"After the island was named Honshu and the great volcano that had brought about the island named Mount Fuji, the group had set to work creating a village to call their own. Seeds were planted, crops grown, and time moved on.

"Once a year, the nine inhabitants would rise into the air, and let Mount Fuji spill lava once more, having their crops and most of the vegetation protected of course. This created more land, and a larger area in which future generations would use.

"As for keeping in touch with the ninja of Konoha, the Element User of Wind, Tomenaki Kaiya, had trained a few birds of the pigeon species to fly back and for with letters and packages. Future military would later use this method of communication. The pigeons that she used were much larger than the variety you see in our time, and I wouldn't recommend attaching letters to their legs.

"The Element User of Earth, Tsumiga Imara, still held a grudge on the Element User of Fire, Uchiha Sasuke, and in later years, their quarrelling resumed. Cleaver Sasuke, however, turned this against Imara and created more islands, four of the most notable ones being Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa. There were thousands more, as Imara soon turned it into a game to be preformed every two months. To this day, many live on the islands of his mischief.

"As with all human beings, the nine original inhabitants, aside from the Element Users being named Naruto, Sakura, Hinata and Lee, eventually died and left it to their children and their children's children to live on..."

As the teacher finished her lecture, she put down her book and took off her glasses. Looking at the clock on the wall, she was startled to see it was so early. She had thought that she would be interrupted, so she had ended up finishing early since no one had interrupted. Which was odd.

"Are there any questions?" she asked her class, and a few hands shot up. "Yes?"

A girl with unnaturally light red hair lowered her hand. The red bow she wore in her hair only added to the odd colour of her hair. Quite a few people were certain she bleached it. Her green eyes shone with curiosity, almost too much for the ten year old she was.

"Did the Element Users reincarnation cycle still continue after they settled on the island?" she asked, and two other hands lowered, as she had asked the same question they had.

The teacher put her glasses back on and leafed through the pages of the book. "Some say it did, while others say they didn't. There are even versions where the normal-borns, due to spending so much time around the Element Users, also formed their own reincarnation cycle, except without their memories and the Element Users had. Does that answer your question Sakiko? (1)"

Sakiko nodded her head and slumped in her seat, returning to her drawing she had been working on during the lecture. Another person raised their hand.

"Go ahead Isao (2)," the teacher said.

The boy, Isao, had his eyes wide, a lot wider than the average person. He always kept his and straight as possible, and it was always shinning. There was a rumour he was in a class younger than his age level.

"How long ago that story was made, sensei?" he asked eagerly.

The teacher shook her head. "There's no set date, but it has been passed down through the generations as the creation of our country."

"Then if it's true, the scientists would just have to take a sample of Mount Fuji and see how old it is, wouldn't they?" a boy on the other side of the room called out, his blonde hair making him painfully obvious.

"You have to put up your hand to ask a question Akihiko (3)," the teacher snapped. Her expression softened when she saw the hurt on his face. "But you are right. The only thing is, there's no real proof the legend is real, and the Shinto legend as to how our land was made is more popular."

Akihiko nodded and put his head on his desk, closing his blue eyes and planning on taking a nap. After a few more questions that he found pointless, his ears perked when the girl directly across from him spoke. She hardly ever spoke.

"If the Element Users reincarnation cycle were to continue, how much longer until they would be reborn?" her voice was quiet, and the whole class had been forced to become dead silent in order to hear her.

The teacher was about to answer when the bell rang, and the entire class erupted with noise. The teacher motioned for her to come to her, and Akihiko helped her up and lead her to the teacher.

"As I said to Iaso, we don't know how long ago the legend is placed," she explained to the girl. "If we did know however, then we might be able to calculate the time length. Okay?"

She nodded and bowed. "Thank you for the lesson sensei," she said quietly.

"You're quite welcome Shizuko (4). You and Akihiko can go get some lunch now."

Shizuko nodded, and Akihiko lead her to the door. He kind of liked escorting her, even if she was blind. He'd seen her eyes once, and they were so pale, they were almost white. He tired to imagine them as a lavender colour though, for her sake. On their way out the door, Akihiko couldn't help but hear Sakiko's loud voice.

"I'll be there in a minute!" she shouted to her friend waiting at the door.

She wandered through the desks until she got to the person she wanted to see.

"Hey Kouji!" She said brightly.

Kouji looked up from the papers he was organising, his dark eyes almost filling the entire eye space. He looked quickly down again when he saw who had spoken, navy hair getting in his eyes. Sakiko giggled.

"I wanted you to see the picture I drew during the lecture," she said, holding up a drawing.

He looked at it reluctantly, and began staring. There was a pink haired girl, wearing red and with some sort of band holding her hair up. She was riding atop a large dragon that had red on its top half, while blue dominated the lower half. Behind her on the dragon, there was a boy in green that looked oddly like Isao. He had a red band around his waist.

On the other side of the page, there was another dragon, this one also had red on its top, while there was white on the bottom. Riding on this dragon was someone dressed in orange that looked like Akihiko, and behind him, clad in white, was a girl that looked like Shizuko, only her eyes were open to let the world see the pretty lavender colour they were.

Although it was rather poorly drawn, the people still stood out noticeably. "You got all that from the lecture?" he forced he voice to work.

She nodded proudly. "It didn't describe what anyone looked like. So I started drawing what I thought the normal-borns looked like. I think my mind based it off of our class though…"

Kouji nodded, forcing an idea out of his head. He went back to organising his papers, but dropped them abruptly when Sakiko gasped.

"I just realized!" she exclaimed excitedly. "The Element User of Fire's surname was Uchiha, right?"

The boy was forced to nod in agreement, knowing where this was going.

"And so is yours!" she finished. "Maybe you're related. That'd be soooo cool!"

Kouji smiled, startling Sakiko. "Well, your surname is Haruno." He said pointedly.

"What does that have to do with anything?" she asked, puzzled.

Kouji chuckled. "You have no idea…"

I personally hate it when someone says something in their story that I don't understand. That's the only reason I do footnotes

(1) - Sakiko - name meaning 'blossoming child'

(2) - Isao - name meaning 'honour' or 'merit'

(3) - Akihiko - male name meaning 'bright/shining prince'

(4) - Shizuko - name meaning 'quiet child'

(5) - Kouji - male name meaning 'happy second son'

Tried to pick names that suited them, but I just like the name Kouji, and it happened to fit (minus the happy part...)

Officially done! Thanks for your support!