Author's Note: i'm back! okay, the following is a fanfic that i recently finished, based on one of my favorite shows and centred on mytwo favorite characters (it won't be hard to figure out who!lol)

Warning: whenever i actually had the time to work on this story, it was usually around 2 - 3:00 in the morning and i was hyped-up on sugar, so needless to say i was a little out of it most of the time during this story and i have a feeling that i might've gone a teensy bit overboard with picking on the main characters, so if you're against that kind of thing i really suggest that you don't read this, or maybe skip to the last few chapters. anyways, that's about it, so if you're gonna be reading it, get reading and enjoy :)

Chapter 1 – A Rough Morning

"How much do you wanna bet that this little bridge can hold three of Grissom's bug books?"

Looking up from his crossword, Nick looked it over thoughtfully. Greg had constructed a bridge of drinking straws that extended from one table to the next in the centre of the break room.

"Well, I dunno, it looks pretty rickety." He smiled mischievously. "I bet it caves after two." Greg grinned.

"How much?"

"I'm feeling lucky…why not. Fifty bucks," he said, pulling the bill out of his wallet and placing it on the table.

"You're on." And with that, Greg raced out of the room and came back a moment later with three of Grissom's small encyclopaedias. It was at that moment that Catherine walked in. Seeing that Grissom wasn't with her, he motioned her over.

"Hey Cath, could you give me a hand with something?"

"Sure. What is it?" she asked, eyeing the books suspiciously. "And what has it got to do with Grissom's bug-o-pedias?" Greg smiled innocently.

"They have nobly volunteered to help me become fifty bucks richer." Glancing over at the bridge, then at Nick and his fifty-dollar bill, Catherine started to get the hint. "Now what I need from you is drum roll, if you please."

"I think I'll just watch, thank you," she said with a smirk. He faked a hurt expression.

"Fin. The show must go on." And with that, he carefully placed the first book on the expanse of straws, holding his breath. It held fast. "Not looking too good for you so far." He smiled again and placed the second one next to it on the bridge. It shook slightly but still kept it together. Bowing, he looked over at Nick, a highly pleased look on his face. "I believe that's fifty bucks due from the Texan over there." Grudgingly, Nick stood up and walked over, holding the bill out to Greg who snatched it smugly. "Lady and gentleman, thank you for your time. Now get out of here, and drive safely."

"Actually, stay right where you are. I have something to say too." Wincing, Greg slowly turned to see Grissom standing in the doorway holding a few sheets of fax paper and looking steadily at him, the book he held, and the two books balanced on the straw bridge behind him. Sara, who had come in with him, was struggling and failing to hide her smile without Grissom noticing her. Ushering her in in front of him, he chose not to comment immediately on the abduction of his books, and instead got right to the point.

"Okay, here's the deal: an arson call just came in, but all of us except Greg have been scheduled for a board working status review. Now it's nothing to be worried about, just something they started up last year to check in on us every now and then to see whether or not we're doing our job to the best of our abilities and such," he said, handing Warrick, Nick, Sara, and Catherine faxed memo sheets. "We're scheduled one after the other, me first, and each review takes about half-an-hour, but in my opinion we should all head over there together just in case traffic thickens up later on; we wouldn't want to give off the kind of impression that being late for a performance review can give," he said, smiling slightly.

"Wait a minute, why am I the only one without a review?" asked Greg.

"Well, the review is set up for second year and up CSI's because first years like yourself are given their first year to adjust and find your niche, so to speak, before they evaluate you," Grissom stated matter-of-factly, handing the indignant first year a different sheet. "While we're at the review, your job is to start processing the arson scene until Warrick can get back to give you a hand."

"Hey Griss?"

"Yes Nick?" Nick held up his page.

"I'm last in line, right? At 12:00 p.m.?" Grissom looked at his own.

"It looks that way."

"Then why don't I head over with him and help him until 10:00, then drive over to meet you guys at the review? And by the time I get there, Warrick will be done and can pick up where I left off with Greg." Considering it for a moment, Grissom nodded.

"Sure. You two can head over there now. Everyone else, if you have a car, get to it, and if you don't hitch a ride with someone else 'cause we're out of here."

By the time Greg and Nick pulled up in their separate cars, it was 9:00 a.m. Traffic had been unbelievably thick for a Friday morning and as they both got out of their cars and headed for the small house in front of them, Greg could hear Nick grumbling angrily under his breath about having to leave in ten minutes anyway so that he would have a chance of making it downtown in time. Dodging around the few cops, they went inside.

They had been in the house for only five minutes or so, Greg taking pictures and Nick collecting wood samples, when Nick stopped, picking something small up off the ash and debris covered floor with a gloved hand.

"Hey Greg, come here a second. I found something." Walking over to where Nick was standing in what use to be the living room, Greg looked carefully at what Nick was holding up in the beam of his flashlight.

"Is that…?"

"Yeah, this is a bullet casing."

"Looks like this is a little more than just a simple arson." Nick looked down at his watch.

"Well, Grissom's review has been over for a while. I'll call him and let him know," he said, pulling out his cell phone while Greg replaced the casing where it had been found and snapped a few pictures. "Hm, looks like I'm not getting a signal. Is your phone working?" Flipping out his cell, Greg shook his head after a few minutes of fiddling.

"Nadda." Nick glanced down at his watch again.

"Well, I'll be a little early but I'll head over to the review building now and catch Grissom before he leaves about this little chunk of evidence," he said, carefully placing the casing in an evidence bag.

"Okay. Well when you get there, remind Warrick to head over."

"Will do." And with that, Nick left the building and headed for his car while Greg kept working. However, it had only been a minute or so before he came back in, shaking his head angrily. "Damn car. I've been holding off taking it to the shop and now it's completely fried. Can I take your car?"

"No way am I letting you drive away in the love of my life!" Greg replied emphatically. "I'll take a break and drive you to your review myself," he said, replacing his tools in his kit and taking off his plastic gloves before grabbing the evidence bag in one hand and his car keys in the other and following Nick out the door. Chuckling to himself, Nick waited for Greg to unlock the passenger-side door, and was about to jump in when he paused.

"Did you notice that all the cops are gone?" he asked warily. Greg stared out his windshield.

"Huh, not until you mentioned it. They must've gone out to coffee while we were inside." Nick looked doubtful.

"They should be here guarding the perimeter."

"Hey, take it easy Nick. This lot has been abandoned and avoided since forever. There's nobody here for them to keep out. Now get in the car so that I can get you outta here and get back to work." Finally relenting, Nick climbed in the car and shut the door, reaching for his seatbelt. Looking over at Greg to make further argument, he froze as a plastic bag was quickly pulled down over his friend's head, unable to react before a bag came down over and past his eyes and finally cut off his air.