Green Grace

The wind whispers as the abandoned one
Walks through the old halls.
These once filled with voices,
Screams, tortures, and power…

Untold was the pain she faced when the War ended,
Harsh was that silence, when all was done.
But the flare of light, the path she had followed,
Dimmed though it may have never left her soul within.

A broken leader, a friend lost and gone,
Where has she been wandering now?
What terrors does she hold within her eyes?
And yet now, why they follow her,
We do not know…

These fumbling fools, trying too
Learn what, was their birthright,
So long ago when they were born.

So lost and helpless, they are
Too old for proper training.
Is this why we allow the traitor
To harbour within the Old Witch's shadow?

What have we become, I wonder…?
As I sit here in the Jedi Temple and
Stare at the old tree where I first laid eyes upon
The young group of children, who
Would one day save us and then destroy us
Within mere moments?

Where do the Exile and Revan wander now?
When we dearly… need their help to restore Order
To the chaotic galaxy?