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The air was crisp and it had been exactly a year since Clare and Mark had found the Benison. They had attended themselves to the same university near Ravensmere although taking different courses. They had gotten a proper wedding and were living in the estate that Mr. Aylward had passed on in his will. To the future Guardians. It had said.

"How are you doing with the herbs Rosie?" Mark asked. It was there day off where Clare was researching and note taking on the plants near the China Garden.

There had been a lot of repair work since Mr. Aylward passed through the Seventh Gate. The weeds had been plucked, the flowers bloomed, and the fountain had started working again.

"Fine," she replied with a smile. "Just fine,"

"Things have been going great haven't they?" Mark replied. Clare didn't reply.

"We're going to have to go back there soon, love," he reminded her.

She just nodded. The dark eerie thought had creped into her head. She would have to be returning to the cave where Mark had nearly lost his life if it wasn't for the water in the lake that was located there.

He walked over to her and whispered near her ear, "It'll be okay love,"

"I don't know," she replied, getting teary, "I don't want to risk," she paused. He patted her back.

"Everything will be fine,"

"How'll you know?"

"Because I have the most intelligent girl by my side," he said, kissing her neck.

She smiled, "I'll have to practice the Maze Dance every night now if we want to get in and back,"

He nodded. "We need to pack clothing," and he added, "Not like last time,"

They remembered the night when they had walked off the lake with each other's clothing on there wet backs.

"I'd better start the essay all the professors assigned me," Mark replied, standing up.

The night had gone by, both going to bed thinking about the future that lay ahead.


"Packed everything yet?" Mark asked.

"Yes I guess. We have the flashlights with extra batteries and clothes with some food all in a water proof bag that's sealed tight,"

She heaved and he smiled. "Don't over exhilarate yourself before we start," he warned.

"Oh alright,"

He smirked a playful smirk and said, "I love it when you obey me,"

She laughed and threw the water-proof bag at him. "Why don't you keep your mouth shut and keep packing?"

"Yes ma'am," he replied. They tumbled into fits of laughter and continued to pack with preparations for the journey once again back into the cave.

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