A Place Long Forgotten: Chapter 1 – Decisions

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As I rested my head on my front paws and let one of my hind legs dangle over the top of the roof of my parents cave, where I happened to be lounging, I only had one thought…It was terribly hot outside. I lifted my head to give a long yawn and had a brief view of my surroundings. I was about to lay my head back down when something caught my eye. A white figure was racing up the hill towards my house. At first I couldn't figure out who it was but as it came into my view I started to wag my tail with happiness. My friend Abha, an Absol of great beauty, was making the final steps to get up the hill to get to the cave entrance.

I lifted my dangling leg up to hide myself as she came in front of the cave mouth. She pouted slightly when she realized no one was home. She turned to leave and I got into a pouncing position. When her back was fully turned to me I yelled, "Hey Abha!"

She turned back around in time to see me pounce on top of her laughing.

"Derak!" she cried out "That wasn't funny!"

Still laughing I replied, "Hah! You have no sense of humor Abha."

She was the epitome of beauty; she could make a bed of roses look ugly in comparison. We were born in the same week along with four others and were good friends. However since we were of the age where Absols start considering who to take as their mate I had to admit to myself that I may have some feeling other then friendship towards her.

I was brought out of my daydream with a playful smack to the head.

"Come on why are you just sitting and being lazy. Let's go do something." She said while pointing with her scythe to down the hill.

"It's to hot. Come on look at this full mane of mine, it's meant for doing stuff when its colder out, well that and protection from fatal injuries, but I simply overheat in the summer." I said in a showing off way.

I received another smack to the head.

"So we'll go swimming at the waterhole. Now let's GO." She was getting impatient and started walking down the hill, but then turned around and the very words I dreaded came from her mouth.

"Well fine. If you're not coming I'll just ask Wasaki." She said while still walking away.

In alarm I jumped up, there was no way I was letting my rival get to spend time with Abha, whom he also had affections for, when she asked me first.

"Wait I was just being stupid, I'm coming, swimming is great!" I said running after her slight lead.

She laughed and started to run. Not one to pass up a challenge I accept her offer for a race to the waterhole.

After splashing around for a while we crawled up on land and decided to dry our fur in the sun. Side by side and sprawled out on our backs, one of us would occasionally comment on something but most of the time we just let the silence take over. But it wasn't awkward in the least we were most comfortable with each other when we were silent it seemed.

"It just feels so right when I'm alone with her. She's the one I want to take as my mate when the time comes." I thought to myself while sighing out loud.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked kindly, looking over at me and smiling.

Returning the smile I replied, "Nothing."

She turned on her side and poked me with a clawed paw, "Come on, what are you thinking Derak?" She asked again.

"Well its just…" I started to say when all of the sudden a cold drawling voice rang out.

"Hello there you two, what could you possibly be doing without my wonderful presence?"

I clenched my teeth, "Hello Wasaki." I said bitterly. Stupid bastard, how dare he interrupt my moment with Abha.

Grinning coldly at me he then turned his attention to Abha, the cold smile was replaced with a smooth grin. "Hi Wasaki." she said, "Sorry we never found you, we were just racing and forgot." she smiled apologetically at him.

Jealousy started to creep into my veins. "He doesn't deserve your apology." I thought to myself, "He's a scumbag. He only likes you for your looks."

"Well that's ok Abha. No harm done. What say we go hunting together now that I'm here?"

He wasn't actually referring to all three of us. He was only referring tom Abha. Pah I'll be damned if I let him alone with you, Abha. A cold grin of my own came to my face when I thought of this.

"Why that's a great idea Wasaki why don't the THREE of us go to the edge of the forest to see if we can find some Rattata?" I said, while gloating to myself as his eyebrows rose.

Not wanting to look bad in front of Abha he grudgingly said, "Alright, lets go."

The three of us turned to the direction of the forest on the south border of our pack grounds when a fourth Absol called out to us.

"Wait you three!" a slightly older Absol called out. It was my father Ragnar, the Alpha male. My parents were the pack Alphas. "Apparently there's a Nidoking who's wandering around terrorizing stray pokemon very close-by. I heard from the other Absol pack that lives east from here. I'm gathering capable Absols to be guards." he paused for a moment. "You three are exceptional at fighting and battling so I'm going to ask that Abha go meet up with Tacey and go stand guard if you see anything out of the ordinary and Wasaki go with Sacha same thing goes for you."

They both nodded and ran off in different directions probably following their partners scents. Sacha and Tacey were another male and female born within the same week as Wasaki, Abha and I. It was well known that the two would be probably be mates.

I turned to my father. I wanted to be just like him so badly when I became Alpha male. He was a wise and strong leader. "What should I do?" I asked him.

He smiled. "Why Derak you'll be with me, besides I need to talk to you about something."

I smiled back and we ran together towards the main entrance to the pack grounds.

The entrance was a rocky path with cliffs on either side, Dad figured that this would be the most likely way the rogue Nidoking would come in, if he did at all. It was just more of a precaution that everyone keep guard, if the Nidoking did come in the pair of Absols keeping guard would quickly react, one would remain hidden while the other runs for reinforcements. A small effective group of Absols could easily drive out a Nidoking. But I was more focused on the talk he had mentioned earlier. Excitement filled me; I had feeling that this talk was going to be about leadership. I loved it when he told me the ways of a leader, I was so proud to have a father like him.

"So what did you want to talk about Dad?" I questioned.

"Well it's about this fantasy of yours; you know the one of becoming a warrior." He said.

An "oh," was all I could manage. Warriors were pokemon who had reached level 40 through rigorous training and hard work. It was my dream to reach that level and beyond, but in order to do that I would have to leave the pack grounds for awhile. I would never reach that level here, there's nothing to battle and gain experience with.

"You see Derak the only reason I am a warrior is because stronger wild pokemon used to live around these parts and fighting was a part of daily life. Things have changed because any threats to the pack were pushed out of the grounds. And to leave, it's just not responsible you're the first-in-line Alpha male and if anything happens to you I don't have an heir or a fantastic son." He gave my head a little nudge with his nose. He continued speaking.

"Besides you're already the highest level of your age everyone else is what. Maximum level 22 and you're a level 29, that's plenty strong for an Alpha-to-be besides it'll go up some more. Who knows you might even still become a warrior. It will just take a couple years." He smiled at me. I guess he was right he knew a lot more about life than me.

"Alright Dad, I won't become a warrior. While I'm young anyways, when I have an heir I'll leave him or her in charge and go off and train." I returned his smile, but my face fell into a suspicious look when I noticed his sly smile.

"What?" I asked.

"Will that be when you and Abha finally admit you're both madly in love with each other?" He asked laughingly, while pushing me off balance slightly.

Scowling and blushing beneath my fur I pushed him back, "That's not funny!" I howled. He was amused by me and still laughing pinned me on my back. Not wanting to be shown up I started to fight back and we did that for awhile laughing and play fighting. Finally we were out of breath and sat down.

Batting me in the head he said, "You'll make an alright warrior someday kid."

I once again blushed but this time from his praise and was about to respond when something caused both our ears to prick. His fur started to stand on end and on silent feet he moved past the entrance.

"Dad!" I hissed at him, "What are you doing?"

He shushed me and stood completely still for a minute and then turned to me, "Wait here son, I'm going to go investigate. Don't follow me."

I started to protest but he once again shushed me and said, "Promise you won't follow?"

Sighing I nodded in agreement. He nodded back, "Good. I'll be back."

He ran off and I whispered a "Be careful." but I don't know if he heard me or not...he was already 20 yards away, but it looked like he paused, for a split second.

He was gone for a fifteen minutes before I started to become hungry. I knew I'd be fine and he would come back soon but when he didn't another fifteen minutes I felt like I was dying from hunger pains. I had to find something. So I left to go look for a meal.

I had been hunting for five minutes, I was out of seeing range of the entrance but not hearing range incase my father returned. A sudden cry for help pierced through the air and like a flash I was off towards the entrance. I approached the now silent entrance and called out to my Dad. I picked up his scent and followed it for about five meters past the entrance when I saw him. He was lying on his side un-moving.

With my breath caught in my throat I approached him. "Dad?"

No answer.

I nuzzled his mane and head. "C'mon Dad wake up." Still no answer. The tears came to my eyes. I had failed him, completely and miserably.

I started to sob, I don't know how long for but I did. Into my fallen fathers fur. When I had calmed down, I looked around at the surroundings. The cursed Nidoking's tracks lead the opposite way of the pack grounds. Rage filled me and I gave a howl of pain. To think that my father had sacrificed himself in vain. The damn thing was still alive.

I started to cry out for help. I couldn't find the strength to take him back myself.

Abha and Tacey found us first. Abha ran up to nuzzle my cheek but I could barely return it. I clutched his body tighter as more pack members arrived. Finally my mother Sahiba arrived, tears streamed down her face when she saw her dead mate.

"Derak what happened?" She whispered. She was in a state of shock.

I couldn't lie about what happened. That was a very insult to my father. I told the whole truth, my foolishness was now common knowledge.

She looked at me with eyes that made my heart feel like it wouldn't feel happiness again. Those eyes looked hurt and betrayed, suddenly a look of anger filled them and she raised her paw and struck me hard across the face.

I stood in shock. But then went low to the ground in shame. She snarled.

"You foolish boy, how could you do a stupid thing such as this? HOW?" I flinched as she raised her paw again but made no motion to stop her, I deserved it. But her paw never touched my face that time. She had lowered it and with tears freely flowing down her face she ran off towards our home.

I didn't move. I just lay there, as some other Absols began to move my fathers body, as Wasaki and Abha walked up to my form.

"You killed the Alpha, you do realize that don't you Derak?" Wasaki snarled at me, "Now all we're stuck with is a stupid moron." He then ran off.

Abha stared at me but my eyes didn't reach her gaze. I was afraid the look she was giving me would tell me what I didn't want to know.

She was there for what seemed like a long while, this time the silence between us was unbearable. Finally she turned to leave, after giving me one last glance she turned and ran towards her cave. I think the silence told everything, she would probably never take a foolish idiot to be a mate. I had disappointed her.

But something else was realized. I was now friendless, my mother hated me, and the one I had my heart set on would most likely no longer want me. I had nothing left here.

I ran back to my cave for one last time.

My mother was sleeping when I arrived. I walked up and gave her a lick on the head. I could never live up to my father. I wasn't needed here, they were much better off without me.

I turned and ran as fast as I could to the entrance to put as much distance between myself and this place as possible.

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