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Summary: John Cena gets drafted to Raw and uses the opportunity to finally get acquainted with his favorite WWE Diva. Now being on the same show, he finds himself falling for the Canadian Bombshell and wanting more. Unaware of her past relationships, will she be able to give in and forget about the men that were a part of her life and take a chance on a street thug?

Chapter 1

His Favorite Diva

After his match with Kurt Angle, the Dr of Thugonmics John Cena himself appeared backstage with the championship belt on his shoulder. He wore nothing but his blue jean shorts hanging low to reveal his green boxers as sweat came trickling down his muscular and buff physique. While making his way to his locker room, a couple of crew members and a few of the other WWE Raw Superstars congratulated him for the win. He thanked them of course and as soon as he turned at a corner he noticed the current WWE Women's Champion stretching in front of the women's locker room. A smile crept over his face at the sight of her. It was just a week ago when John Cena got drafted to Raw. Not only was he stoked to be part of an environment with amazing wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and HHH that he finally had the opportunity to work with but he's been longing to finally meet his favorite diva for awhile now—Trish Stratus—who kicks ass and still looks hot doing so.

The two don't see each other often accept during autograph sessions and special events outside WWE such as award shows, interviews and commercials. John finally realizes that the two never really spoken to each other accept for a "hi" and "bye" but that was it. But now that they were on the same show, this was his chance to get to really know the Canadian bombshell he's been hearing so much and is keen to know more of.

After a moment of staring off into space at her direction, John Cena shook his head and began walking casually towards his locker room which was only a few doors away from the women's locker room. As he watched the beautiful blonde bend down against the wall to stretch out her legs, he stopped right in front of her. While looking down, Trish noticed a pair of sneakers just right in front of her as she began to roll up and face the champ himself standing before her.

"Hi." He finally had the courage to say after a long awkward pause. "Just wanted to wish you good luck on your match against Victoria."

Trish furrowed her eyebrows with a small smile. "Thanks…" She looked at him as though he was a total stranger which is true for they barely know each other. "John Cena right?" For some reason it made him smile just the thought of Trish saying his name. He nodded in response. "I love what you do out there. You entertain the fans and give them a hell of a show."

"Thanks." John appreciated the comment especially coming from his favorite diva. "I could say the same thing to you."

She just shrugged her shoulders. "Well I should get going."

"Okay," deep down he was sad for he wanted to keep talking to her and get the conversation going. Heck, it was a start and it sucked that it had to end pretty quickly. "Good luck."

"Thanks." Trish picked up her championship belt from the floor placed beside her. "So I guess I'll be seeing you around then?"

"You bet." John continues watching Trish take her leave until the diva disappeared at the corner. He then turned around with a huge smirk on his face. "Yes!" He hisses in triumph that for once theyactually talked even if it only took a few seconds. John couldn't get over the feeling as he smiled all the way to his locker room.

After an unsuccessful match against Victoria with the interference of Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle, Trish staggered towards the women's locker room when all of a sudden she was approached by Adam (Edge) and Lita hand in hand. Trish looks up and weakly smiles. "Hey, are you okay?" Her best friend Lita asks worriedly. The couple noticed Trish hunching over after a hard beating she received from the trio.

"I'll be fine." The Canadian bombshell slightly grunted in pain.

"You sure?"

Trish smirked. As much as she loves Lita, it gets irritating after awhile whenever she becomes overprotective. But then again she would've done the same thing, worrying over the people she cared about in the business. At times they would forget putting their bodies on the line to entertain the fans is part of the job.

"Yes, I'm sure." She reassures the both of them. "Now go. You two should have fun on your date."

"Okay…" Lita held onto Trish's shoulder, expressing worry on her face.

"Come on, babe." Adam pulls his redhead girlfriend towards him. He shifts his gaze over to his fellow Canadian friend. "Take it easy, Trish. If you need anything, we're only a phone call away."

"Thanks." She smiles in return. "Have fun!"

Before Trish headed over to the women's locker room, she first went to get a pack of ice for her bruised head. While holding it from the top of her head, she made it in front of the women's locker room when suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. Trish, startled for she thought she was the only one in the hallway, turned around and sighed in relief when it was only John Cena.

"You scared me."

He chuckled. "Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

"I'm fine." Trish grunted in annoyance while rolling her eyes. "I wish everyone would stop saying that."

"I watched the match." He says, breaking the silence that fell upon them. "You got beat down hard."

"Nah yah think!" She rolled her eyes again. She felt really annoyed all of a sudden. "Look, why are you even talking to me?"

John felt rather hurt by her tone of voice and more so with her resentment towards him. "No need to PMS, I just wanted to talk."

"Why? So you can get in my pants?"

"Whoa now," He narrowed his eyes, studying her carefully. He took it rather offensively but didn't want to show it. The champ is aware of the male WWE Superstars who find her attractive and would do anything to get a chance with her. But getting in bed with her isn't his motive. He simply just wanted to get to know her better. "You think that's what this is all about?"

Trish folds her arms under her breasts. "I don't know, you tell me."

"Sorry for caring." He raises his hands up defensively. "I'm new here and I'm only trying to get along with everyone and get acquainted here. Didn't think you'd take it up the ass. Obviously, I'm not welcome here by you."

She looks down and sighs. She felt bad all of a sudden and didn't mean to come off rude to the new guy in Raw. "I'm sorry." Trish sincerely apologizes. "I'm just in terrible pain right now and I get pretty moody after a loss." She says although there was more to it than that as it boggled her mind.

John slightly chuckles. "Yeah, I can see that." There was a small pause as they find themselves averting from each other's gaze. "Do you need a ride to the hotel or something?"

She looks up at him and smiles. "Nah, I can manage. Thanks anyway. I'll just see you there."

"Okay. Bye."

Once Trish opened the door of the women's locker room she immediately heard shuffling as she finds two of her other close friends Ashley and Stacey stepping away from the door. She stopped dead in her tracks and realized that they have been listening. "What are you two up to this time?" Trish asked noticing the grins that plastered on their faces.

"Nothing." Stacey bit her lip innocently. "But was that John Cena you were talking to?"

"Yeah." Trish responds while making her way to her gym bag and sitting on one of the benches. Ashley and Stacey exchange smiles.

"He is such a hottie!" Stacey just had to blurt it out as Ashley nodded her head in agreement. Trish rolled her eyes. "I mean don't you think so?"

"Sure." She responds for their sake. "I guess he's alright."

"Just alright!" Stacey shrieked in disbelief. "He's beyond just alright. He's freakin' John Cena! Freakin John Cena!" She added. "Did I mention that he is hot?"

"Yeah, we get the point." Ashley smirks after Stacey repeated herself again. "So what happened with Randy being the sexiest WWE Superstar huh?"

Stacey gave her a look of disgust just hearing the name. "Well…that was then. But John Cena is the big thing now so he wins hands down!" She blurted out as she and Ashley share a chuckle.

"Stace, if you're so into him why don't you use your charms and win his heart over instead of constantly talking about how hot he is?" Trish thought.

"I don't know…maybe because he's obviously into you."

"Into me?" The Women's Champion smirk as the two divas nodded. "We barely know each other."

"So what? That stuff doesn't matter anymore. You're hot so he has to be into you."

"Shallow guys are so last season." Trish responds. Stacey and Ashley looked at each other and back at their blonde friend.

"Look, we just want you to be happy for once. I mean it's been awhile…"

She groans, knowing exactly what they are talking about. "I appreciate the two of you caring, really I do. But I can take care of myself."

"We know that. You're one tough chick, but don't forget we're your friends and we want to help."

"By pairing me up with John Cena?" Trish chuckled at the thought. "No thanks."

"Why not?" Ashley questions out of curiosity.

"He's not exactly my type. I mean look at him."

"Hey, you dated Jeff Hardy." Stacey muttered, allowing Trish to shot her a dirty look.

"That's beyond the point. I don't know him, he doesn't know me."

"Then get to know each other!"

Trish glared at them. "I can't believe you two are even suggesting this. What makes you think I'm even interested in him?"

"Because he's hot!" Stacey exclaimed. "And besides, you have great taste in men."

"And apparently you don't." Trish retorts jokingly as Ashley chuckled from behind. She stopped once Stacey was giving her the evil glare.

"Come on, you two would be the golden couple. Hey, you and Cena both share something in common."

"Like what?"

"Well…you're both champions."

Trish just rolled her eyes. "How lovely." She says in a rather sarcastic tone. "Well, ladies. It was nice chatting with yah but I have to go." Trish begins gathering her things and making her way out the door.

"Ooooo, is John Cena giving you a ride back to the hotel?"

She stops and glares at Stacey out of annoyance before exiting the room.

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