Title: Harmony And Discord
Word Count: 523 (over the drabble. But myeh.)
Summary: Life isn't fair. Who can bail you out?
Notes: Previously published, but I thought it'd be better as part of this drabble collection. It's Yuffie-centric, after all...

It isn't fair.

What isn't fair?

Life isn't fair.

She knows, because she's been accused and sentenced for doing something she never even thought of. She had more honour than to do such a thing. But did they listen? Nooo. Of course not. And because of it, her life's been thrown into discord for a night- one night languishing in a cell because of a crime she didn't commit.

So now she sits, knees bundled right up against her chest, eyes staring blankly ahead, and sometimes, for a change of scenery, at her feet; at the soft cloth boots with the long pale laces that run all the way up to her knee. Her ragged black fringe zigzags across her forehead and the green she wears there, obscuring her vision slightly whenever she looks up, or across.

It's not every day that she is accused of stealing a gold bracelet. For that matter, it's not every day she's accused of selling it, either. Just as it isn't every day she even looks at jewellry, let alone tries an item on. And she has never stolen something she hasn't paid for in some measure, whether with something of equal value, a quiet favour when it's needed the most, or simply by returning it with none the wiser.

But no one realises that this supposed crime goes against all her ethics- as a human being and to herself.

So she sits, cold and hungry, waiting for the cold hard light of dawn, the sun suddenly not seeming so bright as yesterday. A stone at her back shifts, and presses painfully into her spine through a black flower-printed shirt and vest. A moment later, she moves slightly to let it fall and give her at least partial comfort again.

The sound of a door slamming. Heavy steps- the person wearing them prefers the solid thick leather to the quiet supple material that she uses. She hears two voices, both deep, but one familiarly calm and the other speaking animatedly and heatedly. The footsteps pause for a moment then begin again, getting closer. She looks up at the solid oak door just as a key jiggles the lock and it swings open.

"Yuffie Kisaragi? Squall Leonhart is here. He's paid for your release. You're free to go. But we'll be-"

A face appears behind the guard, and for a moment her dark eyes fill with tears. It really is him. She clambers to her feet wordlessly, ignoring the guard and what he's saying, and walks straight past, enjoying the warmth that spreads through her hand as it is enveloped by his larger one.

He says nothing until they reach the car. There, he turns and views her illuminated by the large spotlight above the jail. His eyes searching hers, he asks, "Why didn't you just pick the lock?"

She shrugs. "It's not my style. Not when I'm accused like that." I always have to clear my reputation.

They get into his little car- he keys the ignition and drives off. She snuggled into the front passenger seat, gazing blindly out along the road before them. This was harmony.

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