Chapter 3

Jimena was walking down the road to her Grandma's house. As she turned, she still caught the looks of those who still respected her, and those who had forgotten that she had even existed.

She felt rather alone, walking by herself. This had never bothered her before. She had always known that vatos, zorras y rameras alike would respect her, without the help of her homegirls.

But today, she missed the familiar company of her best friend, Serena, even her own aura of fear and respect wasn't enough to make her feel good. She missed the familiar company of her second best friend, Tianna, she missed Catty, she missed Vanessa, she missed Collin, she even missed Payasa, although she was starting to annoy Jimena with her obsessive homegirls.

The instant she turned the sidewalk, she knew something was going to happen. She had become used to the feeling that was happening.

She spaced out, and the odd feeling was coming. A premonition.

She was being detached from her thoughts, and her eyes slid out of focus.

In her premonition, a lovely blonde woman was lightly touching Jimena with her hands.

She rose, taller than all of the other goddesses.

She swirled up taller, and she became the colour of pale cream silk.

She saw herself swirling up into the deep blue sky, and disappearing.

But in the middle of the premonition, it was clouded by green and black , with red letters flashing across her mind.

'The End Is Near'

And that scared Jimena even more than being alone.

Because, somehow, her visions always came true.


Somehow, Catty managed to focus her power enough to zap the hand of the person whose hand rested across her mouth. She sucked in a few lungsfuls of air, before wrenching her elbow into her attacker's gut.

She turned around, and saw the pale,distortedface of her attacker.

The smooth, white scars just above her breasts, where the cleavage was just below her collarbone, read STA, with a small line drawn through it.

It was Cassandra.

Serena lay there helplessly wandering around the deep tunnel.

Every smooth step she took was enough to make her shake.

'Ow.' She cursed as she slid on the floor.

It was the "follower" place.

Only those with the gift of time travel could enter it, and only briefly, unless held captive.

But Serena had been invited, into this dark tunnel.

She had been welcomed. The Atrox always admired traitor Goddesses.

Vanessa paced her room nervously, fingering the new belly-button pierce Catty had made her get.

Now she was stuck with a big hole in her stomach, and Catty wasn't even there to back her up when her Mother threw a "hissy fit".

She could hear Tianna announcing it now.

'Vanessa Cleveland, most popular girl at La Brea High, removed from school! See Tianna Moore and Catty Turner for details.'

She'd always disliked Tianna.

Catty was always dividing her precious time between Vanessa and Tianna.

And Tianna liked the tunnel.


Vanessa brought her watch to her face. She'd syncronized it with Catty's three nights ago.

It was 7:30.

Catty, Tianna, Serena and Jimena were supposed to arrive to go to Vanessa's Mom designing "gallery".

'Figures.' Vanessa whispered. She knew they wouldn't come.

A faint ringing came from her backpack.

Groaning, Vanessa unzipped the bag.

Her pink rhinestone-encrusted cellphone was vibrating and ringing.

She flipped it open.

'Hello?' She answered.

'It's Jimena! On the corner of --------and 5th. HURRY! Don't call police! Vanessa! I know w-----------------' The line went dead.

Vanessa gasped slowly.

She was about the shut her phone and bound off when the Text Message ring rang.








Vanessa moaned.

Catty was gone, Jimena had been cut off, and she had no idea where she was.

And to top it all off, it was Tianna who she had to work with.

Probably alongside her stupid boyfriend Derek.

And there was no Michael to help her.