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A tale of woe and tragedy! The separation of young lovers and friends, to the point where even fate never thinks they'll meet again! Death and sorrow are all that await them-

I needed to find a new book. A new story. This one sounded a bit too much like my own.

I'd been here on Desert for way too long. Was the heat finally getting to my head? Maybe sand worms had gotten into my brain. Maybe they were controlling my thoughts. No, that doesn't sound very good.

How I wished I could see him again. Or at least had someone I could share the memory of him with.

He wasn't going to come looking for me. He thinks I'm dead. Nothing but worms in the ground. The non-sandy ground. That's me. Samus. Dead. Shot to death, in fact.

Which makes me wonder, how did Katan, Ness, and Pichu get here? They didn't die obviously, or they'd still have their memories…

Yep. Sand worms. Great.

A little side story, the three years between All for One, One for All: Beginnings and All for One, One for All: Return. Takes place on Desert, from Samus and Katans' points of view. Don't miss it!