Title: A New Life

By: Spiritraven

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Inuyasha. They belong to those that created them.

Warnings: See first chapter.

Chapter Nineteen:

Sesshoumaru knew his brother was up to something the moment he entered the dinning room. Inuyasha was too smug about something and his mate had a evil grin on his face, but what made him very suspicious was Black. The wizard had a grin on his face and he seemed to waiting for something. Sesshoumaru knew he would have to keep watch over him.

"What?" Sirius asked catching the Taiyoukai watching him with narrowed eyes. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Yeah, and what's with the glare, Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha asked an innocent smile on his face. Kouga looked at this mate and shook his head knowing what the hanyou was up too. He knew Inuyasha, Snape, and Black were planning something against Sesshoumaru and Talan and he wanted nothing to do with it.

"You are up to something little brother." Sesshoumaru said simply as he eyed his younger brother and the wizard next to him. Black was trying to look innocent, but he knew better with the glare the miko was sending him. "Whatever you're planning it won't work."

"I'm not planning anything." It was the truth Inuyasha had nothing to do with what Black had to do. Oh he was going to be the one to set the prank on the snake demon, but Inuyasha wasn't stupid and decided Black and Snape would prank his brother. Inuyasha was sure Sesshoumaru wouldn't kill Snape now Black he wasn't so sure about. Kagome may have to do some talking to keep Sesshoumaru from killing the wizard.

Sesshoumaru nodded and took a sip of his morning tea. There was much to do today and Konohamaru was also to return with news about Rylan. He and the kitsune had left to find clues on the whereabouts of Slytherin's little brother. Sesshoumaru trusted his Captain and knew Konohamaru would do as told it was one of the reasons he trusted him and Sesshoumaru didn't trust just anyone.

Sirius watched as the Taiyoukai took a bite of a pastry and watch with a wide grin as the silver hair started to turn dark blue and his skin a light blue. Sirius looked over at Snape and saw the same grin on his face as he enjoyed the new look on the dog demon. "Didn't I tell you it would work on a demon?"

Kouga shook his head as Inuyasha and everyone else at the table began to laugh. Talan enjoyed seeing the Taiyoukai caught off guard and had to say something. "Looking good Sesshoumaru and I have to say blue looks good on you."

Sesshoumaru glared at the snake he knew Snape had something to do with this and because of that he would let this go after all he did upset the wizard. He would get his revenge on Black and Inuyasha on a later date. "Yes, however you should see yourself snake."

Talan stopped laughing as he caught the sight of his hand. It was pink and the hair hanging over his face was purple. Talan growled as he glared at Black and Inuyasha. "You did this too me."

"No, I did." Severus stood up and smirked at both Sesshoumaru and Talan. "I wish you both good day."

Sesshoumaru watched as he left the dinning room and stood up to follow him. He stopped when he felt someone grab his arm. It was Black and his frowning at him. "Is there something you wish to say to this Sesshoumaru?"

Sirius glared and nodded. "I may not like Snape, bloody hell he was my worst enemy for many years, however the man did save my godson and in turn my life. I won't allow you to miss with his emotions." Sirius turned and glared at Talan. "You either snake."

Talan snarled at the dark haired wizard and walked out of the room hoping to find Severus. Sesshoumaru seeing what the snake was doing jerked his arm from the human and followed behind him. Inuyasha saw his brother leave and turned to his mate. "I thought he would at least throw a fit."

"Never happen." Katsuya leaned back against his chair and grinned happily as he stole a piece of bacon from Remus' plate. "Even as a pup I have never seen him throw a fit. No when he gets mad someone usually dies or gets hurt."

"Hell I already figured that out wolf." After all Inuyasha lost count on how many times his older brother had tried to kill him. "Nothing I can't handle."

"Better watch you back Padfoot." Remus told his friend with a worried look on his face.

Sirius grinned at his best friend. "Nothing to worry about Remus I don't think Sesshoumaru will kill me."

"He won't." Katsuya chuckled with bright eyes. "He will get his revenge of that I have no doubt."

"The only one safe from Sesshoumaru will be Snape." Kouga told the others as he fed Tetsuya. The young hanyou was watching everyone with wide eyes and a smile. "Now Talan I have no idea, but I would say it would be smart for all of you to watch out for him."

"Good advice." Salazar was smiling evilly at everyone at the table. "My brother is after all a Slytherin."

"He makes that sound like it's a bad thing." Kagome said staring at the snake demon and Godric sitting next to him.

"Oh it is." Sirius and Remus said as one then began to laugh.


Sesshoumaru was on his way to catch up with Severus when Konohamaru showed up and stopped him with a human at his side. Sesshoumaru knew at once who the human was and Onigumo stepped back when he saw the green acid drop from his claws and hit the floor with a hiss. "Why did you bring that filthy human here, Konohamaru?"

"He brings news you need to hear my Lord." Konohamaru stepped in front of the human to keep Sesshoumaru from killing him. "It would seem Rylan plans to come after us as well. He has brought Naraku back from the dead."

"I see that Konohamaru." Naraku as a human was no match for him and by the way Onigumo was shaking he already knew that fact.

"I'm not Naraku my Lord I am Onigumo." Onigumo explained about the spell Rylan did to bring Naraku back from the dead and how he came to be. "Naraku and I are two different beings and neither of us wishes to be controlled. We only want to be free and will cause you no problems."

"I've heard Naraku's lies before human." Sesshoumaru growled then turned to Konohamaru. "Take him to my study and watch him closely. I will get the others and we will see what will happen."

Konohamaru bowed grabbed Onigumo and pulled him out of Sesshoumaru's way. Trouble was about to start and he could only hope it wouldn't be as bad as last time. Many innocents died because of Naraku and his returned to life was indeed a very bad thing.