April 10, 2008 - Well, I cracked. I decided to revise this story even though I should really be thinking about working on my in-progress one instead of this completed one. In fact, I revised the next chapter before I remembered there was an introduction. Stupid me.

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Three months. It had officially been three months since Sasuke had returned to Konoha. The first week his return had been dedicated to interrogation about Orochimaru. Sasuke had remained silent, and after a while they had given up. The only information he would give was that the snake was dead, as was his brother. Tsunade accepted that and life moved on.

Naruto was, of course, ecstatic about his return, closely followed by Sakura and Kakashi, though the latter of the two didn't show it. To avoid further strains brought on by Naruto, Tsunade went to the trouble of reinstating Sasuke as soon as possible, effectively bringing the original 'Team Seven' back together.

At first, things were a bit rough. Most of the villagers had heard of the Uchiha's defection, and weren't exactly ready to welcome him back with open arms. After the first month officially went by, the tensions became easing themselves out, and Sasuke's acceptance back into the Konoha Nine plus Team Gai loosened them even more. And by the end of his second month back, it was safe to assume that all had returned to normal.

In fact, if Kakashi closed his eyes and imagined that Orochimaru hadn't cursed Sasuke, that Sasuke hadn't left, that Naruto hadn't spend almost three years searching for him; if he pretended all of that never happened, he could honestly say that nothing had changed. Naruto was back to yelling about something or other that Sasuke had or hadn't done, Sasuke wouldn't answer or would retort with a comment on the blonde's intelligence or lack thereof. Sakura didn't flaunt over him as she did back in the day, but despite the very small differences, everything was exactly perfect.

But then he'd remember that it all really did happen. Orochimaru had placed the cursed seal upon Sasuke, which had driven him out of the village to take up an apprenticeship with the snake, leaving his team in Konoha to go on several wild goose chases to find him, all of which proved futile. Just as the third year mark passed, the Uchiha had suddenly turned up on the gates on Konoha, asking if it would be okay if he came back now. Kakashi had never known a more random day.

But putting that all aside, he was happy to have his old team back, the first he had been able to have pass his teamwork test. But one could not overlook the fact that Sasuke had been with an S-rank criminal for the past three years. Who knew what kind of techniques he had learnt over the years?

Naruto didn't care. Neither did Sakura. And the others followed suit. All would have gone on as it had been if it wasn't for the unexpected events that would transpire in the year of their fifteenth birthdays. That was the year that started everything, and ended it just the sameā€¦

Don't you love that saying?! "... or lack thereof" it sounds so cool! It has been my lifelong dream to use that in a sentence and have it actually make sense. I feel so proud of myself! What's my reward?!

Sasuke: uhh... the knowledge of knowing you did it?

Me: good enough! Knowledge is brain food right?

Naruto: I thought brain food was fish?

Me: ... no.