A Roy and Riza Story

Summary: After a hard day of work Riza and Roy are in the office late at night alone. They have sex and begin to have an affair. That is, until Riza transfers away from Central to be replaced by another female second lieutenant. But when Riza comes back months later, is it still too late to win Roy's hart? Or has he fallen for his new aid? Read and Find out. My first FMA fic, so be nice in reviews. I haven't seen all the episodes so if characters are a little out of character lemme know and story takes place after the shows ended.

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Chapter One The Beginning

"Night Roy", Havoc said has he left the building. I didn't bother to look up from the loads of paperwork that I still had to do. I stole a quick glance over at the blonde who shared my office and wished she'd give me a break for once. "Women", I thought to myself has I signed the document and started on another. "It's going to be eight in the morning before I'm done and then I'll have even more work to do", I thought.

"Done with your work sir?", the blonde asked me after about two hours. "Hawkeye can't you go easy on me its almost midnight for crying out loud", I replied not bothering to look up at her. "Your right", she said and I realized she was right in front of me. I looked up into her eyes, "you've worked long enough sir", she said. I got up and reached for my jacket. "You know its ironic that I'm a higher rank than you find you're the one who gives me work", I said chuckling. She laughed. I mean she really laughed. It was rare that I heard such a noise coming from her and I found that I liked it. We both went for the door and being a gentlemen I opened it for her. "Thank you sir", Riza said has she went through the door bumping into my has she did. "Don't apologize it was my fault", I said before she could. I realized how close our bodies were and for the first time I noticed how beautiful she was. "Sir?", she said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Don't think that. You can't have her", I reminded myself. There was a silence between us before Riza said, "well, I'm leaving now", she said walking through the door.

"Wait", I said grabbing her arm. Why had I told her to wait? There was no reason for it, I was just keeping her from getting home to her dog who was probably waiting for her. Her eyes, her beautiful amber eyes stared into my dark ones and I felt myself leaning towards her until the gap between us was closed and our lips touched. Her lips tasted sweet not like the other girls I'd kissed who put pounds of lipstick on. With Riza I felt something and I placed my hands on her hips and nibbled on her lower lips softly. Her lips parted and I inserted my tongue into her mouth and felt her returning the kiss. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. I broke apart and took a breath of air. "I'm sorry", I said panting, "I shouldn't have—", I was cut off has she kissed me. With one of my hands I shut the door and with the other started unbuttoning her uniform. I stopped kissing her and started planting kisses on her neck. She moaned with pleasure and ran her hands through my hair. I continued to kiss her neck and slid her shirt off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. "Havoc was right she is a C cup", I thought has I looked at her in her bra. "Well Sir, what are you waiting for?", she asked a devilish smirk on her face. I grinned and wrapped my arms around her pulling her into another kiss. Has I did so I unclasped her bra and she began to take off my shirt. I guided her over to her desk and sat down on it. She rubbed her hands over my bare chest and I massaged her breasts. She moaned has I squeezed lightly. "Roy….", she moaned has I continued to play with her breasts. She started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. I stood up so that she could pull them down taking my boxers with them. "So this is the real Roy Mustang", she said laughing. "Lieutenant do you see a problem here?", I asked her grinning. "No", she answered has I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to me. "I'm naked and you still have your pants on", I said nibbling on her ear getting a moan from her. She laid down on her desk and I unzipped her pants and pulled them off her. Now she was in nothing but her panties. Her panties were white and I could see how wet she was. I pulled her panties off and now, we were both completely naked on top of her desk. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me into another kiss. "I must be in heaven", I thought to myself has I broke the kiss and started sucking on her nipple. "More…", she moaned and I sucked harder. I stopped sucking her breast and moved my hand down to her private area. "My God I didn't even know it was possible to be so wet", I thought to myself has I rubbed her clit. "What have you got down here a water fountain?", I joked sticking a finger inside her getting a load moan from Riza. I slid my finger in and out of her and her moans got louder and louder. I slid another finger into her and kissed her passionately and she moaned into my mouth. I slid a third finger into and she broke the kiss. "I can't take it anymore I need you inside me", she begged grabbing my hard cock. I couldn't resist and I removed me fingers from her and positioned myself above her. "Please just stick it in", she moaned. "Has you wish", I said has I pushed myself into her. "She's really tight", I thought to myself has I thrusted into her. Gradually I increased the speed of my thrusts getting even louder moans from Riza if that was even possible. "Faster, faster!", she moaned and I moved faster. I felt her walls tightening around me and realized she was close to her climax. "Almost there…", I grunted has I pushed in and out of her.

Minutes later I had collapsed on top of her and we were both panting out of breath. "That was a side of you I've never seen before", I said has I started to get up. "Wait", she said grabbing my wrist. I looked at her and amber eyes met charcoal, "stay with me for awhile". There was a silence and then I laid back down with her on the desk. She cuddled close to me and I put my arm around her. "I don't want this to end", she whispered to me nuzzling her face in my chest. "Neither do I", I whispered and I realized that I didn't want this to end. I felt different all of the sudden. At first I had just thought of her has another soldier but now I felt different towards her. I looked at the clock, 2:15 A.M. "Riza", I said nudging her a little. "We should go now", I said and I realized she had fallen asleep. "She looks so peaceful when she's asleep", I thought to myself. I kissed her lightly on her lips and she smiled and opened her eyes. "Hey pretty angel, time to go", I said to her and she groaned. "Do we have to?", she groaned shutting her eyes. "Afraid so", I said getting up and reaching for my clothes and pulling on my boxers.

The next morning when I arrived for work Havoc and Fuery immediately stopped whatever it was they were doing and saluted. "I don't even want to know", I said has I made my way to the office. Though has I left I could faintly make out Havoc saying, "alright Fuery I'll give you another try. How long is Armstrong's co—", "wrong, wrong, wrong! How does Havoc even know that", I thought has I reached my office only to be stopped by Maes. "Good morning Roy such a lovely day", he said cheerfully. "I'm not in the mood Maes", I said. "Will you at least tell me wether or not you think Elisia is just dashing in these pictures?", he asked holding up about ten pictures. I ignored him and opened the door to the office only to find that Riza wasn't there. "That's odd. She's never late", I thought to myself. "Maes have you seen Lt. Hawkeye?", I asked sticking my head out the door. "No", he called back, "but you should really see these pictures—", I shut the door and sat down behind my desk. It just wasn't the same without her nagging at me to get my work done. I sighed and began on the paperwork that I was supposed to of finished last night.

Finally at ten o' clock Hawkeye burst into the office. "Sorry sir", she said going over to her desk. "I apologize for being late-", I cut her off. "Shut the door Lt.", I said sternly. She did has she was told and stood in front of my desk. "Is anything wrong Lt.?", I asked her. "No Sir. Everything's fine", she replied tiredly. I studied her for a moment. There were bags under her eyes and her hair looked has if she had put it up in a hurry. "Are you sure? Nothing you want to talk to me about?", I asked again. She shook her head, "I'm fine sir", she replied this time sounding more awake. "Good. Meet me for lunch at the café down the block", I said going back to my paper work. "But sir it's the middle of the day what if somebody sees—", again I cut her off, "it'll simply look like two soldiers having lunch together", "I expect you to be there Lt.".

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