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Characters:Dean,Sam,Meg (a.k.a.evil bitch), OC's

Spoiler warning:"Scarecrow" I guess since we meet Meg for the first time in that episode.

Summary:A mistake is made. Can one of the brothers forgive the other? If so, can he forgive himself?

Disclaimer:I own nothing "Supernatural" related, yada, yada, etc.



It would be an understatement to say that what was waiting behind the door to he and Deans room was the last thing he expected to find when he flung it open.

"Holy shit."he muttered, staring in disbelief at the little girl who's head whipped around in surprise to meet his gaze when he entered ."K-kelly...but, you're dead."

The girl recovered quickly from her shock, and after narrowing her eyes at him, said,"Well, I guess your brother won't be the only person to die tonight. What a waste."

Right as she spoke, the temporary paralysis brought on by seeing the dead girl cleared up, and Sam's eyes found his brother.

Oh god, he thought in shock seeing the life sustaining blood that was slowly draining from his brothers slashed wrists, adding to the large pools that were ever growing on the floor.

He was so pale. Sam would have thought that maybe his brother was already dead if not for the fact his red rimmed eyes were wide open and staring back at him.

"Dean!"Sam screamed, running to where he lay tied to the bed. The apparition already far from his mind as he put his full attention on his brother.

"Don't worry bro, I'm gonna get you out of here."he said, hurriedly trying to untie his wrists without hurting him anymore.

Dean started grunting and jerking his head, his eyes widening as he tried to warn Sam about Meg, but his brother mistook it as cries of pain and hastened his frenzied task of trying to untie him.

"You're going to be alright Dean. I swear. Just hang on." Sam said, a sob he was no longer able to hold back betraying his words as tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

Dean reached up and removed the sock from his own mouth when Sam had finally succeeded in untying one hand at the same time as the amusement Meg felt watching the pathetic display of brotherly love ran out and was replaced with annoyance.

She came up behind Sam, changing back into her own form as she moved.

She and Dean both spoke at the same time, her saying,"I don't think so tiger." and Dean having finally found his voice ,gasped out weakly,"Look out Sam."

The younger Winchester whipped around quickly, to find the blond standing behind him, a smirk on her face.

"Meg? Wha..?"

"Surprise!" she said loudly, right before backhanding him with an unnatural strength that sent him flying into the wall.

"Sam!"Dean said trying to undo the remaining ropes holding him down, but gave up moments later when he realized he couldn't even lift his head up because of the weakness from blood loss, much less untie fucking ropes.

"Oh Sam, I'm really sorry about you finding out about this."Meg said, squatting down in front of where he sat, a dazed expression on his face from his head hitting the wall."I was hoping that things would work out between us cause I like you a lot. Really. All I had to do was get that annoying fucking brother of yours out of the way, and I was sooo close to doing it too.'

"Why Meg?"Sam asked, trying to keep her talking long enough to regain his senses so he could kill her and get to Dean.

"Why? Oh I get it, this is the part where the bad guy, being me, tells all the details of their sinister plan, meanwhile giving the hero, being you Sam, time escape, right? Am I right?" she asked with a gleeful laugh and a clap of her hands."Well, I'm sorry Sam, but you're not going to escape, and no one is coming to save you either, so you're wasting your efforts. That's the pure and simple truth tiger. But I don't see what it could hurt to tell you why I've done this. Just like you, this is all for my daddy. You can understand that right? You've put your whole life on the back burner just so you can help that pathetic loser brother of yours find your dad. So you really can't hold it against me when all I'm doing is trying to protect my dad ,can you?"

"Why would your dad want you to hurt us Meg? He doesn't even know us."Sam said with a look of confusion, then let his eyes dart to his brother, who had given up on trying to untie himself and was losing his battle to remain conscious as more blood seeped from his wrists.

"That's where you're wrong Sam. My dad does know you quite well. See, he's the one who killed your mother and your precious Jessica."she said with a smirk.

"Oh my go...You're his daughter!"Sam exclaimed angrily, fury blazing in his eyes.

"That's right. The one and only."she said with evident pride."But, to let you in on a little secret,I wasn't planning on falling for one of you Sam. I thought it would be like any other job for me. Just make a plan for the kill and carry it out fast and quick, but no. You were different than I'd expected you to be Sam. So sweet, trusting, and I felt a connection with you for some reason. I developed real feelings for you after we met at the bus station and talked, and because of that,I had to change my whole plan . I had to come up with a way to get rid of big brother and then, when he was dead, there would be no reason we couldn't be together."

"You're a crazy bitch!"Sam hissed at her."A delusional fucking bitch!"

"I realize now that my plan would've never worked Sam."she said with a remorseful smile and a shrug"Sooner or later I would have had to tell you who my father is, not to mention the fact that I'm going to help kill your dad. No matter how good the sex would be I know you wouldn't overlook that. I suppose its a blessing in disguise you came home early."

"What does the girl Dean shot have to do with this?"Sam asked, remembering the shape she was in when he'd first came in.

"You sure are cute, but sooo dense."she remarked with a roll of her eyes, reaching out to pat his unruly dark hair."Dean didn't kill the girl you idiot. I did. I made it look like it was him though. It was all part of the plan. I hoped the guilt from killing her would drive him over the edge. See, he may act all tough and bad ass on the outside, but inside...well thats a whole different story."

Knocking her hand aside, Sam suddenly jumped up to his feet, glaring at her with hatred for what she'd put Dean through, and threw a punch. Hitting her in the jaw with all his strength, smiling with satisfaction as she stumbled backwards from the force of the blow.

"Oh come on. Is that all you've got?"she asked tauntingly after regaining her footing seconds later."Your momma can hit harder than that, and she's been dead for years."

Sam slowly moved his hand, reaching around to his backside to get the gun that he'd, for some odd reason, retrieved from the back of the car before entering the hotel.

Quickly he yanked it out and aimed it at her.

"This is for my brother."he said, firing the first round at her without hesitation.

"This is for my mother."after the second, "and this is for Jessica."after the final shot.

The bullets hit her chest and stomach causing her to double over from the impact, but to Sam's horror, she rose back up and said with a smirk,"I'm a demon dumb ass. And you call yourself a hunter."

Well, that sucks, Sam thought numbly as he threw the gun at her.

"I'm tired of playing this game, so be a good little boy and stand still while I kill you."she said, rushing forward and grabbing him by the throat.

Sam fought and struggled to get loose from her grip, but she was a lot stronger than she appeared, and soon he was seeing flashes of light as he started losing consciousness.

"Sammy! Stop it! Leave him alone! I'm gonna fucking kill you bitch!" Dean said, a burst of adrenalin breaking through as he saw what she was doing to his brother.

It didn't last long though, because a sharp pain shot through his chest, causing him to yell out, and soon thereafter gave into the painless darkness that called out to him.

Jessica, who was still standing unseen beside his bed, looked down sadly at him, then at Sam dangling from the demon womans grip.

She'd done all she could to help, but still in the end had failed them both.

It wasn't supposed to end this way, she thought crying silent tears, glaring at the blond who once again laughed gleefully as Sam struggled, his face turning purple from the lack of air.

"You let that boy loose right now!" Jessica heard a strong female voice demand, and looked to see a middle aged black woman standing in the now open doorway, hand on her hips as she glared at Meg.

Maybe there was hope after all.

"And what if I don't you meddling old hag? There's nothing you can do about it."Meg replied, her face twisted in a mask of hatred as she spoke, her grip on the now limp Sam not loosening in the least."You can't hurt me."

"Oh really now? I think you're a bit too cocky for your own good young lady."Missouri said with a tight-lipped grin as she pulled a small pouch tied with a string from her large pocket book."Now let him go!"

"Please, Don't flatter yourself, I'm not scared of you old woman."Meg hissed, but released Sam, throwing his limp body against the wall once again.

"I guess I'll just have to do something about that now won't I?"Missouri said, calmly removing the string from the pouch and letting it fall open to display the pinkish colored powder that laid within.

"What are you gonna do, throw Cherry Kool-Aid on me?"Meg asked in a sarcastic voice , then suddenly rushed towards the older woman.

"You wish."Missouri replied, then tossing the contents on the young woman said," Diabolus, ego pello tui liber rursus ut flamma de qui ille prognatus."

Meg immediately burst into flames after the word left her mouth, and disappeared shortly thereafter in a screaming mass of smoke and fire.

The ease with which she'd handled the demon was amazing, She'd made it look so simple. She surely must be something much more powerful than a mere psychic, Jess thought as her form started fading away.

It seemed the woman sensed her presence because she met Jess's gaze and winked at her before rushing over to where Dean lay on the bed, feeling his neck for a pulse .

I guess it's time for me to go, Jess thought staring sadly at Sam and Dean, both who were unconscious, or dead, as she feared in the older brothers case.

She heard Sam groan, and sighed with relief as he sat up slowly, looking around in confusion for a moment until his mind cleared and he suddenly let out a strangled yelp, remembering what had happened.

Satisfied he was alright, Jess blew a kiss at him and whispered,"I love you." before vanishing from the room.

"Its okay Sam."Missouri said from where she sat on the bed ministering to the elder brother, trying her best to keep him alive until help arrived.

"Where? Where is Meg?"he asked, slowly getting up, rubbing his neck as he looked warily around the room.

"I took care of Ms. Thang. So you don't worry your cute little head about that sweetie."she replied, not looking up from her task.

"Did you kill her? I hope you killed her!" Sam exclaimed angrily,hatred burning in his eyes as he walked over and took one his brothers limp hands, which Missouri had managed to stop the blood flow , in his own.

"I sent her back home, but that doesn't mean she won't ever show her face again."Missouri answered, holding Deans other hand between hers tenderly after she finished binding the wrist.

"We need to call an ambulance! He's dying!" Sam exclaimed, and reached to pick up the phone.

"I called one before I even got here baby, they should arrive any second now."Missouri replied in her calm voice.

"Please don't die Dean."Sam pleaded, willing strength from his own body into his brothers."I need you, and I'm so sorry for everything, please don't leave me."

"Oh hush up with that nonsense Sam, he's a strong boy, he'll be fine."Missouri stated confidently,then stood up and walked towards the door to open it just as a paramedic had his hand raised to knock.

"Took your time didn't you?"she asked the surprised man, a scowl on her face as she moved aside to allow him and the rest of his team entrance to the room.

"We can take it from here."one of them said to Sam, who was clinging to Deans hand for dear life, and looked to have no intentions of moving.

"Sam, come over here with me sweetie and let the men do their job."Missouri said, putting a hand on his trembling shoulder

"But, he needs me."

"There's nothing you can do for him right now baby, so move and let the people who can help do their job."

He reluctantly stood up and moved out of the way, walking over to where his friend stood with her arms held open to him and let himself sink into her comforting hug, crying softly as he prayed for his brother.

"Shh. Baby, it's okay, everything will be fine." she said, hoping with all her heart that she wasn't lying to him.

(6 days later)

"We've gotta do something Sammy."Dean said, looking at his brother with pleading eyes."I'm not crazy, suicidal, or any of that other stuff they're saying!"

"I know that Dean, and I've told them that too, many times, but I'm your brother and they think I'm just lying for you." Sam said, feeling as helpless as Dean about their current situation.

"What about Missouri? Didn't she tell them too?"

"She left as soon as she found out you were going to be okay Dean. All she said was this was a problem that only family could solve."

"I told you she doesn't like me! This proves it!"Dean exclaimed with a pout."They're making me go to a mental institution Sam! A mental institution! I don't need to go to one of those! How am I supposed to help you find dad when I'm stuck in a room with padded walls?"

"It'll be alright, just try and be good and maybe they'll let you out soon."Sam offered lamely, knowing good and well that even if Dean was capable of behaving himself, which he wasn't, it probably wouldn't do much good since the authorities thought he'd tried to kill himself twice.

"You've gotta break me out of here Sammy. I can get that one cute nurse who's been hot for me since I got here to be your accomplice. Yeah, that'll work."

"Hello Mr. Malone. How are we feeling?" the doctor asked after walking in the room without even knocking, using the last name that Dean and Sam were currently using.

"Do people not knock where you're from?" Dean asked with a angry scowl.

Apparently at this hospital if they had you pegged as mental it meant you didn't deserve even the smallest common courtesies.

"I see you're in as good a mood as ever."the doctor said with a fake smile, writing something down on the pad he held.

"Listen doc, I'm fine now and would really like to check out if you don't mind." Dean said hopefully.

"I believe it's already been determined that it would be in your best interests to partake in a short stay in one of our fine institutes hasn't it Mr. Malone, so I'm afraid that for the 10th time today I'm going to have to tell you no, you may not check out."

"Well fuck you too."Dean muttered, glaring at the man.

"Hmmm...well, the reason I've came to visit is to tell you that your psychiatrist from home contacted us, and since you've been seeing Dr. Ummm...Montique for several years, we've agreed to release you into his custody so he can work with you."

"Dr. who? I've never seen a psychiatrist in my life!" Dean exclaimed with an incredulous look.

"I assure you that dishonesty will accomplish nothing for you, and anyway he brought your records with him for us to place on file."

"He's here now?" Sam asked, as stunned by the Dr.'s words as Dean was.

"Yes, he's right outside the door. I just came in first to inform you of the change of plans."

"Well by all means send the quack on in!" Dean said, fisted balled at his sides as his whole body tensed.

"Now Dean, just calm down."Sam whispered to him, putting a restraining hand on his shoulder.

He too was curious as to who this mystery doctor was, but Dean was still not fully recovered from his ordeal and didn't need to get so upset.

"Dr. you can come in now, but I warn you, the patient is not being cooperative in the least."the Dr. said, sticking his head around the side of the door.

"He never is."the brothers heard a very familiar voice say, and their mouths both dropped open in shock when none other than John Winchester entered the room wearing a three piece suit and glasses, adding with a smile"But I think I can handle him."

The End

Well, I hope you liked my ending. I was getting a bit dried up on this story, so I apologize if the final chapter seems rushed. I also used Jess quite a bit, but hopefully ya'll didn't mind too much:-)

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