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A/N- This is a story about Serena and Darien finding a baby (coughcough Rini! Cough), whom they decide to take in and care for. But how hard is it taking care of a baby? They'll soon find out!

"A Mother's Love Never Changes"

-Rated T for mild language and violence

-Set around the beginning of the S Season and end of R, soon after Rini left


The sky opened, flashing pink as swirls of pink wind whirled around in a vortex. A small bundle of pink blankets flew out and landed in a bush as the sky returned to normal. People walked by, not suspecting a thing, as if nothing abnormal had just happened. The bundle of blankets began to jiggle, and a small baby's voice began crying out from it. No one noticed; they could not hear it- for only the mother's ears would be able to hear it…..


"Jupiter Thunder Dragon Crash!" Sailor Jupiter's attack rebounded off the youma and back at her. She ducked.

"How're we gonna beat it?" she yelled, almost kissing the ground as the youma shot spears out at them.

"Mercury!" Sailor Moon wailed to her blue-haired friend.

"I'm trying to log into its weaknesses but there's some kind of technological barrier around it!" Mercury yelled back, furiously typing on her computer.

"You're dead!" the youma yelled, aiming a spear right at Sailor Moon. She yelled, rolling out of the way as the spear landed right where her arm had been.

"Hit the youma's heart!" Mercury yelled suddenly. Mars jumped up.

"Mars Fire Ignite!" The fire zoomed at the youma, who turned around just as it hit its heart. It screeched out to the night as blood oozed out.

"Now, Sailor Moon!" Venus cried to her friend. Sailor Moon took out her Moon Scepter and yelled:

"Moon Scepter Elimination!" The Youma was dusted. It was the only one this week, and seemed to be here for no specific reason than as to cause trouble.

"Alright! We did it!" Jupiter cheered. "Now, I'm missing a game with Andrew at the Arcade!"

"Lita, Andrew's already taken by Rita," Venus chided, secretly fostering love for the blonde hunk as well.

"Never give up," Jupiter retorted with a wink, changing back to her other identity, Lita. The others transformed back as well, following suit.

"I suppose I'd better get back home," Mina sighed.

"Yah right, you're going to go stalk some hunksters," Serena teased, shaking her head. Mina shrugged.

"So?" She ran off with a wave.

"I've got to go back to studying at cram school," Amy added.

"And I've gotta go whip some Chad butt," Raye said, cracking her knuckles menacingly. "If he didn't take care of the temple while I was gone, he's just written his own death sentence!" They left, leaving Serena alone.

"Mom' n 'Dad are probably wondering where I am, I guess," Serena sighed to herself, and began walking home. It started to rain and Serena shivered a bit in the chill.

"Only a few more blocks to go," Serena pacified to herself as she walked through the park. The ground was slippery and shiny, but Serena paid no mind to it as she began to run, rain drilling down in a torrent. Suddenly, she slipped and rammed into something hard. Dizzy and seeing stars, she reeled and fell back, but was steadied by a strong hand. As her vision cleared she saw she was looking into none other than her true love's concerned face.

"Darien!" she squealed, giving him one of her infamous hugs.

"Serena, you OK?"

"Oh, I am now!" Serena replied lovingly, head burrowed in Darien's chest. He hugged back tightly but then stopped when Serena tensed.

"Serena, what's wrong?" he asked, feeling suddenly fretful.

"Darien, can you hear that?" Serena questioned seriously, looking up at him.

"Hear what?" he returned, slightly confused. Serena screwed up her face, listening intently. She could have sworn she heard a baby crying. Then, she heard it again.

"Darien, over here!" she exclaimed, taking Darien by the hand and running off in the opposite direction as she had been heading.

"Serena, what am I supposed to be hearing?" Darien panted, running to keep up with Serena. 'Man, when she wants to run, she can run!'

Serena came to a bush and suddenly, Darien heard a baby wailing, clear as day. How had he not heard the child? She was screaming very like someone he knew… (AKA the person standing beside him). Serena put a finger to her lips and pulled the bushes apart. Inside was a pink bundle, jiggling, crying coming very distinctly from inside. Tenderly and cautiously, Serena pulled out the bundle and held it close, like a mother does to a frightened child. The crying stopped instantly, and a strange feeling came over Serena. Oh, such tender love she felt at that moment!

"Serena?" Darien asked, breaking through to Serena through he reverie. She jolted back to earth and they crouched down. Serena pulled back the blankets, and a beautiful baby girl lay there, clothed in a beautiful white princess's dress, almost identical to Serena's Moon Princess garments. The baby's eyes opened, fixing upon Serena. Their eyes met, and Serena stared down into the red eyes she knew so well. Both Darien and her gasped as they looked into their future daughter's eyes.


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