Elizabeth quickly put on her black fur coat. She clipped her hair into a ponytail and she than put on her gloves. She quickly took her woolen hat and put it on her head. She grabbed her snow boots, and quickly put them on..

"Hurry up!" whined her 7 year old sister named Lucy. "You're taking so long!"

"Done!" Elizabeth exclaimed. Lucy and Elizabeth opened the front door and ran out side into the crispy white snow.

"Where's Jane?" asked Lucy.

"Got no clue." Said Elizabeth.

Lucy sighed as she picked up a pile of snow and threw it at Elizabeth.

"Oh my gosh!" said Elizabeth. "you're gonna pay!" she exclaimed, as she laughed.

She threw a ball of snow on her sister. Just than Jane came. Jane was their older 14 year old sister.

"Hey dumbo." She said.

"Hey idiot." Elizabeth said, as she threw some snow on Lucy.

"Don't call me an idiot." Said Jane.

"Than don't call me a dumbo."

"Shut up!" said Jane.

"Make me!" said Elizabeth, She threw a snow ball at Jane.

"OH MY GOSH!" exclaimed Jane. "Me new JEANS!"

"What about your new jeans?" asked Elizabeth.

"You ruined my new jeans!"

"Well I'm sorry." Said Elizabeth . "That I messed up your new jeans." She rolled her eyes.

"Its not okay!" Tears came into Jane's eyes. Elizabeth watched her eyes get even redder. Jane was pretty, prettier than her. Elizabeth was kind of jeleous of her.

"Jane." called Lucy.

"What?" she yelled.

"Why are you crying?"

"Cause' Elizabeth messed up my jeans!"


"They're JEANS. Jeans"


"My favorite, new jeans. It's not So!" she exclaimed.

"Whatever." Said Elizabeth.

"It's not whatever. I'm telling on you." Said Jane. She started to run into the house.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and made another snowball and threw it at Jane. She thought she heard her say, "I hate you." And than she was inside the house.

"Come on." Said Lucy.

"Where?" asked Elizabth.

"Our house." Said Lucy. "Race ya!"

And with that both of them ran.

Just as Elizabeth was running, she stepped on something. She lifted her foot up and saw a red, necklace.

"Lucy! Look!" yelled Elizabeth. Lucy came to her.

"Ohh! Pretty!" she exclaimed. She touched the necklace. "Its ruby."

"How do you know." Asked Elizabeth.

"Cause' I studied jewls at school. Let's go." Said Lucy.

They walked home. Elizabeth put the necklace in her pocket.

Just as they opened the door, their mom stood there, yelling at Jane.

"Okay!" said Jane. She stormed up the red carpeted stairs.

"Elizabeth!" said her mom. "Why did you mess up Jane's new jeans?"

"I was playing around." Exclaimed Elizabeth.

"Well don't play with her!" said her mother.

"Okay. Alright!" said Elizabeth..

"Whatever." Said her mom. Her face softened as she said, "Sorry I'm cranky. Its just that I'm pregnant and its hard for me to work and all. And plus you guys…" she smiled and gave her a hug.

"Alright, now go to your room."

"Okay." Moaned Elizabeth.

Lucy went upstairs with her. They found Jane on the computer.

"I wanna go on!" said Elizabeth.

"Too bad I got It." She said.

"Okay, gosh." Said Elizabeth. They went to Lucy's room and played games.

Just than Jane was in her room. They went to the computer.

Jane came back. "Heyy!" she wailed.

"What?" asked Lucy.

"Too bad I got it." Elizabeth added.

Elizabeth took out the locket that was in her pocket. It was hurting her. She clutched it in her hand.

"I hate you guys!" said Jane.

"I wish you'd die!" said Elizabeth.

. Jane stopped where she was. Elizabeth was even shocked with what she had just said. Lucy glanced at the locket, and saw it was glowing.