"Where did I put my uniform..." the only partially clothed Kagome Higurashi muttered, pushing aside various, far too small articles of clothing from her closet. Inuyasha was sure to arrive any second, and if she wasn't ready...

Well, there would be another argument, to say it simply.

"Sorry, Kagome." Her mother's voice drifted from the door. "I forgot to get another school uniform for you this week. The others should be out of the wash soon."

"Soon won't be nearly enough if Inuyasha comes for me." Kagome complained, before shooting her mother a weak smile.

"Well dear, maybe you should find something other to wear, just for now." Mama Higurashi replied, smiling warmly. "I'll try and see if at least one of the uniforms is okay to use."

Kagome thanked her mother with a grateful smile. Her mother had the patience of a saint, and didn't even think to question her daughter's insistence on wearing only her school uniform.

It made her different, stand out against the normal crowds of the Sengoku Jidai, against... certain people, who were undead and answered to the name Kikyo and miko.

Pushing aside a couple more clothes from years gone by, she smiled slightly at a few (a school costume from grade school), winced at a few more (a torn up yukata from when she fell down during a festival, chasing after fireflies), until her fingers and her eyes reached an article buried deep within.

"Huh... when did I..." Kagome whispered, lifting the garment up slowly, not quite sure how to feel about having this inside her closet.

The ivory garb of the priestess hadn't been sullied from its time in the deep recesses of her closet, and she could see the matching crimson bottom to it.

It must be from that first time I went back down the well... was it that long ago, when there was no Naraku, no Miroku, no Shippo, no Sango, no Toutousai, no Sesshomaru, no Koga, no Kagura, no Kikyo.

Just... Inuyasha. And her.

Her fingers were digging deep into the cloth before she realized it, clenching tight and hard.

I wonder... no, Inuyasha would be here any second. If he caught her wearing this...

Shaking her head, Kagome looked about superstitiously, and, with the deliciously cautious feeling of doing something taboo, shut her window tight, locked it, and closed the curtains, darkening the room, leaving it in shadows.

"Just... for a second." She assured herself, pulling the miko clothing on over her underwire. When the ancient garb was loosely hanging on her body (she wouldn't tie it, to speed up time), after a moment's hesitation, she grabbed a rubber band of her desk and tied her hair up securely with a knot.

Pausing, Kagome considered exactly what she was doing, and her body froze for a moment. Screwing up her courage, she turned around, to face the mirror.

After another moment, she decided she should open her eyes to actually see what her reflection looked like. Still...

Would it be Kikyo, with a bit of a softer face and wider eyes? Would it be Kagome, with such a resemblance to Kikyo that it was impossible to miss, impossible to disregard, impossible to forget?

Would it be easy to forget she was Kagome Higurashi, one time normal schoolgirl, now caretaker, mother, sister, friend, and sort-of-girlfriend to a mismatched band of freaks, oddballs, and oprhans betrayed by a vicious demon, and think she was Kikyo, reborn miko with a body crafted of earth and bone, with ambiguous plans and a legendary reputation?

Kagome opened her eyes, and looked at her reflection.

What stared back at her... wasn't Kikyo.

It was Kagome's eyes staring back at her. Wearing miko clothing, looking rather silly with her hair tied up messily and her face filled with something like fear.

She smiled, and her reflection smiled back at her.

Her reflection. No one else's.