King of the World

By: KaitlynRose72

Post Scarecrow

Disclaimer: I don't own supernatural.


'So if we're going to do this, we're going to do it together.'

Those words played through Dean's head over and over as he drove down the country road that currently led to no where. Yeah, he had teased Sam playfully for the chick-flick moment, but Sam would never know how hard it had been for Dean to keep his stoic straight face and keep the emotions threatening to overwhelm him at bay.

Unlike times in the past, however, when anger or hurt or fear had gripped him, this time the emotions consuming him were happy ones. Even now he had this stupid smirk on his face that he couldn't seem to make go away. Sammy was back. His Sammy was back and even better he wasn't planning on leaving him any time soon.

Okay, so maybe he was 'Sam' and not Sammy, and Dean knew better than to think Sam was all done pouting about things and just following orders blindly, or that his baby brother was all done complaining and bitching about life in general, but Dean didn't care. The simple truth of the matter is that was what made Sam who he was, and Dean loved him for it, even if he did call him a bitch to his face when he acted that way.

Dean chanced a glance at Sam and saw that he too was smiling as he looked out the window at the scenery flying by. Sam's shoulders were relaxed, and the tension he had been carrying for the past few weeks seemed gone.

Dean felt the same. For the first time in about six months there was no hostility, no anger, no feeling of walking on egg shells between them, only a sense of peace that they would face whatever came their way, and they would do it together. They were family, they were all each other had left in the world, and they would never turn their back on the other ever again.

Dean knew that if Jess was alive Sam would be with her right now instead of him, and he realized that he didn't hold that against Sam any longer. Maybe Dean was door number 2, but since door number 1 was gone forever it was a bit of a mute point. If anything, Dean felt more secure in his relationship with Sam than he had in years. They had fought. Everything that had been between them was now out on the table, albeit because of fucking shape shifters and mad psycho doctors, but it was now out in the open regardless. They had even abandoned each other, but their bond had been stronger than all of that. Sam had come back, had even saved his ass, but Dean knew he would have come up with a plan eventually. Well, he probably would have, that is.

Dean popped a tape in the player and turned up the volume. He looked at Sam and his baby brother gave him a look to which Dean shrugged his shoulders and turned the volume up a little more. He had his music, he had his car, he had Sam, and he knew Dad was alive. What more could he possibly need? Leonardo DiCaprio didn't know shit. Dean Winchester was the fucking king of the world.