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Characters:Dean,Sam,Meg (a.k.a.evil bitch), OC's

Spoiler warning:"Scarecrow" I guess since we meet Meg for the first time in that episode.

Summary:A mistake is made. Can one of the brothers forgive the other? If so, can he forgive himself?

Disclaimer:I own nothing "Supernatural" related, yada, yada, etc.



"Dude, I love this bar Sammy! It was such a good idea you had to come here."Dean said, slapping his brother on the back as he spoke, his words slightly slurred due to the fact he'd drank more Tequila than Sam thought possible for one to drink."I can't believe I just said the words Sammy and bar in the same sentence, cause no offense little bro, but you act like you have a corn cob up your ass sometimes."

"Okay Dean, since you're obviously plastered, I'm gonna let you get away with that."Sam said with a tight-lipped smile.

Yes, it had been his idea to stop at a bar unfortunately, but with all the drama he and his brother had been through lately, he felt they could really use a little down time. Not to mention he was still kinda kissing ass for all the bad things he'd said to Dean during their case involving the Asylum. Taking his brother out for a night of drinking and fun was the least he could do to try and mend broken fences.

"Thanks a lot bro. What was it you were letting me get away with...Hey baby, hows it going?"he said, breaking off mid-sentence to smile and wink at a extremely hot, but very skanky looking in Sam's opinion, blond who walked by.

She stopped, smiling back at Dean as she sauntered towards him, not surprising Sam in the least by doing so. It was no great secret to him, or anyone else , that Dean was a big flirt.

"Hi there."she said, stopping directly in front of Dean, leaning in close as she spoke, and poking her chest out.

As if she needs to do that, Sam thought, rolling his eyes. She had to be a D cup at least, a obviously surgically enhanced one, but still one nonetheless.

"Hi yourself."Dean said smiling. "Can I buy you a drink little lady?"he asked in an exaggerated John Wayne voice.

"A girl never turns down a free drink."she replied, smiling seductively at him, then giggling after she spoke."Especially from a cute guy like you."

For the next 20 minutes or so Sam was bestowed with the honor of getting to hear her and Dean flirt shamelessly back and forth while he sat bored to death on a bar stool beside them sipping the one beer he'd had all night. Then he heard her ask Dean if he wanted to go dance, and god knows Dean wasn't going to miss an opportunity to get out there and demonstrate his total lack of ability in that area, so he waved his fingers at Sam and allowed the girl to lead him out onto the floor.

Great, I suggest going to a bar for bonding time, and he deserts me the first chance he gets, Sam thought with a scowl.

Shouldn't really surprise me though, Dean would never pass up an opportunity to get some top end booty as he'd called it before.

Sam wasn't really mad though. He was glad Dean was enjoying himself because, in many ways, he deserved it more than he himself did.

"Is this seat take?."he heard a female voice ask from behind and turned around to see a petite woman with long black hair standing there, smiling timidly at him.

"Oh, no, at least not right now. My brother was sitting there, but now he's, um...well he's out there...sorry, I'm babbling aren't I? No, it's not taken.""Sam finally got out, grinning at her. Real smooth Sam, he thought with disgust. Now she probably thinks your a doofus.

He just wasn't accustomed to meeting hot women in bars, but to his surprise, she smiled knowingly at him, and sat down. Then after ordering a beer, turned to look at him again.

"It's okay, I know how you feel. This isn't my usual type of meeting place either."she said, practically reading his mind.

"Heh, well."he said, cleared his throat, then asked."Can I buy you a drink?"

"Only if its a nonalcoholic one, because otherwise it might not get drank. I'll probably be nursing this bad boy all night."she replied with a laugh, holding up her beer that she'd yet to take even a sip from."Yes it's true, Melanie comes to a bar to drink Pepsi's. Totally pathetic."

"No, Melanie, it's not, because Sam here has had this same beer for the past 3 hours, so you are not alone."he said, holding his still ¾ full glass up.

They spent the next hour or so chatting, and Sam found that they had a lot in common.

She had been engaged up until a year ago, when her fiancee was killed in a wreck, and was just now trying to get back out on the playing field. Not by choice actually, but her therapist had strongly advised her doing so, and her father also,"You are still a young woman, and should not be sitting at home on a Saturday night watching television when you can be out having fun. Its just not healthy Mellie." doing a horrible impression of a mans voice,she'd quoted her dad, cracking Sam up.

"Enough about me though. I feel like I'm the only one who's said anything. Tell me about Sam."she'd said afterwards, turning her attentive green eyes on him.

"Well, there's not a whole lot to tell really. I'm traveling with my brother Dean, the dancing king out there."he said, pointing at his brother who at that moment chose to start doing something that looked like the robot dance,"Wait, did I say that was my brother? I'm here alone."Sam said quickly,cringing at his dancing.

"Aw, he's cute Sam. A bit immature for my tastes, but he seems like he's having fun."she said with a shrug, then added,"I prefer my men to sit and talk for a while before busting out the Robot."trying to keep a straight face as she said it.

"Well, we've had a really tough past month or so, especially him, so if he wants to get out there and do the funky chicken, then I say he should go for it."Sam said with a small smile, eyes still on Dean.

"You care a lot for your brother don't you?"

"He's all I have left, and I guess you could say he's my best friend too. So yeah, I do care a lot for him. I love him."

"O-kay then."she said, clearing her throat and averting her eyes.

"What? Why'd you say it like that?"Sam asked.

"I didn't say anything."she replied, a feigned look of innocence on her face.

"Yeah, you did. The whole O-kay then and looking away thing."he pressed.

"I'm sorry Sam. It's just strange that a attractive man like you is so attached to his doofy little brother over there."she finally said after a moment."Seems to me that you should be out doing things you like to do instead of coming to a bar where you're obviously bored to death just to make him happy."

"Look Melanie, for one, he's my older brother, secondly, he's not doofy. If I recall correctly, not five minutes ago you called him cute. Lastly, yeah, I'm attached to him, but no more than he is to me. We have a lot of family issues going on right now, and they're really starting to take a toll on us, especially Dean."

"Gosh, I'm sorry Sam. Really. It just kinda came out wrong. I won't open my big mouth again. Cross my heart."she said, then smiling at him, asked,"You're not mad at me are you? I would really hate for the first guy I've met in a year who's cute, sweet, and smart to think badly of me."

"I guess I forgive you this time."he said, returning her smile,"and hey, its not everyday that someone actually thinks I'm older than Dean."as he said this, he turned to see Dean and the mystery blond were making their way towards them."And here he comes."

"What is up little brother?"Dean asked, slapping him on the shoulder as he sat down on the stool beside him.

"Just sitting here, drinking and talking."Sam replied, silently praying for Dean not to say or do anything to embarrass him in front of Melanie.

"And who is this you're talking to?"Dean asked, noticing Melanie for the first time.

"This is Melanie, and Melanie, this is ..."

"Dean"his brother interrupted, putting his hand out and taking hers, flashing his trademark smile in the process.

"Nice to meet you Dean."she said, quickly pulling her hand away.

Normally he would have kept on flirting, but he looked at Sam and smiled, then turned back to the blond who'd followed him to the bar.

They all sat and chatted for the next little while and it seemed as if the night was going to end smoothly, that is until the blond's husband showed up.

"Hey, get your hands off my wife."Sam heard a loud deep voice yell angrily, and before the huge man even walked in their direction, he knew that his words were directed towards them.

That was just their kinda luck.

When the man finally did come to stand in front of where they sat, he pulled the blond, who was sitting in Deans lap, off of him.

"Hey baby."she said, seeming unfazed by the fact that her at least 6'6 husband had just caught her making out with a strange young man. She then turned and stumbled away, leaving Dean alone to deal with the furious man.

"Look man, I had no idea she was married."Dean said, quickly sobering by the sight of the much larger man, who it appeared was going to either beat the shit out of him, or kill him one. He just wasn't sure of which yet."She just threw herself at me."he added with a shrug.

Not a smart thing to say Dean, Sam thought with a frown. Normally Dean could easily take on a man twice his size, but this guy looked like he was on steroids or something, and Dean had drank a whole lot, so hopefully he would try to settle this peacefully.

Seconds later he saw this wasn't to be the case, because the man suddenly punched his brother in the face and all hell broke lose.

Leave it to Dean to cause a barroom brawl, Sam thought, dodging a chair someone had thrown, then seeing the man definitely was getting the better of his brother, stood up from his stool.

"Sam, come on. He can handle it himself. I was kinda hoping you'd like to come to my place and have a few drinks there. Maybe we get to know each other a little better."Melanie said, putting her hand on his arm to stop him."After all, he was making out with the guys wife."

"As much as I'd like to take you up on that, I have to pass. It's been real nice meeting you Melanie, but I gotta go before that guy kills my brother. Bye."Sam replied, and ran over to help Dean.

Melanie stood up with a sigh, looking in the brothers direction with a mixture of hate and disgust. Then she stood up, and made her way towards the exit, walking out into the cold night air. Then headed around the side of the building into the dark alleyway that was beside it.

"Well, I guess you're not gonna make things easy for me are you?"she said aloud, when she was totally hid in the darkness.

Then saying an incantation while tracing some figures into the air, she stood and waited for the familiar tingling sensation that let her know the change was about to take place.

"Well Sam, I guess if I can't get to you and Dean that way, then I'll just have to try taking this in another direction won't I?"she said, feeling her face tingling as it stretched and changed, forming into her real features. Her hair shortening also in the process.

Feeling it was over, she removed a compact from her purse, stepped back out unto the lighted sidewalk, and opened it, seeing her own face reflected within the small mirror. Short blond hair and all.

"Yep Sam, it's time to move on to Winchester number 2, and I'm really going to enjoy what I have in store for him."she said, applying lipstick, then she put it up, closed the compact, placed it back into her purse, and started down the sidewalk towards the hotel that she, and the brothers were staying in. They just didn't know so, due to her newly bestowed ability.

Reaching the hotel, she smiled at the woman managing the desk, and her small daughter that always accompanied her to work, and walked up to her room, closing and locking the door behind her.

She removed her clothes and laid down on the freshly changed bed, smiling to herself as she thought about her plans for Dean. He had been a constant thorn in her side during her attempts to sway Sam, but unlike his brother, she wasn't going to seduce him. He had no problem talking to and meeting pretty much any woman he wanted, so that took the fun out of it for her. Plus, he seemed like he'd get suspicious a lot easier than Sam in that area. No she had something special in store for him, and tomorrow he would find out just what it was.


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