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-The Evil Duck

The Child of The Noble And Most Ancient House of Black

-Interlude III-

The Child of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

June 1976

I think I must be dying.

I mean, how much blood can a person lose before they drop dead? Fall out of the sky like a brick. I'm dying. I'm cracking up, I must be cracking up. No other way to explain it, really. No other explanation. I can't stop laughing. I can't stop laughing and I think I might cry. I'm going to cry, but I can't stop laughing. I'm crying, I'm laughing, I'm dying but I'm Free! Did you hear that? I'M FREE! I'm free! I'm FREE! FREE! Free forever! And I'm NEVER going back there! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! I'll never set foot in that house AGAIN! The next time I see that bitch she'll be below ground and I'll laugh and spit on her grave. Jesus Christ, I can barely see through the tears.

Blacks don't cry.

But I'm not a Black any more! I'm FREE! Free from the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black! I'M FREE! I'm crying, I'm dying, I'm laughing, I'm free! I never cried. I took everything he dished out, that bastard, that absolute BASTARD! Where am I? Where the bloody Hell am I? I'm dying. How much blood can a person lose before they die? Stone cold dead.

I remember his face, frozen, white, cold. It was the first time he ever looked human, peaceful, unimposing and nonthreatening. I wasn't scared of him. It was hard to believe that the man in the box was the same man who...who...

Where the fuck am I? Where am I going? I keep laughing, bending over the handlebars, screaming...at least I think I'm screaming. I'm FREE! I don't believe it, I'm finally free! I'm definetly cracking up. I've cracked up! I'm losing it! Lost it! I'm dying and I've lost my mind. Where am I? All the sky looks the same from up here. No, it doesn't. Father?

Long ago in Normandy, before our Family crossed over the Chanel to England in 1066, when modern magic was still being developed, wizards depended on astronomy more than anything else. Our ancestors, the Noirs, were famous for their knowledge of the night sky. Wizards from all over France sought our advice and maps and depended on us for long journeys. Astronomy isn't as necessary as it used to be, but it can still be used by a wizard in a pinch, and reading the night sky is a good and important skill to have, Sirius.

Father, which star am I? Which one is Sirius?

Let's see, well, do you see that constellation there? See those three stars lined up like that?

Yes, is that it?

No, that's Orion, the Hunter.

Father, that's your name!

Patience, Son, patience. I'm getting there. Follow my hand...do you see that very bright twinkling star?

Right where you're pointing?

Right where I'm pointing.


That's Sirius. You can always find it because it's the brighest thing to the left of Orion.

There, that's Sirius. The brightest thing to the left of Orion. Did he care? Did he care then? Fuck, what does it matter? Things look different up here. Where am I? WHERE AM I! Where am I going?


James! I'll get to James! He'll help me! James'll save me! James knows what to do! James knows everything. Everything always! I'm crying. I'm laughing. I'm bleeding. That's the only thing I know. I know I'm bleeding. Oh my god, help me! I'm cracking up! I'm freezing! I'm dying! You get cold before you die. Cold, in a box, on a motorbike.

It hurts! Oh god, please--my arm! It hurts! What did that bitch do to me? I don't remember. I don't know. All I know is that I'm bleeding. All I know is that it hurts. Am I laughing? Am I crying? Am I screaming? Where am I?

The brightest thing to the left of Orion.

Father? I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm free! James--I'm coming. James--where are you? Where am I? The brightest thing to the left of Orion. James please help me. Please...