Rebecca Donaldson smoothes down her amber hair. It had been combed carefully into two braids for her first day out of the orphanage.

Sister Mary Calgon had bought her a new pink skirt for the occasion.

It was pink gingham, with lacy edges.

Her old roomates, Clara and Deandra had admired her skirt.

'Ditch the moon thing though Beckth.' Deandra had said, her lisp sounding sad in the silence.

Rebecca draped her cardigan around her shoulder, cold in the pale Michigan dawn.


Serena was out. Again.

She had cut classes.

Jimena wished she had gone with her.

Catty leaned back in her chair.

Jimena could tell she was itching to hop time.

'Tweaking' Catty called it.

Their teacher was being even more aburrido each day.

'You. Girl leaning back in chair. What is your name again? Stop that.' Mr. Mead said in the same tone of voice.

'Myyyyyy naaammmmeee iiiissss Caaaatttyyyyyy. Suuuuuuurrreeee Iiiii'lllll sttooooopp.' She said, mimicking Mr. Mead's droning tone of voice.

Titters spread around the classroom.

'Detention Girl.' He sniffed.

Catty slumped out of the classroom, imitating Mr. Mead's style of walk.

Everyone laughed.

As she left, the watch hands on her watch moved backwards.

'Ella es Loca.' Jimena muttered, clutching her amulet.



Serena stared at the fire.

The crackling sound made her slowly drift off.

When she woke up, she was imprisoned in a stone basin,

a pool

of what is the sands of time.

The silence was deafening.

She stumbled over her own feet,

and dropped on the paved, bare, ground.

It was surprisingly warm.

She sucked in her breath as she felt a hand snap over her mouth.

She tried to channel her power, but fear channeled through her instead.

She tried to bite down on the hand, but it gripped her mouth harder, and the other hand slipped around her throat.

She fought to breathe, and she kicked harder.

'Did you miss me?' The words flashed lazily over her mind.

It was last thing she heard,

before she blacked out.

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