hobbled to the back seat of the SUV, While Michael sat at the passenger seat. Midnite and Angela talked a distance away.

"Are you sure this is a Good Idea?" asked Midnite.

"Good? Maybe not, but it's the best we have, Garth seems to be taking his fathers place and there s none to tell us anything except for Wayland."

"Why don't you leave the Englishman behind? He will be well protected here."

"Something tells me it won't be enough; I just have to keep him under my sight at all times. I need you to identify the demon."

"Godspeed, then."


The Killer stood in his shrine, his Scavenger demons standing at bay, no less than a hundred of them, clinging to the walls and the ceiling. A large sigil was carved onto the floor, in the middle of which was a pulpit-like structure with Chains attached to its top.

Slowly, the Killer walked over to a woman in the corner of the room, dressed in torn rags and heavily tattooed, he exchanged a few words with her in an ancient tongue and she answered him back.

The Killer then walked out with a legion of Demons following him


Garth, Michael and Angela walked down the isle at the church which was empty at the time. A lone monk was kneeling by the Cross and praying silently.

"Mr. Wayland?"

The Monk turned around slowly, staring at them blankly then understanding upon the sight of Garth.

"The Day or Reckoning is upon me I see."


"We were all greedy," started the Monk, "The twenty of us. Some of us wanted to live, some of us wanted live with power. Your Father, Mr. Mason, was the common Bond; he brought us all to Gaun. I and Judge Hepburn were young Attorney's at the time and wanted to advance our careers rapidly to gain political power. As did Mr. Brusard. The young Couple had contracted Aids and wanted a cure. Simon Messing wanted to know of Forbidden Knowledge on the ways of Magic to pursue his Agenda. Charles Griffin wanted a cure from Polio, Miss Moon wanted to regain her sight, and so on."

"What about my father?" asked Gaun.

"It seems he and Gaun had a debt to settle, one he paid by supplying Twenty willing souls."

"And Gaun would be what?"

"Gaun is a century old witch, she was the lover of the Demon who made all this happen."

"But for what? Why does it want to have Twenty Souls?"

"It's not just the souls, but the flesh. The Demon was once one of Lucifer's stand-bearers, but a disagreement between them led the Devil to banish him into Limbo, where he would have nothing but loneliness for all eternity. The thing is; blood-thirsty, power-hungry demons don't like to be stuck in nothingness with nothing to do but themselves. He wants back in!

"In Nineteenth century Boston lived a Psychic Witch named Gaun McMullin, she had the ability to travel to Hell, where she managed to amass great Knowledge of Magic and Witchcraft. Then one day as she stumbled upon Limbo, where a powerful Demon was locked, she was instantly enthralled by him and she fell into his arms, you could say the two fell in love, if a Demon and a whore of witch could ever feel love. She vowed herself to his cause and they had fornicated in the great void. The outcome of which was that Gaun became more powerful and immortal. Understood?"



"The Demon who had a wolf man like appearance. Who was a demon Warrior who resented the Devil for Banishing hid father but did not disobey him. The Father and Son then made a pact that they would rule Mankind one day, though they needed to wait for a certain day to come, and they needed the help of humans to help The Father cross over.

"So in the eighties, Gaun gathers all of us and grants our wishes in exchange of handing our souls in. Which we agreed to. You see, for Loki to cross over, he needs a body comprised of human organs, and to have the souls of which to be used to create a portal he can use to arrive on this plane."

"And turn Earth into his own Hell?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"I saw this one before."

"Alright, why is he coming after me? I wasn't there!" demanded Garth.

"I assume that for your father's debt to be wiped clean, he'd have to offer his own flesh and blood."

"The bastard!"

"And why is he going around killing all of them now, instead of waiting till they are all dead?"

"There is a small window during which he can cross over, and I guess it's coming soon. He probably thought we'd all be dead by now anyway."

"Wait, something doesn't add up. He isn't done with the tarot deck. It's just been The Hanged Man, Strength, The Magician, The Lovers, The Tower, The Moon, the Star. The Chariot and Justice. That's just nine card, what about the rest?" asked Michael.

"Well, the Tarot thing is just for show. He doesn't have to finish them at all." said the monk.

"It's a story." said Garth in revelation.


"The tarot cards don't simply refer to the victims, but tp everyone involved."

"What do you mean?"

"The tarot cards you mentioned all point to victims, and I would be 'The Sun', which is an obvious pun. The Devil is the Demon himself, The Son could be Death and this Gaun tart could be the whatdoyecalit?"

"The High Priestess."

"And I would be the Hermit... and the Heirophant." said Wayland.

"Which leaves The Fool, Temperance, the Emperor and Empress, Judgment, and the World." said Angela.

"Wait a minute, who could the Emperor and Empress be?" asked Michael.

"Who do you think?" said Wayland with a knowing s mile, "The guy got elected as president after an Election he got the least votes in. Don't tell me that was Demon-Free."

"Twice." noted Angela.

"Oh, no!" Wayland suddenly said.

"What's wrong?" asked Angela.

"I see npt even this place can shield me from them. The end is upon me!" said Wayland then looked at Garth, "It all ends with you, if anything happens to you, it will be the end of the world as we know it."

Wayland got up from the bench and looked at the church's gate which was suddenly opened.

"RUN! You fools! You can take the truck parked at the back."

"What's going on?" asked Garth.

Angela pushed Garth away despite his objections, Michael followed as he caught on.

"What the fuck is going on!"

They looked back as they were near a back exit and saw several figure standing in the doorway, the light was coming from behind them and made only their silhouettes visible. They appeared to look like a tall cloaked person flanked by a group of growling hound-like demons. They were unable to enter onto holy ground.

Wayland stood calmly and looked up at the heaven's, a tear slid down his cheek as he implored, "Father, forgive me!"

The killer raised a massive crossbow which fired several arrows at once, each struck Wayland at a different limb or organ, with such power that it tore him from his place and sent him flying back till he was pinned to the cross, crucified.


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