Yellow Flowers

Luna lifted her eyes to the sky and smiled gently to herself. It would be raining soon. She'd better hurry up. Leaning down she carried on her task of collecting seemingly every flower in the area. But only the yellow ones. She picked on gradually, humming to herself contentedly; the weather was beautiful while it was lasting. It wasn't until a few minutes of picking later that Luna became aware of some noises behind her. The gentle crunch of grass in summer, the shifting of somewhat tentative feet.

"Hello Neville," Luna muttered, as she carefully picked another yellow flower, this a dandelion. She heard as small cough as her eyes swept carefully through the nearby bluebells.

"How, how did you know it was me?" Neville Longbottom's slightly uneasy voice replied.

Luna kept on searching, not answering Neville, a second later her eyes found a yellow flower slightly to her left and she plucked it delightedly. Tongue between her teeth she turned, adding the flower to her now substantial bouquet.

"I think these are nice," she smiled gently at Neville's slightly confused look. "I could tell, Harry's quieter and it wasn't Hermione or Ronald because they're still at dinner."

Neville didn't say anything but opened his mouth blankly, his eyes now rising up to Luna's face. Luna smiled serenely. He'd totally forgotten his question. She looked down at her array of flowers, some with leaves still attached and other looking slightly damaged, she lowered herself onto the grass floor and crossed her legs; not before casting a look at the still brilliantly clear sky.

"You can sit," she said quietly, not looking up at Neville through her careful critique of her bouquet. There was a slight rustle and a second later Neville awkwardly crossed his legs next to her straightening his robes. He didn't say anything for a moment, but his eyes strayed to the small bouquet which Luna was sorting so meticulously.

"Why yellow?" he asked curiously, clasping his hands neatly in front of him.

"Well," Luna began airily, "if it's going to rain then we want to keep some sunshine."

Neville stared at her as she hummed what sounded like a Christmas Carol. In summer.

"But it's really sunny," he said awkwardly, indicating the clear sky with a gentle wave of his hand. Luna peered up, sighed slightly and went back to her flowers.

Nothing was said in the gentle shade for several minutes, Luna kept on sorting her flowers, her fingers growing steadily dirtier and Neville fiddled with his robe, shooting her curious looks every so often. After a time Neville was aware of a rain drop on his face, a sudden coolness to the previously warm summer air. He lifted his eyes to Luna and silently wiped the rain-drop away.

Luna smiled and stood up, dusting off her skirt gently, before addressing Neville.

"I told you we'd be needing the flowers."

A/N: For Beth (booknerdguru- one of the first members of the HMS Overworked and Underappreciated Hr/B) who wanted Luna andNeville.