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Chapter Six: Awake In A Dream

Harry knew he was dreaming. How, pfft, you'd have to ask someone else, but Harry just knew he was. Reality wasn't like this. His reality wasn't like this. Everything was vivid. So vivid that Harry himself seemed almost dreary, dull, and ghost-like in comparison.

Wherever Harry was, in this dream or not, he was high above the world, standing back from the frail looking railings of a tower balcony, looking over at the grounds of Hogwarts below. The setting sun cast everything into a bloody shadow; the reds, violets and oranges giving the battle below an even more sinister appearance than before.

Giants. There were giants on Hogwarts grounds. Only ten, at the most, but their presence was noticeable compared to everything else that littered the blood-drenched, snow-covered earth.

There were thousands of witches and wizards in black robes, some the foreboding wear of Death Eaters and Voldemort's supporters; other's the innocent garb of Hogwarts future.

Dementors were the last battalion covered in black, but it was a dead, dark, fading black that betrayed what they really were. Shadows of life.

Werewolves were on both sides, the ones that had taken Voldemort's offer, looking the worse, while howls at the moon to mourn the loss of a pack member rang out just as loud as the clashes of battle.

What was curious to Harry was the lone pillar of fire that ate at the Dark Forces, fueled by a flock of phoenixes, a globe of water cannonballs off itself into unsuspecting Death Eaters. The Elements seemed to have stock in this battle. The War to end all wars, it seemed.

A sudden scream of pain behind Harry made him whip around quickly to stare at a horrific sight. He was in the tallest tower of Hogwarts, something that had been turned into a cell. It was covered in blood, both the dark, dried on kind and the bright fresh kind, each bleeding together to create a gruesome picture of sorts.

The occupant of that pain-filled voice was himself, but... not really. This Harry was noticeably pregnant, largely so, pale arms tightening around the bulge in his belly as if to protect the child within from the pain of the curse. It was obvious that a strong Crucio was being used.

'Is this how I am to die? In the place I consider home, vulnerable and alone while Voldemort tortures me and my baby into death?' The shadows gathered and shot out at Voldemort's body just as the words 'You cannot see your own death' flitted across Harry's mind.

The scene sped up, too fast to pick anything out until it halted so quickly, Harry felt a bit sick having watched it. The other Harry wasn't moving as someone sat down next to them and began crying and babbling strange words and phrases, some in more than one language. A sudden scream from that shadowed person made ghost Harry jump in fear. It was the scream of someone gone mad.

From that moment on, flashes of people and places, of events from the past, present, and possible futures flashed and sped by like a faulty video until Harry was back at that moment, that horrible scream ringing in his ears.

A pair of familiar, bright blue eyes turned to him as he let out a gasp and joined the world of the living once more.

Madam Pomfrey gave a screech of her own as Harry Potter shot up to sitting position on his cot, screaming in fright. Both continued screaming; Harry looking around in a panic, and Poppy looking at Harry before cautiously looking around herself. Neither stopped screaming until the need for oxygen won and ceased their confused fuss.

Harry was sweaty, pale and panting as Poppy flicked her wand and cleared up the mess of broken potions bottles that she had dropped at Harry's scream. Both looked at each other in confusion before Harry tilted his head back and laughed at the expression on the medi-witch's face. Poppy joined in and that was how Bill and Hermione found the pair, laughing loudly about something neither Gryffindor expected to never fully understand.

"Harry!" snapped Hermione when it became apparent that the boy wouldn't answer her unspoken questions about what all the noise was about. The raven-haired wizard slowly began to calm down as Hermione hobbled over to his bedside, looking fierce.

Opening her mouth, Hermione never got the chance she so dearly loved to chaise one of her 'boys' when Harry suddenly snapped to attention, looking at Bill.

"Watch out."

Hermione shot Bill a confused look, one the Weasley heir returned before the Curse Breaker slipped on the tray Madam Pomfrey was using to carry her potions. From there, Bill crashed into a tiny corner desk, holding another tray of potions, over that and into a cot, up-ending the mattress before coming to a stop with his freckled face ground into the tile floor and one foot snagged in the springs of the now ruined cot.

Hermione blinked as Harry turned to her, his now bright green eyes holding a mysterious quality to them. Like Harry held a kind of knowledge she didn't and never would possess.

"I told him to watch out."

Bill groaned as Madam Pomfrey rushed out, ranting about clumsy Order members destroying her Wing. That's when Harry noticed it was very dark out, late as well. Clearly pass midnight.

Hermione sat on the edge of the cot and took one of Harry's hands in her own. His far off gaze vanished as he focused in on her and Hermione swore that Harry Potter could see through her very soul.

"How do you feel?"

Harry grinned as Bill rubbed his head, saying something about informing Dumbledore that Harry had awoken. Hermione scowled at that idea while Harry closed his eyes in wonder.

"I feel better. Refreshed, complete almost. But slightly chaotic." A shake of his head. "I'm not making any sense."

Madam Pomfrey came over with a stock of different potions and a scowl to match Hermione's.

"Of course you feel better. You haven't been taking proper care of yourself, before. Being pregnant is hard on everyone's body, even a female's, but on a male wizard as small in stature as yourself..."

Harry rolled his eyes as he drank down foul potions that looked like something he'd once seen one of Mrs. Figg's cats throw up. Bleh. One potion, a bright pink one, nearly made Harry gag as he forced it down his throat. That one had to have been made by Snape. Only that guy could take something that looked so innocent but still tasted like roasted crap on a stick.

Harry wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, earning a scolding from Hermione as he lay back down and looked out of the Hospital Wing window at the twinkling stars in the midnight sky.

-Earlier in Dumbledore's Office-

"Perhaps you should take a seat first. This may come as a shock..."

Dumbledore trailed off as Blaise ignored his words. Severus paced around in the shadows of the office, his robes swirling around his form in an almost surly manner.

"I'd rather stand, sir," Blaise replied, not in the mood for Dumbledore's grandfatherly attitude today. "If I sit I know you will make this meeting drag out to your fullest ability."

The Headmaster sighed in defeat before clearing his throat. This was not going to be pretty.

"As Severus has almost assuredly mentioned, there has been a problem with Harry Potter and it concerns yourself, Mr. Zabini."

Bright blue eyes were focused on Blaise, leaving no doubt it was him of which the wizened old man spoke.

Fear is, by itself, an already formidable emotion when it comes to wreaking havoc on the mind and body. Holding in that fear can have dire consequences. Blaise felt his heart rate triple and the cold feeling of dread crept into his stomach. He mentally cursed the one emotion he couldn't just push away.

Antonio Zabini slammed a hand down on the sturdy wooden desk of the Headmaster, letting his anger get the better of him.

"Just get to the meaning of this meeting. No more of this treading softly on our emotions. We are a strong family, we will survive."

Dumbledore nodded slowly, his wrinkled fingers steepled together in an almost thoughtful pose.

"That is true. Your family will survive this news. I do not mean to insult you or appear to be protecting any of your delicate sensibilities but there are the thoughts and feelings of two others who perhaps need more protecting than anyone else."

There was a contemplative and confusing silence that followed that half-apology, half-statement. The identity of one of this mysterious twosome was obviously Harry Potter, and except for those already present in Hogwarts, no one else knew of exactly what had transpired during Blaise and Harry's kidnapping.

"Who else are you protecting?" The seventh year Slytherin finally ground out, decidedly angry at the fact that someone else was privy to his shame and guilt and the Headmaster was none too forward about their name.

To the three Zabinis slight surprise, Dumbledore gave Blaise a measured look, as if he were weighing his worth of being a recipient of this knowledge. Whatever the old man was looking for, it could not be said if it had been found or not as Albus Dumbledore's face became unreadable in a flash.

"While you hold many rights, I must, as Headmaster of Hogwarts and close friend of Lily and James Potter, protect the rights of their son, Harry and his unborn child."

Snape has stopped pacing. That seemed to be the only thought Blaise could register as the words sunk in and flitted through his mind. Harry. Child. Harry was having a baby. It was both a blessing and a curse, having such a quick mind. Harry hadn't looked pregnant in June, and must not yet, or Madam Pomfrey would have known what his aliment was sooner. The pieces were connecting in a way that made Blaise physically shudder.

With a hasty 'excuse me', Blaise swept form the Headmaster's office, his mother's cries heard on deaf ears.

Blaise did not run, he was taught not to run from problems, especially problems that could be dealt with using words or subtle scheming. However, the Italian Slytherin could not remember his father ever cautioning his son about the dishonor in hiding.

This couldn't be happening. When he'd first been taken, that day back in March, the fear had taken a hold of his soul again, made it almost impossible to act. Fear was not a good emotion for any Slytherin, but it was horrible for Blaise. He'd frozen and gotten himself kidnapped.

Even though there were no complete memories of what had happened during his imprisonment, Blaise felt all of the emotions again, the fear and the shame that he'd done to someone as innocent and as annoyingly good and pure as Harry Potter was almost unbearable. It was what Lestrange had done to his sister, perhaps not as violent and perhaps not exactly comparable but Blaise felt the guilt every time he looked in those smiling eyes, now more dim and guarded than before.

Now Har- Pot-Harry was pregnant. It had to be his. His child, his heir, his responsibility, his fault! A tangible reminder of his own evil. But an innocent. That was the irony, something so innocent and so pure having been made by an act so cruel and unforgiving.

Blaise had paid no attention to where his feet had lead him until the sound of voices met his ears, startling him into reality. At the end of the corridor, Draco, along with Blaise's two cousins, Andrea and Cristian, were walking, arms swinging in such a carefree manner it sent of flash of jealousy through Blaise's mind.

It vanished as Draco's quick eyes caught sight of his friend.

"Blaise! That was a rather quick meeting with our esteemed Lord of the Light."

Blaise didn't say anything. He just stood in the middle of the corridor, his eyes distant. Andrea and Cristian were at his side before Draco could even process the situation, both De Lucas using diagnosis spells to find their usually calm, cool and collected cousin in a state of shock.

Andrea, the oldest and more experienced De Luca in the fields of Mediwizardry, gently put her hands on the sides of Blaise's head, his dark brown eyes staring intently into his cousin's dark blue gaze.

Cristian was busy casting calming charms while digging through his deceptively tight robes for something. Draco gave them a heated glare.

"What's wrong with him?"

To the passerby, it would sound as though Draco Malfoy was in the belief that it was his two companions' fault that his best friend looked like a zombie, however that was far from the case. Draco just hated being unsure about anything.

Cristian pulled out a vial and handled it to Andrea, who seemed to be speaking softly but forcefully in Italian to his still cousin.

"As far as we can tell, he has just let his emotional shock catch up to him. We've been expecting something like this, now we just need to help him out of it and deal with whatever the problem is."

The blonde Slytherin raised an eyebrow. Emotional shock?

An olive hand made a flitting motion as Cristian thought about his words.

"Just think of this past year. You've seen muggle transport trucks, no?" Draco gave the man a look but nodded. "Well, think of what has happened to Blaise as mud getting thrown at him while he stands on a curb from an 18-wheeler. His first defense is to throw something up to stop the mud, and he does." Another pause and a wave of his hand and Cristian continued. "The trauma happens when the mind takes that mud. Say if Blaise had to throw his hands up to stop it, is scraped off of his hands and then put into an air tight bag and that into an indestructible cauldron, the cauldron into a box, sealed with strong Spellotape, many layers of it actually, then put into a safe, carried into a cave, dropped into a hole inside the cave which is then sealed, surrounded by a moat, Aurors and Do Not Trespass signs."

Draco nodded. He's been avoiding dealing with the situation. Typical Slytherin behavior really. When you can't insult, blackmail or beat your opponent into submission, simply ignore it.

Blaise suddenly jerked and that distant look in his eyes vanished as reality set in. Andrea patted his cheek with a grin.

"How do you feel, Blaise? Headache? Tired? Dizzy?"

Blaise blinked before shaking his head. "Tired, a bit."

Draco sighed before pulling a chocolate frog out of his cloak and handing it to his friend, who took it with a slightly raised eyebrow. Draco scowled.

"The only good thing that bloody werewolf taught us was the useful part of eating chocolate even if Pansy thinks it all goes to her hips."

There was a painfully tense silence as Blaise slowly unwrapped his chocolate treat and sullenly tore off a little bit at a time, eating like a drunk turtle with stiff back muscles.

When Blaise put the last piece into his mouth, he waited for the questions to comes. It was a well-known fact in the Slytherin house that Draco Malfoy was incredibly impatient when he wanted to know something and this would be one of those times.

For what seemed like the hundredth time in the last year, Blaise felt everything he thought he knew about the world was turned on its ear and Draco was silent, simply watching his best friend eat. The four simply stood there and waited. Cristian and Andrea were hoping that Blaise would feel the compulsion to open up about what had caused his episode and Draco knew that bugging his best friend was the surest way to get hexed.

Blaise ran an olive hand through his hair before giving the group a sardonic smile.

"Anyone have a cigar in their cloak as well?"

Cristian waited a breath before answering.

"No, you know smoking is horrible for your health."

Draco snorted but looked at smidge nervous.

"Why the bloody hell do you need a cigar?"

Blaise's answer was not something any of them expected.

"Haven't you heard the news? I'm going to be a father."

-Past Midnight: August 1st-

Barely ten minutes had passed since Harry had woken up when he suddenly interrupted Hermione's monologue.

"Dumbledore's here."

The statement wasn't said in the happiest of voices, but was proven true as the Hospital Wing doors opened and the Headmaster stepped in, smiling grimly at Harry.

"It's wonderful to see you finally awake, my boy."

Harry nodded at the sentiment before cocking his head slightly to the side.

"You have something to tell me."

Dumbledore's nod was grave as he looked at Hermione. Was it odd that Harry could practically smell his guilt and...nervousness?

"Miss Granger, could you please give Harry and myself a moment alone? There are things I must speak with him about."

Hermione actually looked about ready to argue her leaving, but Harry gently put a hand on her arm, stopping whatever she was bound to say.

"I will be fine, Hermione. This is important and I will most likely tell you about it after, anyway. Go get something to eat, I know you haven't eaten since this morning and you have a headache."

Hermione blinked at him and looked ready to open her mouth again before Harry gave her a stern look.

"Go Hermione."

The bushy haired seventh year left, but not without giving her best friend a look that promised trouble. Not too much, he was pregnant after all, but enough to make him slightly irritated.

The door closed with a barely restrained click and silence fell over the room in a thick cloud. Dumbledore was content to sit and wait forever, if it meant delaying this conversation, and Harry knew that. He'd played this game one too many times to not see it for what it was. Harry would have to start the conversation off or risk not getting a straight answer at all.


Dumbledore made a show of being startled before smiling jovially into Harry's eyes and freezing. The young man stared at him, letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he could see right through the older wizard. Perhaps it was time to fess up.

"Do you have any questions Harry?"

Or not.

Harry sighed, giving the old man a disappointed look for once before nodding.

"I'd like to know exactly what happened to me tonight."

The Headmaster nodded once and steepled his fingers together before looking over them at Harry.

"You've heard by now of your friend Ronald's inheritance of his family's gift, no?"

"You know I have," Harry replied, looking a bit like a curious child.

Albus blinked at the image before continuing.

"You've come into your own inheritance. The Gift of Sight. Congratulations are in order."

Harry frowned at him, a bit angered that no one had told him about this before now.

"I'm not a pureblood," he pointed out suddenly, looking skeptical and Dumbledore smiled at him again. That was getting to be highly annoying.

"No, you are not. You are, however, the only Potter alive. That does have an affect on these types of things."

Harry scowled slightly at the response. He always seemed to get the important information after the fact since learning he was a wizard.

"Then why wasn't I ever told of this before today? Some warning would have been nice."

"I was told not to."

That response was not something Harry had expected. Funny, since he was supposed to have the Gift of Sight. "By who?"

Harry had a sinking suspicion that the answer would be a certain wacky teacher of his.

"Sybil Trelawney of course. She'll probably want to have a cup of tea with you later, decaffeinated. It's not good for the baby."

The mention of Harry's current predicament made the cheery light in the older wizard's eyes dim quite a bit. Harry looked down at his sheets, his fists clenching in the material.

"So you know."

There was a silence as Harry felt Dumbledore's gaze on his form, weighing the present him against the boy he knew.

"That is not all I know about your baby."

Bright green eyes looked up into aged blue ones, both displaying an infinite sadness that this miracle would be marred like this.

"I must ask you," Albus continued, his voice soft yet commanding, "to keep an open mind about the series of events I am about to reveal to you."

Harry nodded slowly.

"Do you remember Carmela De Luca?"

He should have expected an interactive explanation, now that he thought about. Harry's eyes narrowed in concentration.

"She was one of the ones to save me and Bl-Zabini? Remind me to thank her and her family for that."

Dumbledore nodded, stroking his beard.

"She will be happy to hear from you. However, in terms of our story, I must inform you that she is an Auror."


The old man smiled. "Indeed. Carmela does seem to get that reaction a lot. She doesn't really look the part." A withered hand was waved. "That is not the point, however. She questioned Peter Pettigrew not long ago, concerning the capture and imprisonment of Mr. Zabini and yourself." There was an expectant pause. "With Veritaserum."

Harry snorted in amusement. Slytherin to the core.

Dumbledore waited, looking grave.

"What she found was disturbing."

Harry swallowed, his breath speeding up with nervousness. He knew that Dumbledore was giving him a moment to back out of the talk, to stop him form knowing, but he had to know. His life had been forever changed, again, and he needed to know why.

"Tell me."

"Voldemort is not immortal." The statement startled Harry for a moment before Dumbledore explained. "While taking your blood during your Fourth Year weakened you to him, it took away all of his safeguards against death as well. It took Tom years to become what he was in the peak of his power. I believe his journey even began within these walls." Those knowing blue eyes took on a far off appearance. "He doesn't have time to try and restore those protections, but the legacy needed to continue." The far away look left Dumbledore's eyes and for the first time, Harry saw a furious rage swirl in them. "Tom decided he needed an heir."

The room swam as those words sunk in. Voldemort needed an heir. Spirits, it was Voldemort's baby he was carrying? The very thought felt wrong to Harry, like it was confused.

"Not my...?" The question trailed off into a shaky breath.

Relief fell like a wave at Dumbledore's shake of his head. Doubts and fears of the baby's, his baby's, paternity lessened at that simple action and some of the tension in Harry's shoulders seemed to fade away.

"Male pregnancies are possible in the wizarding world, but only with complicated potions, ones based in the Dark Arts. There have been a few, ah, 'natural' occurrences over the last millennium and very few reason for their happening."

"So it's not Voldemort's...offspring?" Harry needed verbal confirmation.

"No," Dumbledore said in a reassuring tone. "For some unknown reason, his plans changed not long after he acquire Mr. Zabini. Betrayal, to Tom, is the worst kind of action. That is why he covets loyalty in his servants. He feels as those he has been betrayed by everyone, for all of his life. Revenge would be foremost in his mind."

That made sense to Harry. What didn't make sense was what this had to do with his child.

"Just what does Voldemort wanting revenge have to do with my problem?"

"What have you heard of a Lust Potion? Dumbledore asked, his face unreadable.

Harry looked alarmed.

"No. Should I have?"

"I would have been worried if you had. The Headmaster responded. It is a potion that creates feelings of lust, as the name should tell you. It's an illegal substance, but not very popular to the common criminal because of its easy detection by the authorities. However, it is considered a Dark potion because it takes complete control of the victim's body away form them, leaving their mind whole and conscious." There was a bit of hesitation on the wizard's face before it was covered with a saddening look. "This potion was used on Mr. Zabini."

Things clicked horribly into place for Harry at those words. Hermione once accused him of not being very quick on the up take. He wondered if she would be proud now. It didn't take much thought. Voldemort plans to use him as the...carrier of his heir before he is betrayed by some of his most closest followers. By some stroke of luck on his part, the Dark Lord captures the heir of one of those families and something makes him change his plans.

'This isn't Voldemort's child,' Harry thought, bitterly amused. 'This is Zabini's.'

Dumbledore must have read his silence as shock, because he was quickly trying to explain the situation.

"Blaise was drugged, every second night, with the potion before they would 'let him loose' in your rooms. If you did not conceive, your memories were erased until the next time."

Albus Dumbledore's hands felt warm as they grasped Harry's cold ones, trying to get any kind of reaction from the boy.

"Harry, you must understand that Blaise Zabini had no control over his actions. This potion is all consuming. You are a victim of its power, but so is Blaise. He had to watch as his body-"

"Stop," Harry said suddenly, snapping out of his thoughts, his eyes wide. "Someone is outside the door."

Albus's eyes darted over to see a shadow leaving the small gap under the doors. His wand slipped out from the sleeve of his robes and into his wrinkled hand in the blink of an eye, before the great wizard flicked it hardly.

The doors slammed open, giving the duo a view of the back of a rather familiar sandy blond head.

"Remus, stop!"

The last word was commanded and accompanied with another flick of his wand and a ringing tone that screamed 'magic'.

Remus jerked back a bit before breaking the spell's hold on him and disappearing down a corridor leading to the dungeons. Harry flicked his blankets off his body and jumped to his feet, ignoring the bit of dizziness he felt at moving so fast.

"Sir, please find Bill Weasley. He has some tricky curses up his robes that we might need."

Harry didn't stop to see if Dumbledore would comply with his request before starting off after Remus.

"Harry, don't Remus isn't himself right now."

The Gryffindor shouted over his shoulder as he jogged.

"No, he isn't. He also knows I'm pregnant. I'm the only person he'd let close enough to stun him in this state."

Harry also knew where Remus was heading. That reckless werewolf had run off to the Slytherin Common Rooms to find Blaise Zabini.

Remus Lupin had always been the good one of the Marauders. The calm, reasonable rose between the thorns. Everyone knew that you could count on Remus to be fair and just.

That Remus had been tied up and locked in an airtight box at the moment. Right now Remus Lupin, Moony of the Marauders, was furious.

Someone had hurt Harry. Someone had hurt his cub, his only living pack member, in the worst way imaginable. Someone had to pay.

That someone was Blaise Zabini.

There was a small, very small part of Remus' mind that said he was being foolish, idiotic and reckless by charging after the Slytherin down in unknown territory with his wand ablaze. He was doing everything Snape had always said Gryffindors would do in a situation like this.

The larger part of his mind, taken over my instinct and an unhealthy dose of werewolf, wanted him to hurt the person responsible for Harry's pain in the messiest, most painful way possible, consequences be damned!

For the first time in his life, Remus was thankful for his super powered speed and strength as he reached the stretch of stone wall responsible for hiding the Slytherin Common Room. There, the werewolf hit a problem. He had no idea what the password could be, having been a teacher nearly four years ago.

He was, however, a very good Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and possessed enhanced strength. Amber eyes flashed as rough hands grasped the gap under the stone, hardly anything noticeable, and pulled. Hogwarts seemed to rebel against the raging werewolf before the stone graded together in a crunching sound and the door began the slow slide up into the wall.

Fuzzily, through his anger clouded mind, Remus thought he heard a familiar voice calling his name frantically. Everything but his goal to find Zabini disappeared as the last bit of stone disappeared back into its place behind the wall and the ex-Gryffindor darted into the Common Room.

The wizard recognized four of his former students, frozen in surprise and fear as a fierce growl echoed form Remus' throat. Severus stepped forward, his face pale with fright as well as anger, and scowled.

"Lupin! What is the meaning of this? Have you finally lost you-" The Potions Master was cut off by a vicious, rage filled roar.

Carmela De Luca pulled out her wand. The others followed her lead.

"He's transforming. I know for a fact that there is no full moon tonight. Something has set him off."

Lucius glared at the werewolf harshly.

"If we all use a stunner at the same time, we should be able to take him down before he completes the transformation."

"On three then." Pietro quipped.

"One..." Antonio Zabini said, keeping his eyes on the man-beast in front of him.

Remus' eyes caught sight of Blaise's face from behind the sea of bodies before him. He tensed.

"Two..." Narcissa whispered, slowly drawing her wand back.

"THREE!" Ten stunners hit Remus hard in the chest as he leapt into the air. His body curved, much like Sirius Black's had that night two years ago, before slamming against the stone wall on the far side of the Common Room.

There was a tense silence as, to the amazement of the witches and wizards in the room, Remus Lupin slowly staggered to his feet. He looked dazed, but if anything, madder than ever. He lurched towards the group when that familiar voice made him stop.


Harry Potter stood in the entrance of the Slytherin Common Rooms, looking a bit peaky but healthy nonetheless.

Something flashed in those amber eyes as they took in Harry's form before, Remus turned back towards the group and took another step in their direction. The werewolf's fingers had already transformed into claws, as well as his ears and teeth into their animal counterpart. Harry surged into the room, making sure to create a lot of noise, to keep Remus' attention on himself instead of the group of Slytherins.

"Remus, stop this now! You don't know the whole story!"

The ex- Defense teacher growled at Harry's interference.

"Down, Cub," came the hoarse command. Harry did the opposite and took another large step closer, making Remus hiss at him.

"No Moony. I don't listen to you. Down, back away from them."

Someone moved in the group, diverting Remus' attention back to the Slytherins. The wizard's grin was animalistic as he stalked forward a bit more. He stopped suddenly as Harry's shoe connected with his head.

Yellow eyes glowed as they regarded the only member of their pack.

"Learn your place, Cub."

"Or what?" Harry spat, thoroughly irritated himself. "Are you going to hurt me Remus? Are you going to hurt James' son?"

A hairy, gnarled claw flashed in the firelight as it pointed towards the Slytherins.

"He hurt you! He has to be punished!"

The green eyed teen's voice was cutting. "You've been gone since my return, Remus. You know nothing about the situation! Instead you run off and start something reckless and stupid. Every bit the Gryffindor, aren't you? Sirius would be proud."

That last sentence, uttered in an almost silent whisper, made the tense wizard sway suddenly, as if he'd just been released form invisible cords.


Harry Potter's face was unreadable as he looked at the last link to his father and godfather and breathed an apology before stunning the man with the wand no one had noticed he had in his hand before then. Remus's body hit the floor like a sack of potatoes, the noise echoing in the room as Harry simply stood there and realized he'd just put himself into a room full of Blaise Zabini's nearest and dearest.

Oh, bugger.

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