Chapter Eight

Danny and Sam were okay again. They had been making jokes, being comfortable with each other. Danny held her hand, he held her by the waist in public, and he even played with her hair when he got the chance. It was clear that they cared deeply for each other and even Tucker commented on the blushing moments, saying that they were becoming too often and boring.

The rumors about their relationship seemed to completely end the first time they held hands in public. Valerie looked really satisfied and Dash stared at them with his mouth hanging open. Somehow, the rumors wouldn't affect them anymore.

There was only one thing that was bothering Danny, still. He hadn't gathered his courage to kiss Sam again. It was easier when Sam invited him into the kiss.

As absurd as it sounds, it was Tucker who solved the problem for him in one afternoon when they were playing videogames and Sam was busy home.

"I think she's waiting for you to kiss her." He had said while he smashed the villain with a hammer.

"How can I? She said she's scared she might lose me if we continue with this thing." Danny said, waiting for his turn to attack.

"She's still scared and that's why you should show her that there is nothing to be scared about." Tucker suggested. "Like seducing her all over again. Take her to see a movie or ask her out for dinner and wait for the right opportunity to kiss her."

It was when Danny realized that there was one lesson missing in the whole practice he had with Sam months ago.

"She never taught me how to initiate it!" Danny said out loud.

"Initiate what?" Tucker looked at him, confused.

"Making out!" Danny said, blushing. "We'd just sit together, she'd explain one thing or other and then I'd kiss her, but I don't know how to initiate a make out without a lesson."

Tucker couldn't believe his ears.

"Are you sure you two slept together? Because I sounds like you were sitting there all the time while she did the work." Tucker studied Danny's face while he tried to remember if he ever started it. "Maybe you should show her what you learned."

Danny remembered when he saw her coming out of the shower in the night they had their first time. He had been the one to start it, he was pretty sure. 'Okay,' he took a deep breathe. 'I'm going to seduce Sam all over again.'


Sam was sitting on her living room, on the couch, watching some useless girl movie while she absently played with her cat. She felt a familiar shiver before hearing the voice of Danny right by her side.

"Hey, Sam, I got you some ice cream." He sat cheerfully by her side, holding open a bottle of vanilla ice cream, her favorite.

"Hey," She grinned. "Did you come here to deliver me ice cream?" She accepted the spoon he was offering her anyway.

"No, actually Jazz has a new boyfriend and I grew tired of seeing them all over each other so I grabbed the ice cream and decided to pay a visit." He grinned, digging his spoon into the bottle. "And since when you watch girl movies?"

"There's nothing else on the TV. And I'm not paying attention to it at all." She said, eating ice cream too.

"Well, there must be something!" He tried to reach the remote, but Sam slapped his hand away, playfully. "Aha! So you're watching that!"

"What if I am?" She dared, licking the spoon and holding the remote out of his reach.

"Nothing really." He grinned, "Let's watch it together."

Sam eyed him suspiciously, but didn't say anything; she just turned back to the TV pretending to watch the movie. Danny got closer and put his hand on hers, intertwining their fingers. She looked down at their joined hands and bit her lip nervously.

Danny watched her with the corner of his eyes. He got very distracted when he spotted the soft skin of her neck that was left bare between her hair and the collar of her shirt. He moved her hair away and kissed her right there, smiling when he felt her shivering.

He moved a little, now sitting down behind her, while she pretended to be concentrated on the movie. He grinned as he occupied himself of all sensitive spots he could reach with his mouth. His right arm sneaked sensually around her waist, embracing her around her stomach as he kissed her in random places.

He heard her gasp and he knew he had won. Today he was going to make her feel beautiful, he was the tutor. She gave a little moan when he tightened the embrace. She tried to move around to take the lead, but he held her in place, saying without words what he meant to do with her.

"You might go up to my bedroom." She managed to say and Danny had to agree that it was a good idea, he didn't want to mess the living room.

He released her so she stood up; he stood up as well, facing her with fire in his eyes. He kissed her softly on the lips before picking her up and carrying her to her room, like a bride.

He sat her on her bed and locked the door. He returned to her to find her looking at him nervously, as if it was her first time all over again. He kneeled in front of her, kissing her gently while tucking her hair behind her ear.

"I love you." He whispered against her lips. His eyes opened to see her reaction. He almost pulled away when he saw tears pooling out of her eyes. "Don't be scared." He said, finally breaking the kiss and holding her cheeks on his hands. She opened her eyes, showing that she wasn't scared anymore. "You're the love of my life, Sam."

"We're too young to talk about that." She smiled shyly.

"Well… believe it or not, you are and you will always be my only one." He said seriously, making her believe him completely.

She felt her body turning jelly in his hands. Everything seemed to be in slow motion and she completely lost control of herself, only to surrender to him completely. He gently laid her down, kissing her carefully.

"You're sweet." He said. "You taste like honey."

She couldn't find words to reply. Usually some lame statement like that would bring an instant sarcastic reaction, but at that moment she believed and loved every word he said.

He slowly worked down on the buttons of her shirt, kissing the skin each opened button revealed. She was moaning softly when he kissed her cleavage and her fingers got lost in his hair. He opened two more buttons and she was finally shirtless. He slipped the fabric out of her arms and stared at the woman before him.

It was hard to maintain control when he saw her wearing a black lacy bra. It contrast of the fabric on her body looked like a work of art. He kissed her burning skin as she remained there, under him, with her eyes closed, trusting him completely.

"You're so warm." He said between kisses. It was intoxicating, her lips, her skin, their contact. It was like he could barely breathe enough of her.

"I'm on fire." She replied breathily.

"If you want me to stop you just tell me." He replied, hotly on her ear.

"No, don't stop."

Whatever happened after she said that, she wasn't aware of nothing else than pleasure, it overwhelmed everything else that didn't concern them. She didn't know where her body started and his finished, it was like they were just one. She wasn't sure, but she imagined that it was how poetry was born, how music was born and how a piece of rock became art. She could see the essence of life behind the fireworks that exploded around her head.

She wrapped her arms around his back lovingly when he collapsed on top of her, resting his cheek on her bare chest. When she returned from the high skies of love she found herself kissing Danny wherever she could reach, treating him equally as precious.

He was smiling contently, even though he was tired. He stirred and raised himself on his elbows, smiling radiantly at her. She felt her eyes filling with happy tears once again. Her present happiness washed away all the fears of the future. He smiled at her the sweetest smile; the one smile that made her insides melt.

"Your parents are going to freak out," Danny smirked. "I'm telling them we're a couple."

"A couple?" She repeated, letting the word sink in. "Are you sure we're not just friends practicing?"

"It wouldn't be half as passionate if it was." He grinned. "I mean it, Sam. You're the only one. I want to tell that to the world." He bent down and kissed her lips softly. "I can't-kiss-believe-kiss-I can do that- kiss–whenever I want."

"So our practicing days are over?" She smiled at him.

"Yeah… now we're experts." He grinned.

The End

Yep, the end. Don't be sad, there are new stories coming out. By the end of next week I'll post a fic about Danny having to pretend to be Sam's boyfriend for a month. I may write an epilogue if there's anything I left unfinished, you please let me know (and you can suggest anything you want, as well).

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