But… Athens

"So I got the tickets," Blaise drawled casually, lounging back onto the chaise- long. He stretched his legs out with a sigh and deliberately let his burly black hair fall over his eyes. Oh he looked damn good.

Hermione squealed and ran over to him, launching herself onto the chaise- long. Blaise's eyes widened as he felt his girlfriend on top of him squirming as her hands were suddenly all over him.

"I didn't know you'd be that pleased," he drawled as her hands found his (very nice) posterior.

"I am searching for the tickets," Hermione replied primly, not even pausing to look at him. "Ah ha!" She pulled an envelope for his trousers pocket and wrenched it from under him. Grinning happily she swung herself of Blaise so she was perched primly on the edge of the chez long.

"Treviso here I come," and she ripped the envelope open, before wrenching out two tickets. Her face dropped as she read the printed details

"Timbuktu?" he let the envelope fall to her knees and turned to stare at Blaise. She looked Crestfallen; her face had gone very pale.

"Treviso, Blaise. Not Timbuktu! I know they both start with 'T', maybe I wasn't clear enough…" she drifted off faintly.

"Well," Blaise propped himself up on his elbows and took one of Hermione's shaking hand's in his. "We can go to Italy whenever, my family are all there, that's no problem. So I thought, hey, why not give my favourite girl an adventure?" Hermione looked stonily at him. "Safari!" Blaise clarified, waving his free hand in midair.

Hermione stared.

"With lions, tigers, er… kangaroos-"

"Birds?" Hermione asked suddenly. She looked anxiously a Blaise, eyes shining with excitement.

"Er-" he looked at face and smiled, "yeah, really big colourful ones, like…. Huge. As big as… Draco's magazine pile." He nodded emphatically as Hermione smiled happily.

"Well, as long as there's birds, and she leaned down to hug him, kissing him repeatedly on the cheek. Blaise grinned and captured her mouth kissing her softly.

"Not now," her breathed and abruptly pulled up, jumping to her feet. "I have to pack!" she declared brightly. Blaise grinned up at her,

"Italy next time, okay?"

Hermione stared, "Athens? Who ever said anything about Athens?"

Blaise sighed at her short attention span, "My mother makes a mean apple pie, she sent one yesterday but they're bet warm. Try some, it's in the fridge."

Hermione frowned and shot a glance at the kitchen, "No it isn't."

He was in so much pain. And she could have prevented it.

"It is, I saw it," Blaise said confusedly.

"No," Hermione looked at her feet, "it isn't." Blaise stared at her in silence for several seconds before jumping to his feet. She let out a scream and bolted for the stairs.

"How could you have eaten all of it!" he demanded, chasing her by shrieks and yells.

"Well it would have been alright if we were still going to Treviso," and she slammed herself in her bedroom.


A/N: For sushinase, who wanted Hermione/Blaise, Timbuktu, apple pie and a BIG BIG bird