Greenhouse One

Luna smiled placidly and reached a hand over towards the nearest plant pot. Yes, these would do nicely, she decided, laying them next to her on the bench. Perhaps it was because she was humming under her breath, or contemplating what to do with her flowers that she did not hear the person enter greenhouse one. It was only when she heard footsteps and saw the person pick up her trowel that she registered she was not alone. Raising her eyes, Luna contemplated the person opposite her. He was tying up an apron and frowning in the general direction of the flower pots.

"Hello," said Luna vaguely, and she went back to listening to the orchestra in her head. When after several seconds there was no answer Luna looked back up at the person opposite her. His white blonde hair flopped over his face as he leaned over a large purple plant, frowning.

"Did you not hear me?" Luna asked curiously, and the boy looked up. She then recognised him to be Draco Malfoy. He had a nice colour of eyes she registered vaguely…

"I did," he replied curtly, and shoved Luna's trowel into his plant pot, frowning.

"Alright then" and Luna went back to her pot, picking yet more flowers from it.

"What are you doing?" he asked, with the air of someone talking to a particularly obtuse toddler.

"Picking daisies," Luna replied happily, "why, would you like one?" she stretched out her hand to him, expectantly.

"I'm good, thanks," he sneered, and went back to glowering at his plant. Luna shrugged. She supposed the flowers were an acquired taste.

She went back to her humming, and placed the flowers in a small piece of paper, wrapping them into a bouquet and securing them with a wave of her wand. Lovely. They would look so nice on her desk, something pleasant when looking up from her homework.

She took off her apron and hung it behind her, not giving Draco a look. She walked too the door and pulled it open, but looked back before she walked out.

"If you want the pods you have to immobilise the plant first."

Luna didn't hear his sneer as she shut the door.

A/N: For Megan, who wanted Luna, Draco and daisies