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Chapter 1: Beautiful Day

In Sugar Valley, it was just another day marked off of the villager's calendars. The rainy season was coming up, meaning complete boredom for some.

It was a Thursday, and the Carpenter House was closed and its workers were having the day off. Joe was busy trying to fish and chatting up the young girl at the Café.

It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

Kurt, after eating some breakfast, went to go see Lyla watering her garden. Her garden was, and almost always is, filled with such beautiful and fragrant flowers. When he arrived there, he stood in his usual spot. It has become a routine over the past few years.

"Oh, hello there, Kurt." Lyla waved with that ever-present smile on her face.

The heart is a bloom, shoots up through the stony ground.

He simply waved back. He liked seeing Lyla in the morning since she seemed always cheerful and uplifting. They never talked much to each other, but just each other's presence was enjoyed. She was like a mental medical herb for Kurt and she seemed to like his company as well.

Kurt left after she was finished. He walked back to his small house on the hill.

You love this town even though it doesn't ring true.

You've been all over and it's been all over you.

He watered his little garden that rested near his home.

"How…sad." He said looking at his rinky-dink garden.

He walked into his house. He went through the "family room" and the "dining room" to get to the "kitchen"(the right hand corner of the "house"). He sighed. He wondered why Woody, Joe, and him never made the house bigger. He found it very ironic how carpenters lived in tiny homes when they're fully capable of building a bigger house.

What you don't have you don't need it now

He then warmed some water and made a cup of tea for himself. He didn't particularly want some food to eat right then. He hadn't done anything that day to have an appetite. He sprawled out on the floor putting the cup of tea beside him. It was too hot to drink so he was letting it cool.

'I wonder if it will rain or not tomorrow' he thought to himself. Instead of being able to watch a T.V., he was able to watch the W.O.W. (the "World of Walls"). He knew that the start of the rainy season was sometime soon, but he had no idea if it was tomorrow or not.

What you don't know you can feel it somehow

He finally sat up and took a sip of his tea. It rolled down his throat. He sighed with contentment. He liked days like this, calm and uneventful.

When he finished his tea, he decided to walk around the lake for a while. He stood at the very edge of the lake and watched the sun slowly disappear out of the horizon. Soon the sky blackened and stars began to shine. Before long, a chuckle very familiar broke the silence.

"Hey, Kurt!" Joe exclaimed. "Today was awesome for me! How about you?"

"Awesome? How so, Joe?" Kurt asked.

"I actually caught some fish and some smiles and laughs from Katie." Joe said with some pride in his tone."

"I didn't do all too much today, but it was a very good day." Kurt replied.

"Let's go home and hit the sac." Joe said.

Kurt nodded and they walked home. When they were inside, they put the mattresses on the floor and fell on them. They quickly fell asleep.

It was a beautiful day.

What will happen tomorrow?