After "Back in Zero Two," likening Miyako to the heroine in Bowling For Soup's "1985," used song to comment on the 02 epilogue, I developed ideas for a few more BFS parodies after receiving their latest CD for Christmas. For now, I have written the two other singles on the album- "Ohio (Come Back to Texas)" and "Almost." While the 1985 spoof was about Miyako and Almost will be in Takeru's perspective, this is just silly fun starring a very important character to Digimon fandom- the deranged fanfic writer. It's more about the show's fanfic than the show itself, and it does poke fun at various pairings- regardless of popularity or legitimacy. I try to joke about all sorts of couples, including the ones I support, so take this with a sense of humor and don't take it as an insult if I knock your favorite. Remember the rules: if it gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out, it doesn't count as bashing! NOW RECORDED! Find arpulver on SoundCloud for a full recording!

Mimato (Come Back To Tokyo)
parody of "Ohio" by Bowling For Soup

Our favorite princess one day,
Moved to the U.S.A.
Then once she left our cycle,
She hooked up with Michael
Throwing us all astray.

Why all the beef with Mimato
Just 'cause the two never talk.
But everyone likes Koumi
And I've heard that Michi
Is a fine road to walk.

So when you're done in the Big Apple.
And when you're sick of all the crap,
We'll be here in Odaiba, where they all are pining for you.

Come back to Tokyo:
Where every libido is on the brink.
You gotta save our mojo.
Or else all of our ships are going to sink.
The Sorato fans are still bragging
Now that Taiora is in the trash.
So without you all we're left with is all that Taito slash.

Why did you have to defect?
Made all my ships incorrect.
I tried to write a Mimari,
But since you were so far,
The pairing didn't connect.

Why don't you come back home?
Just use your cute little pout.
Because we all want a story
Where you show Iori
That he's missing out.

And when you're done in the Big Apple.
And when you're sick of all the crap,
We'll be here in Odaiba, where they all are pining for you.

Come back to Tokyo.
It wasn't the same after you took flight.
You're living large in Soho,
But think of the fics we couldn't write.
Since Takari's anti-climactic
And because Daiken is overdone,
The only stories worth writing are back in season one.

Mimato needs you back.
And Mikeru needs you back.
Jyoumi needs you back.
Hell, Miyako needs you back!
Misuke needs you back.
And Miken needs you back.
Eleven digidestined and
All that I'm suggestin'
Is to give them all a try!

Come back to Tokyo.
You just don't belong in the Empire State.
Our blossoming bishoujo,
Even when you border on jailbait.
Since Sokeru's nothing but history
And Daikari is just a dream.

Come back to Tokyo.
We all need a crest of your purity.
Without you we're a no-go,
Now that all of our ships are lost at sea.
All the Tamers get too emotional,
And since nobody likes Frontier,
There are no frivolous pairings left 'til you come back here.
There are no frivolous pairings left 'til you come back here.
There are no frivolous pairings left 'til you come back here.

Author's Notes
Again- don't act like I'm singling out your favorite couple. It is meant to comment on some of the weird and unsubstantiated couples that are shipped around here, but I'm trying to be consistent and make jabs at everybody, even the canon ones.

Besides being the name for the Mimi/Taichi pairing, Michi also means "road" in Japanese. It is not meant to be a reference to The Connection, although that meaning was a significant reason the Michi in that story was named that.

As it is a song about fanfic, some of the argot sneaks into the song. For those who missed the boat, "ship" is a verb indicating one's support for a certain couple. While it has a few more denotations, slash is a term for yaoi- typically what non-anime writers call their guy-guy stuff. Not exclusively a fanfic term, but bishoujo means pretty girl.

Although the actual definition of the word could probably apply to Takari, it would make sense that Takari fans would be anti-climactic. In fact, a lot of fans in general didn't like season two's climactic.

Instead of the broad country-western style in the third chorus of the original song, feel free to picture everybody singing along to a J-Pop beat like that found in Mimi's image song "Super Girl."

While I'm trying to stay consistent in these song parodies and stick with the Japanese terminology (which came in handy with the Iori line), I debated for a long time whether to refer to the crest of sincerity or crest of purity (the more accurate Japanese translation). I went with purity to keep the purists happy (heh), and the line "crest of your purity" strikes me as dodgy for some reason.