The Senshi were forced to wait in the waiting room as they operated on Serena, trying to patch up the wound. A man came out soon after to question them.

"Do you know how this happened?"

"No, sir. She came to my house a little while ago with Baby Rini here, and she was bleeding badly. She asked me to help her, then fainted," Raye said in a slightly constricted voice as the memories came back to her.

"Any ideas?" Raye thought a moment.

"It was probably one of those monster thingies that shows up sometimes; as far as I know, she has no enemies," Raye responded cautiously, careful not to give any information away about Serena being Sailor Moon, or at all being connected with these things. Sure, Serena had plenty of enemies, but there was no immediate enemy around right now, except for the occasional youma.

The man nodded, satisfied with their story.

"Anyone I should contact?" he asked.

"Yes! Serena's parents and family," Amy said immediately, giving the doctor the Tsukino's number.

"I'll return with more information about her stability and health as soon as I can, for now all you can do is wait. What I do know is she's lost a lot of blood, and this needs to be taken care of immediately. Goodbye." And with that he left, leaving a silent group in his wake, everyone lost in their own thoughts.

Ikuko-Mama, Kenji-Papa, and Sammy came in a bit later, worried yet relieved Serena was doing better. They all waited together in the waiting room, connected with the bond of loving Serena.

A few hours later, Rini was sleeping on Raye's lap (when questioned about her, Raye said she was a cousin of hers), and everyone was feeling the same way. It was midnight, and still no word had come of Serena. The Senshi took it in turns to pace, trying to relieve some of the worry and fear inside them, like a volcano ready to erupt.

At half past midnight, word finally came of Serena. The wound was patched up and Serena was doing fine, and was resting now. However, she would have to stay at the hospital for a couple of days in order to regain energy and nutrients from a machine. This was from her lack of blood.

"May we see her?" Ikuko-Mama asked gingerly. The doctor agreed and let them in, though the Senshi wanted to stay back so they could talk to her alone.

Half an hour later, the family came out, smiling.

"She's awake now. You can go see her if you like," Ikuko-Mama said warmly. They smiled back, then went in to see their friend. Serena was lying on the hospital bed, connected to a machine. Bandages were wrapped around her side, and through it all, Serena was smiling like an angel, eyes twinkling to see her friends. They ran to her and everyone gave her a long hug, and, in Darien's case, a kiss. Rini was sat on the bed next to her mother, where she lay down comfortably.

"Guys," Serena greeted softly.

"What happened?" Raye asked.

"Youma attacked Rini, and I took the spear for her," Serena replied modestly.

"Typical Serena," Mina said with a smile, admiringly. Serena turned to Raye.

"Thank you, Raye," Serena said. Raye hugged her friend tightly.

"No, thank you for not dying on us. You gave us a right good scare there, ya know! Don't ever do it again, Meatball Head!" Raye "reprimanded". Serena laughed softly.

"I'll try not to," was her response. The Senshi laughed. Suddenly, a bright white light filled the room. Everyone gasped. An angelic form stood at the foot of the bed, two long blonde odangoes going perfectly with her long white dress. Rini was up like a flash.

"Mama!" she screeched, high tailing it to Mom. Neo-Queen Serenity picked up her daughter and held her close, fondling the child.

"I've missed you, dear Small Lady," Serenity cooed. The Senshi stood in confusion and awe, staring at Serena's future self like one does to a TV.

"You…how…" They were speechless. Serenity just smiled.

"I suppose I have some explaining to do," she said.

"Why was Rini sent here?" Darien asked.

"I sent Small Lady here as a beacon of light, a hope in the darkness and bad times. I knew what lay ahead. Rini was sent to be a comfort, a piece of me when you thought I was gone, something to take comfort in," Serenity answered, hugging her daughter. "In a way, Small Lady helped me survive… I almost gave up, were it not for her." Everyone took a moment to process these words, then Serena said sadly:

"So… Rini's leaving?"

"I'm afraid, yes. I've missed my little one dearly, as I know you will too. But do not fear, you're going to see Rini again, very soon."

"As a baby?" Serenity chuckled.

"I'm afraid not, but you will meet her as a baby again one day, when the time has come for her birth." Serena looked sadly at Rini. Serenity knew Serena's feelings, and handed Rini to Serena for the last time. She cuddled with Rini, and told Rini how much she loved her and would miss her. Rini looked up at Serena sadly, the meaning in her eyes clear: I love you too. Rini was passed around once more, then handed back to Serenity.

"Goodbye, dear friends, and remember, there is always hope." There was another flash of white light, and the two were gone. Serena stared at the place where they had disappeared.

"I love you, Rini. I'll never forget the time we spent together," Serena whispered.

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