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The Birthday

They were always careful.

Ed's hand would always be pumping alchemic power into the suit of armor, while the actual Alphonse would deftly hide throughout Central, sometimes even venturing onto military ground without any of the officers knowing.

Edwards hand always rested on the suit of armor as of late, and they were always together.

But in the opinion of the military officers, Alphonse had grown exceptionally quiet. He also took quite well now to staring into space.

But they didn't know.

What they thought they knew was that the Elric brothers' latest attempt at a Philospher's Stone had gone down the tubes... in a bad way.

What they didn't know, yet what was the truth, was that the attempt was entirely sucessful. Alphonse had lost his memory of being in a suit of armor, but quick pictures and a synopsis restored his memory quickly.

No one noticed that the suit of armor Alphonse had grown completely silent (this was thought to be the younger brother's brooding over their failure) and that Ed's automail foot no longer clanked on the tiled halls of the military base. Edward always kept the long shirt on, lest anyone figure out that he was completely flesh once again.

Their precautions weren't just trying to keep a secret. They had managed to outsmart the homunculi, but were sure the fake humans had their suspicions and would be coming to find the Stone, which was in a safe place, with only Edward's knowledge as to where it was hiding. But Edward kept up as if eerything was normal, seeming to outsmart the Frist Lieutennant with her sharp eyes, and even Mustang himself, who proclaimed to know everything.

Edward hoped these securities would be enough to keep the military out of any trouble that might befall him, so that if they were captured they could honestly say that they didn't know that the Elric brothers had made a successful Philosopher's Stone.

But Edward was surprised even when he'd left the empty suit of armor for a minute in his dorm room, and came back to find half of the office stuffing a cat under Al's nose. He'd promptly yelled at them to get out, but even they knew that something was wrong after that.

Edward then planned for a vacation, confirming with Mustang that a trip home might do "Alphonse" some good, and bring him back to his usual perky, cat-loving self.

And of course, Mustang sent along military backup.

Armstrong now sat across from Edward in the train car. Al's head was swiveled to face out the window, the real Alphonse occupied the seat behind Armstrong, their backs facing each other.

"Edward," Armstrong said, his deep voice startling Edward from his thoughts while the slow rock of the train dulled his senses.

"Yeah?" Ed replied not ever one for talking.

"What happened? With you and Alphonse," he asked.

Ed started to sweat. He hadn't thought that anyone would really ask him what happened.

Behind Armstrong, Al jumped. He drew a transmutation circle up against the wall and pulled some slate for a chalkboard.

'Are you going to tell him?' the sign read, as the ten year old held it above his seat for Ed to see.

"Uh- Excuse me for a minute, Major," Ed said, promptly getting up. He motioned for Al to follow him as he passed the boy's compartment. Alphonse quickkly followed.

"Are you going to tell him?" Alphonse asked his brother, when they were a safe hearing distance away.

"Why should I?"

"Come on, Brother. We may need his help protecting Granny and Winry if the homunculi show up in Resembool,"

"How can we be sure they will? What if they capture Armstrong and hold him too, pressuring him to say it,"

"It would work the same for Granny and Winry. You can't think they won't notice when the suit of armor shows up with no signs of life. Especially Granny, she knows everything! If you're going to tell Winry and Pinako, then I think we should tell the Major too. He could be helpful, and cover us up at HQ, too,"

Edward sighed. "Fine," he said.

They stood, walking back to the car, where they found Armstrong trying to talk to an unresponding suit of armor.

"Er- Major?" Edward asked.

"Edward, Alphonse is being unusually quiet- Oh. Who are you, young fellow!" Armstrong asked, pink sparkly things seeming to come from nowhere in his delight at meeting the new boy.

"Major, I'd like you to meet..." Ed paused.

"Alphonse, Alphonse Elric," Al stepped forward, extending a hand.

The sparkles crashed to the floor, the Major looked stunned. He tentatively shook the boy's hand. He recognised the voice, but it sounded clearer now, not as hollow.

Ed quickly kicked the fake suit of armor next to him, its pieces scattering across the floor to make room for Al to sit.

"Brother," Alphonse said. "Don't kick it! I still have emotional attachments!"

Ed rolled his eyes. "Stop it, Al. We owe the Major an explanation,"

Armstrong nodded, "Yes, I believe you do,"

"And that explanation," Ed continued, "Would be simply that the attempt we made on the Philosopher's stone was a success, rather than a failure as we told everyone. You are the first person to see him back, Major,"

"An honor," Armstrong said. The pink sparkles rose again, "This will go down in Armstrong family history!"

The brothers shared a look while the Major still was squealing over the honor.

"We wouldn't be telling you if your help wasn't needed. The plan was, actually, not to tell anyone. It would protect them, and the stone, from the homunculi," Edward glanced at Alphonse. "And then the office got suspicious as to why this hunk of junk here was being so silent. We needed a way to get out of that: a trip home to Resembool. Unfortunately, that would mean telling Winry and Pinako, and also whoever was accompanying us, so that we could secure the safety of both Granny and Winry,"

"I understand, Edward," the Major said. "I also would like to applaud your decieving skills, not one person knew about it," The Major smiled.

"Brother, we're here," Alphonse said, pointing excitedly out the window to see the Resembool station.

Edward sighed again, starting to pick up the fallen pieces of armor, and packing them into a bag. Armstrong took the bag from him, and slung it over his shoulder. Ed smiled gratefully. He picked up his and Al's bags, and left the train.

Edward slowed upon nearing the house. He had tried going over in his mind how to break the news to Winry, both about his new flesh arm, and about his automail disappearing in the transmutation. He even expected to get hit with the wrench more than once in the course of the explanation.

But there was a bright side to this. Now that their quest for the stone was over, he could let down his walls a little and let her in a little more. His body was a litttle apprehensive about doing this, it had made those walls nice and strong, strong enough even to be able to withstand Winry's crying, and he wasn't so sure about leaving a piece behind. The homunculi, after all, were still out there, and if Winry was caught he'd never forgive himself.

Erm- not just Winry! Pinako too!

He was so caught up that he didn't notice Armstrong and Alphonse had stopped a while back, waitiing for him to go first; and that his feet had taken him straight to the the front of the house.

He sighed as he reached up his right hand to knock.

He tapped three times, and stood patiently waiting for the door to open.

The door opened to a smiling Winry, ready to greet an automail customer. The smile disappeared when she saw Ed.

Ed flinched, waiting for the first hit of the wrench. Instead, he heard a soft sob and seconds later her arms were around his neck, her face buried lightly in his chest.

Now it was her turn to wait patiently, painstakingly, for him to place an arm around her. When they hugged, which wasn't very often, he always held her with one arm, his flesh one, and with very light pressure, almost as if she might break with the weight of his sins.

She was caught off-guard, however, when both of his arms snaked around her back, and he held her tighter than he ever had. Granted, it was still rather light compared to the way she'd glomped him, but it was an improvement.

As they stood there, comfortable in each other's arms, the two bystanders looked upon the scene.

"Ah, true love! What a beautiful thing!" Armstrong said, pink sparkles making a return in all their glory.

Alphonse sweatdropped, and instead of commenting, he asked, "Who is brother hugging? I know this is Winry's house, but I've never seen her before,"

The sparkles fell, and Armstrong turned to look at Al. "Well, that's Winry right there, see?"

Alphonse swiveled to get a look at the blonde Edward was holding and his eyes bugged in recognition.

Winry sniffed and pushed Ed lightly, making him pull away. She looked on him with confused, tear-filled eyes. Instead of saying anything, he brought Winry's ear close to his head and whispered, "You're the absolute first to see this. I haven't even showed Al,"

Then, he stripped himself of his jacket, his left arm first, and then his right. Winry gasped.

"Edward, your arm..." she said. He held it out to her.

She gently felt the arm, poking and prodding along, still not believing that it was flesh. After all these years. When she threw her arms around his neck again, he was ready and held her back lightly. A knee started to prod his leg, making sure that it too wa flesh.

"Brother?" a small voice peeped.

Ed and Winry broke apart to Armstrong crying tears of passion, and Alphonse staring up with a confused face.

"Oh my god, Alphonse," Winry said.

"Winry?" he asked, looking upon her 16-year-old form. Ages had been kind to her.

She ran down the stairs to her house and quickly enveloped him in a hug. He was rather tall for a ten year old, and it was at this point that Winry noticed the gap in hers and Edward's height. He'd gotten taller, and she'd stopped growing a long time ago.

"Ah! The reunion of old friends! The bond!" the sparkles brightened.

"Winry?" asked an old voice. "Where are you, girl! Was it a customer or not!"

Pinako Rockbell came through the door, not ever expecting to see Edward Elric, not to mention Armstrong, and especially not Alphonse.

"My, my," was her response to this event. "What a surprise,"

"Granny Pinako," Edward greeted.

"Aunty!" Alphonse cheered, running out of Winry's arms to hug the old woman.

"Alphonse," Pinako greeted as the boy hugged her. "I certainly didn't expect you to be here, kid,"

"Brother made the Stone!" Al said excitedly. Edward turned away slightly from the attention.

"Is this true, Edward?" Pinako asked.

"...Yeah, so what?" Edward asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all... but what are you going to do with it?" she questioned, always the one for thinking ahead.

"I don't know yet," he said.

"Is it with you?"


"Who knows about it?" Pinako asked, being quite thorough.

"You, Win, and Armstrong,"

Pinako paused for a moment. "It seems you were more thorough than I thought you would be," she said, smiling.

Ed smiled back.

Pinako turned to Winry. "Well, since these boys are no longer customers, I need you to go to town and get a few things, Winry,"

Edward's mind immediately went into a panic. 'What if she's attacked while out there alone? Should Armstrong go with her? No, we'd need him to protect both Pinako and Alphonse... That leaves... me,'

"Sure, granny," she said, taking the list from her grandmother's hands.

"I'll go with you," Ed said, smiling though Al and Armstrong looked at him suspiciously.

"Alright, Ed. If you want to," she said, turning to leave. Ed ran down the stairs to catch up with her.

"See ya later!" he called back to Al and the Major.

They looked after him, Alphonse wondering slyly if brother might tell Winry his feelings, and Armstrong wondering the same, with a bit of worry for their safety added on.

Winry would never turn down shopping with Ed.

He had a lot of money, and would buy whatever she asked.

What's wrong with that?

"Ah! Ed! Look!" she shouted, pointing fervishly at...

"A screwdriver?" Ed asked.

"Edward! It's not just any screwdriver! It's-"

"How much?" he asked, getting straight to the point.

"Just a teensy-weensy little-"

"Here," he handed her a wad of cash.

"Edward! Thank you!" she said, hurrying off to buy the tool.

He had taken Pinako's list from Winry, and looked at the first few items. They were all groceries, and so he headed to the market.

"Winry!" came a shout.

The blonde had just finished paying the cashier at the store for her screwdriver. "Huh? Oh hi, Marissa!"

"I knew if you were anywhere, you'd be here," Marissa replied, running to her friend.

"So, what's up?"

"Look! I just saw this really cute blonde kid going into the market store! Eep! He was gorgeous! Do you know who he is?"

"Well it would be kind of hard to know, seeing as I wasn't the one who saw him," Winry said. "Plus the only thing you told me about him was his hair color,"

"Well he's... oh gosh! I just don't know how to desribe him- he's indescribable except to say that he's drop-dead gorgeous, and that I've never seen him before. Do you think he's new?"

"Could be," she said, picking up her bag with the screwdriver. She could tell Marissa was really going over the top for this guy. "Now, what did granny want me to get?" she asked, reaching into her pocket for the list. Not finding it, she surmised that Ed had it, and was doing the shopping for her.

"Are you busy?" Marissa asked.

"Well- kinda-"

"Because my mother wanted you to come over to fix something,"

And Winry, unable to resist machinery, said yes.

Edward lugged the shopping bags around town, looking for Winry. Along with the groceries, he had to go to the hardware store, and the things he was carrying from there weren't very light.

He grumpily left town, sitting on a bench near the park, and sulked. For some reason, he doubted Winry was in danger. So he slumped against the bench, waiting for her to come out of town.

Although, she may have already gone back.

'No, she wouldn't do that. Not without all those groceries and stuff Pinako sent her to get. Not that she knew what any of them were. So she's either with someone in town, or out looking for me. Oh well,' he reasoned, slumping on the bench more.

The sun started to disappear beyond the horizon, and the colors it emanated made everything appear yellow. Edward yawned.

Some giggling behind him caused him to look over. It was Winry and some other girl. They were sitting by the park fountain, talking and laughing.

Ed sighed and stood.

"Oh my goodness, he really said that?" Winry laughed.

"I know! I couldn't believe it either when I heard it. But he said it!" their laughing died down somewhat, both regaining their breath by breathing hard.

Suddenly, Marissa grabbed Winry's arm. "Oh god," she said. "Winry, don't look now, but it's that guy I was telling you about earlier. He's heading this way. And he's looking at you!" she said excitedly.

Winry rolled her eyes. Marissa could get out of hand sometimes.

"I'lll take this," said a voice behind her, and a hand grabbed the bag with the screwdriver.

"Hey!" Winry and Marissa protested.

Winry whipped around, wrench at the ready and froze when she recognized Edward.

"Ed," she whispered.

He took the bag from her grasp and turned, walking back to the groceries. "Don't be too late getting back," he said over his shoulder. "Pinako would get mad,"

Marissa stared at the weird conversation. When she was over this, and Edward had walked a good distance away, it hit her.

"Winry! You know that kid!" she shouted.

"Yeah, it's Edward Elric. Y'know, the kid we went to school with. He's staying at my house,"

"Oh right, your old best friend... I can't believe you!"


"You have that gorgeous guy living in your house and haven't made a move on him! Winry you are an insult to the female race!"

"He's my best friend Marissa! Don't you think that would be a little awkward!"

"Ah, so you do like him,"

"What! How did you know that!"

"You didn't just outright deny having feelings for him, you said it would be awkward if you told him your feelings. So you DO have feelings," she said, stroking her chin.

"No- I mean Yes- I mean," Winry stuttered.

"Whatever. If you're not making a move on him, you're inviting me over for dinner so that I can," Marissa interrupted.

"But Marissa- Granny's not expecting you. She sent Edward and I out for all those groceries, and I doubt she included you. She didn't even know they were coming, which is why she snet us for groceries in the first place!"

"It's alright, just give me a little. I'm really not that hungry... for food, that is... if you catch my drift,"

"Hello, ladies," came a voice from behind them.

"Can't you see we're busy?" Marissa asked the stranger.

Winry turned to look and gasped.


"Hello, Winry. Nice to see you again,"


At the sound of his name, Edward snapped his attention. He had been going back to Winry's house slowly, the groceries, hardware tools, and screwdriver holding him down.

Realizing it was Winry who screamed, Ed quickly dropped the bags, turned and sprinted back toward the park.

"WIN!" he shouted. "Winry! Where are you!"


Ed dug in his heels, sliding to a stop. Winry was running toward him, away from something. She crashed into him, burying her face in his shirt as if he were her only source of protection and comfort.

"Winry, what happened?"

"I happened," said a boy. He was about the same height as Ed, although a little shorter. He wore black shorts and a black shirt. To complete the picture, his hair was black.

"Wrath," Ed spat. He moved Winry behind him, shielding her with his body.

"Hehehe, You knew I'd come eventually," the boy laughed. "Didn't think we'd just let you get away. No, you're much too valuable and have too much knowledge for us to just let you go,"

"What do you want?" Edward asked, fearing the answer.

"You know exactly what I want," Wrath said.

Marissa watched the standoff behind the shelter of a tree. A small crowd had gathered behind her, those who were in the park that knew Winry and heard her scream.

"Sorry, I've lost track of what you guys want," Ed said, being sarcastic and playing dumb. "You'll have to be a little more specific,"

"Don't give me that, Fullmetal," Wrath said. He bent down and picked up a rock, immediately changing his arm into a pointed rock, his weapon of choce.

Ed stepped back as Wrath charged and pushed Winry out of the way. He clapped his hands and his automail extended into a knife, tearing his white glove. He quickly put it up to block Wrath's incoming attack. A spark flew from their contact of metal and stone. Ed pushed Wrath off and charged the homunculus. Wrath dodged skillfully, hitting Ed's back with his elbow as the alchemist passed by. Ed stumbled to the ground.

"Ed!" Winry shouted from the ground where Ed had pushed her.

"Winry! Run!" Ed shouted to her as Wrath jumped to hit him from the air. There were more sparks as the weapons collided more strongly. Wrath used gravity to help him lower his weapon toward Ed's body, which was underneath his. But Ed was persistent, using his flesh arm to try and hold his metal one upright, fendiing of Wrath's attack. Ed stored energy for a push, and Wrath was sent reeling backwards... right toward Winry.

Winry didn't have enough time to get out of the way. Wrath tumbled over her, seizing her long hair as he passed and dragging her with him. Winry screamed in pain. Wrath lowered his stone arm to Winry's throat. Ed clapped and put his hands to the ground, alchemizing a machine gun linked to the ground.

Both paused in waiting.

"Well, we seem to have a sttandoff here," Wrath then said, holding his arm closer to Winry's neck. Winry flinched. "Only problem for you is... I seem to have the upper hand,"

Ed stepped back slightly, knowing that the homunculus was right.

"If you fire, you risk hurting your precious automail mechanic. If you don't tell me what I want to know, I'll kill her myself. She'll either die by your hand or mine, unless you give me the stone,"

"... I don't have it," Ed said, and shot.

Wrath pushed Winry forward using her to prepel him away from the bullet. The machine gun quickly disappeared, and Edward ran toward the duo.

"You stupid boy," Wrath said, and spun, aiming his knife straight toward Winry.

But suddenly Edward was there, with Wrath's stone hand sticking in and out of his shoulder. The blade stopped just before Winry's head, and her face was splattered with dots of blood, eyes wide with fear and horror.

A collective gasp alerted the trio to the crowd watching.

"Hmph," Wrath said, and dislodged his arm from Ed's shoulder. "This isn't over, Edward. Not by a long shot. I'll have your body, and that stone,"

"And I'll be waiting- to stop you," Ed choked out.

And Wrath disappeared.

Edward fell forward, blood spurting from his mouth as he coughed.

"You- okay- Winry?" he asked, heaving breaths between every word.

"Edward," was all she said, the fear apparent in her voice.

Ed struggled to stand, falling over and stumbliing a few times, but he finally got to his feet. "Let's- go,"

"But Ed!" Winry shouted. "You were just practically killed! You are in no shape to move, Ed. Let me get Armstrong to come back and help you!"

"I'll- be fine-" he said, and staggered forward. "Don't forget- those groceries-" he heaved.

"Groceries!" she shouted. "I think you're more important that groceries, Edward!"

"I said- I'd be fine-... Would you just- get the dang groceries-" Ed said, still moving forward.

Winry's eyes filled with tears. But she wouldn't shed them. Not in front of him. She walked to the side and picked up the groceries, heaving them up with their heavy weight.

Marissa shyed forward, out of the shadow of the trees.

"Winry..." she whispered.

The mechanic looked up at her friend, tears threatening to spill.

Marissa silently took some of the groceries from Winry's arms and helped the girl to her feet. Marissa had wordlessly volunteered herself to help get the groceries home.

"Thank you," Winry said, her voice wavering.

"Edward? Winry? Are you back?" Alphonse came cheerily around the corner of the hall when he heard the door open. His next statement worried both the other people in the house. "Brother! What happened to you!"

"I'm- fine- Al-" Ed said. "I'm- gonna go- lie down-" Ed headed off upstairs to the room he and Al shared.

Winry looked down at the floor as Alphonse turned to her for an explanation after Ed's door closed. She gulped.

"Hello," Alphonse greeted Marissa. "You are..."


"Oh! You were brother's schoolmate,"

"Then... you must be Alphonse!" Marissa said, realization hitting her.

"Correct. Here, let me help you with those," he said, taking some of the bags away from Winry. The boy pushed her down onto the couch and showed Marissa the way to the kitchen to help put the groceries away.

"So what happened?" Al whispered to her as they made their way to the kitchen.

"I... don't exactly know," Marissa whispered back. "From what I can tell, this boy... I think Edward called him Wrath... came after Winry. Your brother fought him. It was one of the most horrible things I've ever seen. But it ended up with the boy's arm being changed into a pointy rock, and he stuck it through Ed's shoulder. The boy disappeared. Ed got up, but wouldn't let Winry help him at all. As a matter of fact, he pretty much told her to bug off,"

"That's not like brother..." Alphonse said as they passed through the door to the kitchen where both Pinako and Armstrong were sitting.

"What happened?" Pinako asked.

After the story had been relayed again, they sat in uncomfortable silence.

"Winry's out on the couch," Marissa said, trying to break the silence.

But it didn't work. They returned to a state of silence until Armstrong spoke up.

"What's your take on this, Alphonse?"

Alphonse concentrated hard, his face unlike any a ten-year old was likely to make. But Al was wise beyond his looks.

"My guess would be... that the Stone is keeping him alive,"

"The stone?" Armstrong asked.

"Uh, 'scuse me, but what stone is this?" Marissa asked, thoroughly clueless.

"The Philosopher's Stone," Al replied. Marissa nodded, even though she had thought it just to be a legend. "I don't know exactly how brother made it, but from what I could tell, he put some of his own blood in it. The blood from the stone is fueling him, keeping him alive. And it'll probably help heal him faster too,"

Marissa and Armstrong gasped.

"That stone can do that?" Marissa asked.

It was at this point that Alphonse had revealed to yet another person that the Philosopher's Stone was indeed real, and in their hands. He would have to be more careful about this.

Al nodded. "As for brother's odd behavior, I'd say that's a result of the stone too. He took so much care in trying to make sure no one found out. Especially the homunculi. But if Wrath's really the one who attacked brother, then my guess is that brother think's this thing is his fault. He didn't do enough to protect his loved ones from outside sources that could hurt them. But I can tell you that the reason he's going over the top with this is because it was Winry who was the one attacked. I'm sure at least you two by now have guessed brother has feelings for her," Al said, indicating Pinako and Armstrong. "And I'm sure the one person brother wanted to protect the most is Winry. And she was the one attacked first. This is dealing a serious blow to him. And he gets moody when that happens,"

Pinako and Armstrong nodded, both thinking and deciding Al's theory made sense.

Just then, they heard footsteps going up the stairs.

"Winry's gone to see brother," Al said. All four awaited the outcome.

Winry tipped the door to Ed's room open. She spied him lying, clothes still on, on one of the beds.

"Edward," she murmured. She walked over to him silently, to find him asleep. Through all her confusion, anger, and fear, she smiled upon the sleeping alchemist. He hadn't tended his wounds, and Winry felt that would be the least she could do for him after he'd saved her.

The clothes were rather ruined already, with exception to his pants, so Winry decided to cut them off him to save the time of trying to take them off him without waking him. She took the pair of scissors from the drawer of the dest and began to cut Ed's jacket and shirt.

She blushed at him when done. Although she had seen Ed's chest before, as well as Ed without pants, she still felt slightly embarassed. After all, she was the one who had undressed him. She turned away to cool her cheeks, then took a basin from the bedside table and went to the bathroom to fill it with water and grab some medical supplies.

Upon her return, she noticed Ed's wound had stopped bleeding. She sighed, and began sponging off the dried blood and cleaning the wound, first without soap, as she was sure that soap would wake him up.

When she added the soap to the water, she braced herself for a string of swears to come from Ed's mouth when she placed the ponge to the wound.

And, according to her prediction, Ed awoke and sat up sharply, hissing in pain. But Winry did not let this blind her from her mission. She kept dabbing at the wound until it was clean.

"Winry...?" Edward said, unsure of what she was doing.

Winry did not reply. She stood and went behind him, dabbing the sponge on his back's wound. He hissed again, but the pain soon subsided.

Winry came back around to his front when done and picked up her medical bandage. She wrapped her arms around his to pass the bandage around his back, her face pressed against his neck and her chest lightly pressed against his own. She pulled the bandage back around, leaning away from him, and continued this procedure many times over. Eventually, she started to wrap the bandage around his shoulder, staying silent. When done, she took the scissors off the bedside table and cut the bandage, tying it.

Ed looked at her with an odd expression in his eyes. Then, suddenly, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

Winry didn't argue, she wrapped her arms around him as well.

They sat there, comfortably hugging until Edward said:

"I'm so sorry,"

Winry blinked. She gently replied, "What?"

"It's my fault," he said, squeeing her a little. "My entire fault that you were attaked by Wrath today. I shouldn't have come back. I should have gone into hiding- something!"

"Edward," she whispered. How could he feel that way? "Well, I'm glad you came back. I was hoping to see you, Ed. I really never get to see you anymore... You have no idea how much that worries me,"

"I'm sorry-" he said.

"Don't. Don't apologize, Edward. It's likely that I would have come to find you if you didn't come back. So I guess it's okay,"

"No! No, Win! It's not okay!" he said pushing her away. "You and your whole family are in danger. Because of me. Because I was selfish and wanted to see you so badly that it blinded me from thinking clearly. Coming back to see you? How stupid can I be!"

"No! No, Ed! You're not stupid! I'm happy, Edward! Can't you see that! I'm happy you were selfish for once in your life! You always do things for others, never for yourself! But you have to be selfish sometimes!" she said, clutching at his chest and burying her head in it.

"I shouldn't," he said, pushing her away again and standing up. "I don't have the right to be selfish, not after attempting a human transmutation on my mother because I was being selfish. That should completely revoke any right I have to containing selfishness within me," He started for the door.

"I want to thank you, Edward!" Winry shouted at him, freezing him in his tracks. "You saved me today. You saved my life by almost giving up yours. That is one of the least selfish things I've ever seen, Edward! And don't go off and tell me you don't deserve my thanks, either! Because you do, Ed. You deserve more thanks from others than anyone I've ever met! But you're too blinded by your own grief to see it!" she got up and ran over to him.

"But I'm going to thank you, Edward. I'm going to make sure you know. Somehow, some way, I'll make sure you get the thanks you deserve,"

Ed remained quiet.

Before exiting the room, he said, "I'm taking you to Central this Friday. It's Elysia's first birthday since... since his death. I think you should be there,"


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