Title: A Lesson of Quiet Dismay

Wordcount: 404

Summary: Yuffie took those two tickets for the cinema without paying. Unfortunately, Cloud isn't too happy about that...

Author's Notes: The first of many, because Yuffie's moods are many. Enjoy!

"Yuffie…" Cloud sighed, running his hand through his blond spiky hair. "I never said, when I told you that I would come see a movie with you, that I would accept stolen tickets."

"But you did accept them, Cloud," she reminded him, gazing up at him. For the life of her she couldn't comprehend why he was so picky about where the things he used came from.

He sighed again, and snared her wrist in his strong hand. "You know why…"

She did, the little ninja realised. Cloud wouldn't accept anything he knew was stolen, so she hadn't informed him of the true nature of the tickets. And when he did realise, he wasn't going to make a scene and get them both investigated. Cloud had never been labelled a troublemaker by the Traverse Town authorities, and he wasn't about to damage his tentative reputation now. But… he seems like he didn't even like it now. Does that mean that I went to all the trouble to loosen him up and he didn't even want a break?

She sighed quietly, disguising her dismay carefully behind a petulant mask. "Look, I'll go back and drop the munny off at the cinema with no one the wiser, okay?"

He gave her a warning glare. She knew he would prefer her to deposit the payment with a personally-delivered note of apology, but she fixed her pleading gaze with his crystal-blue one. "Please, Cloud." If I have to do that, then I'll feel guilty, and I don't like that feeling…

He nodded, and released her. "Okay." Turning, he began to make his way just down the hall to his room, then stopped and faced her again. "By the way, Yuffie, I enjoyed tonight. It was good to just sit and talk. I needed that."

She skipped over and gave him a soft one-armed hug that he returned. "That's what friends are for, eh Spiky?" the dark-haired ninja asked him with a lopsided grin.

"Of course." He gave an almost identical, albeit smaller, smile in return.

With one of her infamous quicksilver mood swings, she gave a little woop that had several Hotel occupants complaining and grumbling. "Sorry!" She yelled throughout the hall cheerily, and skipped off outside and across the square to the cinema. He didn't even have to watch and make sure she did it- Yuffie was trustworthy like that. She always performed any reasonable, honourable request.

Well, tell me how you liked it! Honest criticism accepted, honest suggestions too! And please list some different emotions, so I can make sure I don't miss any out…

A small drabble collection focusing entirely on Yuffie and her moods. I just woke up with the idea, and had to write it. XD

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