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Chapter 12

Yugi felt a pull on his soul and knew that he had been heard.

"Jou if I don't see you again, thanks for everything. You were one of the best friends I ever had." He said his voice sounding weak as his soul was drawn away.

"Yug, what ya mean 'if I don't see you again'? Yug, YUGI!" Jou shouted as his small friend collapsed on the bed his body now devoid of its soul. Jou shook him knowing it was hopeless but doing it anyway.

"Yug, please wake up pal." Jou said but it was no good Yugi was gone and Jou was left behind to mourn the loss of his best friend as well as Atemu.

Anobi waited and saw a form begin to take shape. It grew solid and took the shape of Yugi.

"So little Yugi, you wanted to talk to me and here you are so talk." Anobi said.

"Well first of all who exactly are you?" Yugi said looking round him curiously at the cavern. Where were they in the afterlife? This didn't look a very pleasant place to be, it was eerie.

"My name is Anobi. Welcome to hell." He said with an evil grin.

"Hell?" Yugi whispered.

"Yes hell. I sent my servant Sulchi here to bring Atemu with the promise of returning to the real world in return for selling his soul to me. He fell for it and I was able to use him as you saw."

"You're evil Anobi."

"Yes aren't I?" Anobi said and glowered down at Yugi. Anobi was a big demon and Yugi looked tiny in comparison. "So what did you want?"

"I want to offer my soul in exchange for Atemu's freedom." Yugi said hoping against hope that Anobi would agree and free Atemu whose screams he could just about hear coming from somewhere behind him.

Anobi considered the proposition. On one hand he enjoyed torturing the pharaoh in his cage of fire but on the other hand if Atemu were freed, he would be able to use him to destroy the world again. He could destroy the world and enjoy torturing little Yugi at the same time. He decided the latter was far more appealing and nodded.

"All right then, you will reside in my cage of fire and torment for eternity and I shall grant Atemu his freedom from there."

Yugi swallowed knowing he was going to suffer forever but he was prepared to do anything to get Atemu out. One day he supposed Anobi might get bored of torturing him and let him out but he didn't really have much faith in that thought.

Anobi began to chant a spell to switch Yugi with Atemu and when he was done there was a flash of red light and Yugi was gone to be replaced by Atemu who cowered on the floor shaking having been in terrible pain.

It took him a few seconds to realise that the pain was gone and he uncurled himself and sat up.

"What happened?" he asked bemused.

"Your little friend Yugi came and offered me his soul in exchange for your freedom. He has taken your place in my cage of fire."

"NO!" Atemu cried out and tears pricked his eyes at Yugi's totally unselfish act to help him.

"You should have left me there. Yugi will go insane in there he's not as strong as me." Atemu said and the threatened tears began to fall.

"Ah you see but now I can use you again to destroy the world." Anobi said and laughed.

"You monster." Atemu growled.

"No I'm a demon." Anobi said "I couldn't care less for little Yugi or you all I want is to see the world destroyed and myself ruling over what is left."

Atemu could feel his anger bubbling up inside of him at Anobi's cruelty. He could hear Yugi screaming in agony as his soul was tortured in the fire and it fuelled his anger.

"YOU BASTARD!" he yelled and jumped at Anobi who was taken by surprise and lost his footing falling over in the process.

"You stupid fool." He snapped getting to his feet quickly and pointing at Atemu who seemed to be glowing strangely.

"For that you will suffer!" He gathered energy into his hand. It was pitch black and pulsed with pure evil. Anobi drew his hand back and flung it at Atemu.

There was an explosion and Anobi watched eagerly expecting to see Atemu curled up on the floor in pain from the dark attack but when the smoke cleared he was still standing. Except he was now glowing brightly. So brightly in fact it was as if the sun itself had come out in the cavern.

Atemu opened his mouth and began to speak but it was not Atemu's voice that issued forth, it was another voice. One that Anobi recognised and feared above all others.

"Demon Anobi, you have defiled the pure soul of Yugi Motou but tormenting him in your pathetic fire cage. His soul cried out to me from in there and I have come to deal with you, permanently." The voice boomed and echoed round the cave.

Anobi dropped to the floor and prostrated himself in front of Atemu who looked down with disdain.

"I shall do now what I should have done when you were first banished from heaven."

"My lord Ra please no, I'll do anything." Anobi whimpered for the one who stood before him was none other than the god of the sun, Ra himself. He had heard Yugi's torment and had felt his soul crying out to him as he suffered and Atemu's anger had been just the channel he needed to deal with Anobi.

Being a god, he could not appear properly in hell, however he could use Atemu to speak for him.

"I have heard enough demon, now be sentenced to exist for all eternity in the fire of your own making!"

Atemu raised his hand and a bean of pure white light burst from his hand hitting Anobi as he lay on the ground. In an instant he was gone and in his place was Yugi who blinked in surprise not quite understanding what had happened.

"Yugi Motou." Ra's voice came still loud but with a gentle note to it. "Your pure unselfish act called me to this place and the evil has been dealt with."

"T…Thank you." Yugi stammered somehow knowing who this was who was speaking. He had a feeling that Ra had spoken to him before but he couldn't remember exactly where or how it had happened.

"I will now return you to your body in the real world."

"Please my lord Ra," Yugi said "What about Atemu? All he wanted to do was to return to the real world to be with his friends. Will he have to stay in the afterlife now?"

Ra was silent for a moment or two as if he was deciding and then he spoke.

"I will return the pharaoh with you and give him a completely new body. He has suffered much both as a pharaoh and when he shared a body with you and I will allow him to live as a reward."

"Thank you my lord Ra." Yugi said suddenly overcome with happiness. He bowed low and Ra acknowledged it with a slight incline of his head. His attention was then taken by a dark shape that was trying to sneak away.

"You will suffer the same fate as your master Sulchi." Ra caused Atemu to raise his hand again omitting another beam of pure light directed at Sulchi and he also vanished to join his master in eternal torment.

Atemu's hand lowered and Ra looked at Yugi again.

"It is done." He said and the bright glow round Atemu vanished indicating that Ra had gone and Atemu was left looking round in surprise. He was knocked flying suddenly by a blur of red and gold as Yugi flung himself at him in joy.

They fell to the floor laughing and hugged each other tightly.

"It's finally over." Yugi said and Atemu nodded. Though Ra had been speaking through him, he had allowed Atemu to see and hear everything that had happened.

The two of them began to fade from the cavern as their souls were sent to the real world.

Jou sat on the bed having not moved since Yugi's soul was taken. He heard a giggle and looked up in shock to see Yugi sitting up and that was not all, Atemu was there too.

"Yug! Atemu!" Jou exclaimed overjoyed at seeing both of them again.

There were hugs and noise as all three talked at once. They calmed down eventually and grinned at each other.

"I want ice cream!" Yugi announced suddenly and the other two laughed.

"Come on aibou let's all get some." Atemu grinned and the three of them went downstairs to get ice cream and tell Sugoruku everything that had happened.

As they went Atemu offered a prayer of thanks to Ra for granting him a new life and he thought to himself how lucky he was now he could actually start to live properly. Him and all his friends together properly at last.

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