Title: Inside Me.

Synopsis: 'They're inside me. They don't know it but they are' River is trying to hide from the crew. Post BDM. 200 word drable.

Rating: Nothing.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am not cool enough…

A/N: Inspired by 'Objects in Space'. And also slightly by the movie.

They're inside me. They don't know it but they are. They all are. My crew, my family.

They climb inside and then they never leave. Each wrapped up in there own emotions, each wrapping me with them.

Mal, Inara dancing around each other, all the things they don't say speaking louder than the things they do. Their dancing makes me dizzy.

Kaylee and Simon burning with all the things they were doing and thinking, so bright and hot it can burn me.

Zoe and Wash. Wash still here. Here in Zoe's silence, her hollow silence that sometimes comes frighteningly upon me threatening to engulf me in a despair too dark too survive.

And then there's Jayne. Drinking, womanising, cleaning guns, trying constantly to hide his feelings, make out he is a fearsome Grizzly when he is really a cuddly teddy too afraid that no one will like him that way.

They are here and they won't leave. I wonder the ship looking for a place to be they ain't but I can't run, can't hide.

Because they are inside me, and what's worse is all they're secrets inside me.

Even the one's who have gone. They are here. Inside me...