Hey this is before the movie and because it didn't focus too much on the father Roy I have this is his life, please review.

I'll start with a little about myself; I'm old, poor and single. Not a good combination.

I had it all once a perfect wife beautiful girl and lost it all.

Me and my wife never had much money but loved each other to death so when we found out she was pregnant we were over the moon with joy.

Little Sara was due on the 8th of the 8th 1985.

What a year everything was great, until we realised Lindsay quit her job, which means we cut off half our funds.

it worked for a while Sara, turned 3 and all Lindsay wanted was for her to be juts like she was a prima ballerina she had to go to the best school in America which meant the most expensive in America.

Our house was paid off so we had water, food, electricity, and that was all we spent our money on the rest was for Sara's dance classes.

My job didn't give us enough money so we bought a few candles, and cut off the electricity, then the food cut down, really down. I worked longer hours and Sara had know clue what we were sacrificing for her. Our sanity, which we lost pretty soon, I came home from work had just enough time to eat and a few hours sleep, then had to go back again which Lindsay wasn't happy about the fights,they were severe we knew it was coming to an end.

Lindsay wanted to sacrifice everything, including her self respect, our marriage and her reputation and she did and lost it all. She slept with on of Sara's male dance teachers to get cheaper classes; he told her she would get them for free if his friends could join in too. She slept with them one after another just for Sara.

one night she was really late home so I went down to see what she was doing, to check she was ok and I found them all around her, it broke me up inside, more pain than words can explain.

I couldn't bare to look at Sara because she was so much alike her so I packed and moved to Chicago.

my life started all over again I got in a band which I always wanted to do I played and got 3 times the amount I was getting back home. I had friends, I even started dating again my life was the way I wanted it until 13 years later I got a call saying my wife was dead she died in a car accident, and they wanted me to pick up Sarah from the train station. She was to be living with me. My life changed all over again that night.

Now ill start with what it was that killed Sara's mum.