Marishka swooped from above and plucked Carl from the corner as Anna an Velkan ran away. Carl was deposited in the well, to join the now tea party.

As Carl landed, he just managed to block a blow aimed for Van Helsing.

"What was that for!" yelled Carl.

"He drank all the tea!" yelled Aly, pointing at Van Helsing.

"But it was so delicious and good!" cried Van Helsing.

"That was my last tea bag, too," said Ciara sadly.

"I cant believe Dracula has already had children," muttered Sam, lost in the remnants of her tea.

They all turned to stare, when suddenly, Dracula appeared behind Van Helsing in the already crowded well.

"Dracula's right behind me, isn't he?" said Van Helsing, when Carl fainted and screamed pointing behind Van Helsing.

"Yes. Yes he is," the rest of the group answered.

"Dracula, make me your bride, please!" Sam yelled, while lunging at him.

"Eww," said Dracula disgusted.

Aly and Ciara had to restrain Sam.

"If I was going to make anyone my bride, it would be Anna," he said revolted.

"No way, Anna's mine!" yelled Van Helsing, turning around and standing up.



While Van Helsing and Dracula argued over Anna, Aly, Ciara, Sam and Carl climbed out of the well. "Why didn't we do that in the first place!" asked Carl.

"Because we were having tea!" said Ciara. "Jeeze."

They traveled down the hallways, looking for an escape, when suddenly they found the mattress the brides had been playing on.

"I have a brilliant idea!" exclaimed Carl. "Let's hide under this mattress!"

Since they had nothing better to do, and no other ideas, that's what they did.

"Let's try to find a way out, and use the mattress and a disguise!" said Sam.

Suddenly, Dracula and Van Helsing burst out of the room with the well and kept fighting a vicious battle. Dracula had managed to either destroy or rid Van Helsing of his weapons. Van Helsing had nothing better in mind, so he pulled the Count's hair, hard.

"Ahh!" screamed the count, much like a girl.

Aleera, Verona, and Marishka flew into the room to help their master, although they were being pursued be Anna and Velkan.

The brides spotted the moving mattress and went to jump on it. Carl, Ciara and Sam managed to get out from underneath in time, but Aly remained squished.

"Someone, a little help here," she wheezed.

Ciara did the first thing that came to mind. She had found a bucket of water in a corner, so she flung the liquid at the brides. Aleera thought Marishka had done it, Verona thought Aleera had done it, and Marishka had thought Verona had done it. The three women began to fight, even though they were soaking wet. Van Helsing, Dracula, and Velkan had stopped fighting to watch, while Carl covered his eyes and whimpered.

The women fought off the mattress, and through the hall way, with the men migrating behind them.

Anna, Aly, Ciara, and Sam stared, then turned and walked toward the exit.

"Men," muttered Anna.

The four walked back to their waiting horses and untied them. Anna hopped on with a gypsies ease, while Aly boosted herself on. Sam jumped out of a tree to land on her mare.


Ciara took a few tries.

As they walked back to the Valerious Mansion, Aly explained that the reason they had been walking in the woods in the first place, was that they were hunting a rabbit. It was a sneaky rabbit, that got away easily.

"I know what you mean," said Anna.

When they arrived at the mansion, Anna, Aly, Sam and THUD Ciara, got off their horses, and made their way into Anna's home. She invited them to stay with her, and Aly, Ciara and Sam accepted.

"So, now that were all settled in," said Anna, "Who'd like some tea?"

"No thanks," said Ciara, pulling out her tea pot, "I got my own."

Back at Dracula's Castle

"Common," said Dracula. "Let us out!"

Aleera laughed. Dracula, Velkan, and Van Helsing were currently in chains on the wall.

"Why would we do something like that?" giggled Verona.

"Because…" started Van Helsing.

"Because we gotta go!" cried Velkan.

"I like them better here," said Marishka.

Aleera, Marisha, and Verona walked up to the three men, and started to fondle them, while giggling madly.

"Eww!" cried Velkan.

"…" –Dracula.

'I wish Anna was in the chick fight…,' thought Van Helsing.

And so this day ends for one of our heroes in a very horny way.