This fanfiction is based on a Byond game called Ham Ham Rivals. Byond is an online game software, you can play free online games other people have made and even make your own. Anyway...

I do NOT own Ham Ham Rivals, or Hamtaro for all that matter. Trainer Abu, Max the Punk-Ham, and all of the other hamsters belong to TrainerAbu himself. Some things in here I made up, so please note that.

It was a very simple day in the land of Hamtopia... or Hamha Town actully. Hamtopia was a newly discovered land far away, and hidden from all humans and the works. Only hamsters knew of such a paradise. And many have traveled far and wide to find the land, and many of them had settled in Hamtopia.

In the South, you'll see the most popular area of Hamtopia, Hamha Town. It almost seemed like that more citizens moved in every day. There was a mall, a Training Dojo and so much more to see.

In the west, we see the other pride and glory. The Highiest Peak, a giant hill that looks like it climbs to the heavens. That makes sense since there is a Temple where holy priests work and live. On each certain amount of height, you will see a village. Many people don't leave their village, as it'll be very hard to climb the hill down and back.

In the North is a strange black-like tower. Nothing of real importance. But, some say that it's undercontrustion.

To the west is the Travel Ageny area. This is where alot of boat docks, bus stops, subway station and such are found. It can only be accessed by hamsters through.

Now, as I was saying... It was a very simple day in Hamha Town. The ham-hams who have recently settled in Hamtopia, with their own new clubhouse, just outside of Hamha town... they were all playing togather. Hamtaro and Bijou had recently confessed their love for eachother and were hanging around eachother more often. Pashmina was showing Penelope how to make hand-puppets. Howdy and Dexter was arguing who would take Pashmina to next year's Ham-Ham Festival date.

All of them were playing togather, all accept one grumpy ham-ham. Boss. Instead, he stayed in their tree-like clubhouse. Instead of underground, like their old clubhouse, it was built inside a beauitful, healthly tree.. who accepted them to make a clubhouse inside it. And Boss and Panda made sure what they built wouldn't harm the tree. Boss looked out the window, staring at Hamtaro and Bijou in disgust.

"Hey, Boss!" Cappy called, as soon as he rushed out the door. Boss became a little startled, but looked at Cappy with his same emontionless face and said "What do you want?"

Cappy gulped down a little, never had he saw Boss's face like this, he felt a bit like running away like the coward he is. But, he admired Boss and will do anything to follow his footsteps and to make his bestest friend happy, so Cappy did the right thing. He stayed and tried to look brave, finally he replied "Boss, Panda is going to make kites for everyone. He wants you to come out and pick out what you want for your kite."

Instead Boss looked out of the window again, never bothering to say anything... but a tiny "No thank you." And he said it in the most frighting voice he could make.

Cappy gulped down harder and almost started to laugh, now he was freaked out. "Well, ok then." he replied. "I'll be outside if you need me." And he rushed out of the door just like he seen a ghost. When Boss is this mad, you don't want to mess with him.

Boss just got up and walked the wooden stairs up to his room and locked the door behind him. He layed down on his bed and stared at his ceiling. They had photo's of Bijou on them. Boss turned to his side, he never wanted to see Bijou again. However, he turned to his wrong side and his eyes quickly set on a photo frame of Bijou on his desk.

He growled in frustration and swipped the frame into his bare paws. Grasping a hold of it tightly, the glass started to crack. Finally, he threw it at the wall breaking it into a thousand pieces of sharp glass.

Never bothering to clean up the mess, or even stare at it. He turned his attention to his paw, which had a few cuts on it. Blood was slowly flowing out, and he started to clutch his paw into a fist, drawing more blood out. But, quickly he let it slip his mind and he layed back on his bed. Not caring if the blood stained his white sheets. And he turned to his other side, so he won't notice the photo's on his ceiling again.

Boss started to think for a bit, Bijou was in his mind. But every scene in his eyes contained a bit where Hamtaro and Bijou play togather, leaving Boss alone out in the rain. He started to shed a tear, but wiped it off with his bloody left paw, leaving a bit of a blood stain on his fur below his right eye.

Yes, it's true. Boss used to love Bijou, he would do anything for her. If she asked him to buy her some flowers he would. If she asked him to rake the leafs for her while she was sick in bed, he would. If she wanted him to cut down a tree... well you get the picture.

But ever since Hamtaro and Bijou confessed their love for eachother, Boss could do nothing but sigh of despression and think angry thoughts in his stressed-out head.

"Hamtaro..." he finally said to himself, quietly. Althrough, it sounded more like a death threat kind-of voice. "Why? You knew that I loved Bijou..."

Boss countiued to talk to himself, not wanting even a fly to here him. He tried to keep his voice down as low as he can. "You understood that I loved her, and understood that I wanted her for my very own."

"But, but you took her away from me." "You said you and the other boys would dare not woo her, and let her be with me."

Boss gotten up from his bed, he was breathing harshly now. His teeth clutched togather and his held his paws in a fist so tightly, that you would have been choked to death in one second.

"WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME!" he screamed out, finally he fell to the ground and curled up into a ball. He was crying like a poor, helpless child who recently lost the parents that truely loved him. But, he quickly stopped crying and was slowly rocking himself gently using his own feet.

Suddenly, another angry thought gotten into his mind, and slowly he realized something. "He... he was planning it all along." He slowly gotten up and looked out of the window, hoping the cool, fresh, Summer breeze will blow his cold-sweat away. "He wanted Bijou all along, and I never seen it sooner."

"Hamtaro lied to me, I can't believe it!"

Boss quickly jumped out of the window and landed in a nice, soft pile of leaves. And he ran away from the clubhouse, every min. he looked behind him to see if anyone was looking at him. He was heading toward the north... but why? Is there something in that tower undercontrustion?

"Hamtaro, you're going to REGRET the day you ever met me and Bijou." he screamed in his thoughts, as he countiued to run mile after mile. "I'm going to make you scream in pain when I return..."

To be countiued...