Title: What if Rose Hadn't Died?

Rating: K+

DISCLAIMER: I do not, nor will I ever (no matter how much I dream about it) own Redwall or any part of it (unfortunately, Brian Jacques does. Some people are just lucky I guess). It just goes to show you that wishes don't come true.

Chapter 1- Going Home

The battle of Marshank was over, and the sun was setting slowly on the backs of the retreating victors. Martin, Rose, and brome lead the large band of newly freed slaves in the direction of Noonvale. Martin and Rose had their arms about each other as they walked, and they were both thinking the same thing- It's over! They smiled lovingly at each other, and Martin called a halt in a clearing where they would have their evening meal and camp for the night.

The next morning was bright and cheerful, and everybeast was in high good spirits. The going was fairly easy and Rose and Brome were excited to be going home again. Martin and Rose lead the party, paws linked.

Days passed, and the Fur and Freedom party stopped to visit the pigmy shrew tribe and, of course Polleekin, who was still alive and well (and perfectly happy to admit that her vision of Rose had been all wrong). (A/N: I know that the actual vision was never told, but I think that's what we all know it was about, right?) The party continued to walk through the marshes with the Warden, and they stopped in Boldred's cave for a few days before moving on. Then the wonderful evening came when the crested the final hill, and they saw Noonvale below with a welcoming party coming out to meet the returning victors.

A feast was declared by Urran Voh to celebrate the safe return of his children. There was music, singing, dancing, and vast amounts of wonderful victuals. Most of the former slaves cried when they saw such happiness and kindness, for most of them had been born into slavery, and they knew nothing but grueling labor and the pain of the lash against their flesh in the hot sun.

Once Martin and Rose had eaten their fill, they leapt out onto the dance floor and did not let go of each other until Urran stood up and called for quiet. When the din had died down, he spoke. "Good creatures of Noonvale, tonight we celebrate those who came back to us victorious from the great battle of Marshank, and I am so very grateful that my children were among those returning, but I would like you all to participate in a moment of silence to remember those who were not fortunate enough to be able to return home to their families."

In the intense hush that followed, Brome thought of Felldoh, and he brushed tears from his eyes before anyone noticed. Brome missed his brave friend very much, and he really wished that Felldoh could have been here to see his beautiful home and to enjoy all of the festivities. Brome was glad when the hubbub broke out again, and nearby he could hear Ballaw still enjoying the food, and praising it extravagantly.

"Oh, I say, jolly good food, this, eh wot. You mouse types really know how to treat famished fighters!" Brome was glad that the Rosehip Players were enjoying his home. Brome suddenly decided that he needed some air; he got up from the table. At the same time, he saw Martin and Rose leave the hall together.

So, can you guess what's going to happen on this beautiful, romantic night? What will Brome witness? How will it change everyone's life? Read my next chapter (coming soon, I hope) to find out!