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Chapter 4

The Purrfect Disaster

Oh crap.

Crap crap crap.


Two wide eyes were now quickly skimming their surroundings, feeling unsafe in this new and unfamiliar environment.

Well, it wasn't that new and unfamiliar, but even Yumi Ishiyama would feel intimidated by her room growing three times its size.

"Waah... what's happening..." she wailed, as she looked around her room which was now huge. "There was the return to the past, and now I'm in my room again... but everything's different."

She glanced at her feet, which were now white and fluffy. "Way different."

Sighing, Yumi trotted across her futon and to the mirror next to her wardrobe. It took a little longer than usual, but she forgot she wasn't human anymore. No more large paces- just kitty steps for her now.

She glanced in the mirror and had a look at herself.

Her eyes were the same as they were before- like crystallized amber. Her coat was jet black, with a white tip at the end of her tail and white paws, and a white flank to match.

"I look totally cute as a cat." Yumi purred to herself as she moved into a different pose. "I need to beg mom and dad if we can get a kitten."

Wait, now's not the time to be admiring yourself! She shook her head, ears flapping everywhere, and grew serious. I should be panicking right now! XANA's turned me into a cat, and I'm sure the others are too!

The first thing that came to mind was getting in contact with them. Yumi glanced up at her phone on her desk. But calling them would be useless. Their cellphones wouldn't be with them in this state.

"Guess I'll need to get there myself, then." She said to herself confidently. "Can't be that hard- Ulrich managed to get here on his own, so I can get around too!"

The thought of the boy who was with her in the bath made her blush heavily.

"He'll be getting an earful for that little incident, cute or not..." grumbled Yumi, as she leapt up to her open window and made her way down the cherry blossom tree easily with her boosted balance and flexibility.

Back at Kadic, the boys slowly turned around (while Ulrich sneezed) to face the figure who had slinked the room.

"Is that..." Odd said, shocked.

"No way!" exclaimed Ulrich, wiping his nose.

"A-Aelita...?" Jeremie stuttered.

A cat sat in the middle of the doorway and tilted its head. "What's with the weird look, you guys?" it mewed with a familiar voice. "I'm a cat just like you, aren't I?"

Ulrich stared in awe. "Yeah... but-"

"You look so pretty!" yelled Odd.

Aelita sat up, shocked, and then looked away with her face slightly red in embarrassment at the compliment.

And how true it was. She certainly wasn't an average looking cat like the rest of them (although Odd's obesity was called into question)- pure white fur and vibrant turquoise eyes, with pink face markings similar to her own in Lyoko and a pink ribbon around her neck with a red bell attached. A similar ribbon was securely tied in a neat little bow near the tip of her tail.

Needless to say, Jeremie was speechless at the sight of his friend.

Her eyes widened as she darted over to the grey cat's side. "Is that you, Jeremie?" she asked, surprised.


"You look adorable!" Aelita purred happily as she circled him, cooing and talking about his 'cute little paws' and his 'fluffy tail'.

While this happened, Ulrich and Odd kitty-snickered at them in the corner.

"W-Well, anyway..." said Jeremie, trying not to look like he was enjoying the attention. "I'm actually surprised that you-"

"Weren't pink?" Ulrich guessed.

"I thought so too." agreed Odd.

"Really?" Aelita blinked. "You all thought I was going to be a pink cat? What made you think...?"

"Forget it."

"Hah, these cars are nothing! Nothing!" Yumi snorted to herself, sweating heavily as the giant metal monsters roared past her one by one.

A minivan drove over a puddle nearby and splashed filthy water all over the unsuspecting feline.

"Gack! Great, now I'm soaked!"

With heavy fur she continued on her hopefully right way to the school, now knowing why cats hated water so much. It felt so degrading.

C'mon Yumi, you can do this. That ecchi-neko you call a friend took this trip too, and he was fine...

Mental images of Ulrich trudging through the city streets in the pouring rain filled her head, enduring the horrible conditions and braving the elements just to get to his beloved Yumi's house and so they would kiss passionat-


Jeremie attempted to clear his throat. "Okay, now that we're all here..."

"I'm really worried about Yumi, you guys." said Ulrich. "She's most likely a cat too, and I'm not sure whether she's still at home or on her way here."

"And if she was planning to come here right now, I'm not sure whether she'll make it or not." Aelita added, paw to chin in worry.

Odd nodded. "Yumi may be Yumi, but she might not be able to get here at all. She's not gonna know the right way in her state- unlike Ulrich here who'd know the route from here to her place better than what his mom looks like, cat or not."


"Then we have no choice to go look for her while it's still bright outside." Jeremie decided as he twitched his new whiskers.

He glanced at Ulrich's upset face and brushed his tail across his shoulder.

"I'm sure she's alright. It's Yumi we're talking about, remember." He said reassuringly.

The brown cat twitched from the contact, before hesitantly raising his head and nodding in agreement.

"Alright. Let's go."

"In that case... Search Team Lyokats, away!" Odd announced, as he darted out the door singing their new name.

"Idiot!" Ulrich spat as he ran after him. "You're going the wrong way!"

"Hahaha, whaaaat? I can't hear you!"


Aelita and Jeremie laughed weakly as the sound of their yelling got quieter, before getting up to follow the two down the corridor.

"I need a break..."

Yumi had been wandering around for about for about an hour or two and didn't seem to know where she was going. She had tried asking several people for directions but they either scared her away or cuddled her to death. Not very helpful.

She plopped down next to a cardboard and sighed.

It doesn't look like I'm gonna reach Kadic anytime soon. I don't even recognise this place at all!

Her eyes felt heavy and she could feel herself shutting down.

"I'll just sleep here for a bit... nyan..."



"Aww! Lookit da kitty tat!"

"It's soooo KWOOT!"

Yumi felt something poking and prodding her.

"Ugh... what now?"

She opened her eyes and look up at the thing that disturbed her peaceful sleep.

... oh dear.

Kindergartners. Lots of 'em.

"Lemme touch it!"

"You had a turn!"

"I found him first!"

"No, I did!"

"He's mine!"

"I didn't get to pet him yet!"

"GET AWAY!" yowled Yumi, as she dashed off with the kids in pursuit.

"Hey, she's running away!"

"Get him!"

"Waah! Leave me alone!"

No matter where she ran, they caught up with her. Eventually she found an alleyway and headed down there.

"Where'd it go?" she heard one say. She sighed in relief. Safe at last!

"Maybe it went in here!"


Or not.

"KYAA!" the black cat squealed, as she was running from them yet again.

A scruffy looking cat nearby stretched and looked around, wondering where the noise was coming from. Yumi bustled past him, mewed a quick 'sorry!' and ran on.

It stared after her, confused, then turned toward the stampede.

"There it is!" one of the kids exclaimed, picking him up and hugging the poor cat tightly.

The rest of the group cried triumphantly and ran off with their new friend, not realising it was a different cat, but a cat nonetheless.

Yumi saw this and sweatdropped. "Sorry, Mr Cat."

Exhausted, she collapsed and fell asleep where she was, concluding that kindergartners were evil little buggers, and went off to Dreamland.

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