Nightmare on Regent Park

"But this is Baker Street," Hermione said irritably, snatching her underground map off Theo. He tutted and stared around at the walls and up the busy escalator.

"It's Regent's Park!" Theo muttered, as he was jostled by the passing crowds. Men and women in suits with blank expressions, or else reading newspapers while tutting at occasional headlines. Theo and Hermione standing at the foot of the escalators looked like the tourists they were.

"No, we just went past Regent's Park, this is Baker Street," Hermione said, staring fixedly at her map. "Well come on," she said with a sigh, folding it and tucking it into her coat pocket. Let's head for the exit and work from there. Hermione pulled his elbow and stepped onto the escalator. Theo followed with a shriek as moved.

"Oh please tell me you've been on an escalator before," Hermione drawled. Theo shook his head quickly and stood next to Hermione, clutching her elbow in an iron grip.

"'xcuse me," a voice grunted from behind. They turned and stared; a middle aged, sleepy looking man in a suit was standing behind Theo.

"Sorry," Hermione said sweetly, pulling Theo into line behind her. The man grunted and hurried past up the left hand side of the escalator.

"What was that for?" Theo asked faintly, a hand on his chest.

"Stay to the right, people have places to be," Hermione muttered behind her, barely restraining a giggle.

"Muggles," Theo mumbled and he closed his eyes tightly, trying to avoid the moving sensation. Spots erupted in front of his eyes as he pushed his hands to his closed eyelids, making sure to keep his breaths even. A few seconds later Hermione's voiced floated into his ears, which felt slightly cotton wool filled.

"Step," she commanded briskly. Blindly, eyes still closed Theo stepped. His left foot hit solid ground, his right following. He let out a sigh of relief and swayed slightly on the spot. He waited a second before taking his hands from his eyes and allowed Hermione to drag him too one side.

"Eugh," he commented, furiously rubbing at his eyes. Hermione's beaming face swam before him.

"Now wasn't that fun, Ted?" he grunted.

"Come on, Dumbledore's expecting us," and she began walking into the crowd headed for the exit. Theo followed her, still bleary, attempting to walk straight.

"Oh my," Hermione gasped a minute later. She was staring straight ahead of her. Theo peered round her shoulder and wrinkled his nose in disgust a second later. There was a homeless man, peeing in the corner of the station. Theo snorted disdainfully and steered Hermione slightly away. She had gone faintly green in the face. Theo thought it slightly strange none of he other commuters seemed at all perturbed.

Hermione said nothing for the remainder of their walk, and took several deep gulps of fresh air when they arrived on safe ground. Theo grinned and pointed at a sign to their left.

"Oh look, Regent Park station,"

A/N: For fionuir, who wanted Hermione/Theo, on the tube