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"I don't know where this road
Is going to lead
All I know is where we've been
And what we've been through". –
Boys 2 Men It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

1: Recovery: A New Journey

A boy stood with his back to a tall pine. His auburn hair was like a living flame, threatening to lick the tree and burn it to the ground. In contrast, his eyes were twin cool sapphire blue wells, so deep one could get lost within them. In his brown-gloved hands was his favorite and only sword: The Sword Of Seals.

He turned and swung around the tree. His blade was blocked by another, slimmer blade with a steely ring. His opponent, a prince with navy blue everything: hair, eyes, clothes, and a golden tiara. His weapon, the sword Falchion gleamed in the sunlight, a bracelet dangling from the hilt.

The swordsmen thrust and stabbed. They would grin as they danced the deadly dance of the blade.

"Okay, stop you two, before someone looses an arm or leg. That's good for today." Called a blonde man. He wore a tattered maroon cloak.

"Yes Matthew." The redhead saluted with his blade, like his father had taught him, to his opponent. "Great job today, Prince Marth."

"That's ex-prince, Roy. And you did well yourself." Marth also saluted, a habit he picked up from Roy and his father. Marth hadn't cracked a joke since three and a half years earlier. He still hated Eula, an old man they thought was their friend, and Luan, Roy's girlfriend Katan's brother, although he had killed both to avenged Samus, the bounty hunter Marth had fallen in love with. Roy missed Samus, who had shown him around the Smash Mansion, but he missed Katan the most. Her graceful beauty, her silky obsidian hair, fiery sapphire eyes…

"Thinking about Kat again?" Marth asked, sheathing Falchion. "I doubt she would forgive me for killing her brother. I just couldn't help it…"

"She wouldn't blame you. He did kill Game, try to kill DK and Pichu, and kill-" Roy stopped when Marth looked away, pain written across his face.

"I keep having the same nightmare. Watching Samus getting shot, her soft voice fading to nothing, her emerald eyes going dull…"

Roy smiled weakly, remembering watching as Samus died, on the White Christmas, as they now called it, the Christmas Samus and Luan were killed, Katan disappearing, possibly dead as well, and the last time he had seen Link, Zelda, Peach, and all the other smashers.

"Roy, Marth! Get down!" Matthew tackled the boys.

"What the-" Marth mumbled as his face was pressed into the ground.

"There is something out there." Matthew pointed to the sky. Two gray forms floated above the small plain near the cottage. Chad was still inside, ready to defend the cottage. The forms opened and two smaller forms jumped out. One looked like a fox while the other an avian.

Roy blinked at the two. Bittersweet memories filled his head as he stood and called out. "Fox! Falco!"

The two turned around. They grinned and rushed to the three. Chad appeared in the cottage doorway, armed to the teeth. Marth pushed Matthew off himself so he could breathe again.

"Hey, are you cheating on Katan? And is that Marth too?" Fox snorted. All the same, he bent down and helped Matthew up. "I thought you two were better than that." He clapped Roy on the back after Matthew finally up righted himself.

Falco helped Marth up. "We've been looking for you two all day. We first came in above Altea, which is looking down right ruined. Then we flew to Elibe, and went to Pherae, nearly getting our tails chopped off, but your father has some sense. Told us you were here to cool off."

"More or less." Marth muttered darkly. Falco and Fox looked to Marth. But he ignored their stares.

"Don't mention Samus, at least not around Marth." Roy whispered just enough for the two to hear him. They nodded silently, curiosity covering their faces.

"Who are you?" Matthew drew his iron blade. Fox and Falco's hands strayed near their guns.

"Oh, they're old friends of ours, so put that blade away before you hurt someone." Roy warned Matthew.

"Dad!" Chad was running over. Fox and Falco relaxed as Matthew sheathed his blade.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce them to old Matthew?" Matthew asked, a sly look in his eye.

"Oh, yes. Matthew, Chad, this is Fox and Falco. Fox, Falco, this is Matthew and his son Chad." Marth introduced them.

"Well met, Fox, Falco." Matthew nodded. "I'm not quite sure why you look like what your names are, but if you're friends of Roy and Marth here, you're friends of mine."

"Well met, yourself, old man." Falco grinned.

"Falco, mind your old beak." Fox hissed as Matthew glared daggers at the falcon.

"So why are you guys here?" Roy asked. "We haven't had any contact with anyone for these past three years."

"Well, we didn't either, until about a week ago. Master Hand found us while we were training in our Arwings." Fox started.

"Apparently the Wireframes have gathered under a single lord. They're going to take out as much of Nintendo's lands as possible." Falco added.

"Like I was saying, Master Hand found us. Seeing as we could traverse between the new planets, he wants us to gather the smashers to fight a common enemy. We can contact him from the StarFox. Kirby has also been put on the job, so Master Hand has told us. The Ice Climbers Nana and Popo have already been alerted." Fox finished.

Roy and Marth nodded knowingly, but Matthew and Chad looked confused. "What are you talking about?" Matthew asked.

"Oh, futuristic stuff. Marth and I joined a league far away, with futuristic stuff, such as instant and safer lighting. No fire needed." Roy explained. The two's eyes bulged.

"Wow, instant light! Without fire too. So those things are futuristic too…" Chad pointed to the gray Arwings.

"For you guys, yes." Falco looked at their cottage.

"Anyways, since I don't think you two can get off this planet, why don't you come with us? We're heading for Hyrule next. All we need to do is get Katan…" Fox looked to Roy. But Roy's face was hidden. He looked to Marth, who shook his head.

"She's gone." He whispered. Fox nodded gravely.

"So is Ness." He spoke loud enough for all to hear.

"Pichu will probably be gone too." Roy stated grimly. Falco and Fox turned to him.

"Hm? Pichu too?" Falco looked at Roy.

"Yes. Ness and Pichu were with her when she disappeared." Roy explained, a little haunted. "But we can look for them, since we need all the smashers."

Marth coughed. They wouldn't get all the smashers. Mr. Game and Watch was gone, and so was Samus. Both killed by Luan.

Matthew narrowed his eyes. "So you're leaving?" he asked.

"Yeah, we have to go. To save the planet." Marth looked a bit stronger than he had been in the past three and a half years.

"Well, don't go giving your hopes up, both of you." Chad told them. "And make sure you come back so we can have another spar."

"Sure thing, Chad sir." Roy saluted to the young thief.

Fox and Falco led the way back to the Arwings. They were small and only had enough room for two people. Roy climbed into Fox's Arwing, Marth into Falco's Arwing. Fox handed Roy a set of headphones.

"It makes it easier to speak to the other Arwing." Fox explained when Roy gave him a confused look.

Roy and Marth waved to Matthew and Chad, who stood side by side. "Tell Nils I've gone to help some friends and maybe find Katan!" Roy called. Chad gave him a thumbs up and Matthew simply nodded.

A low whistle began as Fox started up the Arwing. It turned into a whirring sound after a moment of speeding up. Fox pressed several buttons labeled with symbols Roy didn't understand. The Arwing lifted into the air, the ground sinking away beneath them. Matthew and Chad became dots in the middle of a green field. They disappeared as the island began to get swallowed up by the huge endless ocean. Roy took one last glimpse at the Dragon's Gate Mountains, as he called them. Elibe appeared, sinking below them. Far in the distance were the Bernese Mountains, and to the North, the plains of Sacae. Ostia glowed from its perch in the middle of a field. A lone Pegasus Rider soared above it. It was probably Marquess Ostia's Lady, Florina, out to stretch her Roy even imagined that he saw Pherae. His father would probably worry.

Finally, the soft blue sky turned dark blue, then pitch black, dappled with pin pricks of light. Nearby, another planet, green with forests and a wide sweeping plain turned slowly. That was the planet Hyrule was on, the forest the Kokiri forest. That was their next destination.

But instead of heading to the green planet, the Arwings turned away towards what looked like the ship above Corneria that some of the smashers had battled on.

"Behold, the mother ship, StarFox." Fox grinned. "My father helped build it."

:Okay Fox, are we headed to the ship first or what?: Falco's face appeared on a holographic screen. Marth's appeared next to it.

"Yeah, we need some bigger Arwings if we want to bring all the Hyrulians with us." Fox replied. He pressed more buttons.

"This is Fox in Arwing 15732 to StarFox. We're returning, so open the hatch." Fox called to the mother ship.

:Welcome back, Fox.: A hare's face appeared. :We'll clear the docks immediately!:

"You do that then, Pep. Tell Slippy we also want some larger Arwings made ready for the next trip to Hyrule. We need enough room for about eight people, including Falco and our other two friends with us currently."

:Yes sir!: the screen disappeared. After a moment's wait, a compartment on the Star Fox began to slowly open. Fox and Falco gently steered the Arwings into the hanger. With a loud creak, the hanger closed behind them. Only after a whoosh! of air, did Fox open the cockpit.

"Leave the headphones in there. I'll get you some better ones while we wait till we can take off." Fox instructed.

"Okay." Roy pulled the headphones off and dropped them on the seat. Then he pulled himself out of the cockpit. This was the first time he was ever in the Star Fox. It had walls made from thick air tight steel, and there was machinery everywhere. Roy could hardly believe he had just come from home, where they didn't even have simple toilets!

"This way." Fox called as Falco and Marth pulled themselves out of Falco's Arwing. The foursome then trudged away to the heart of the Star Fox.

"Walk on by
Walk on through
Walk 'til you run
And don't look back
For here I am
" –U2, Unforgettable Fire
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