Disclaimer: I wouldn't sit here if I owned HP, right? Therefore you can easily draw the conclusion that i don't.

To: Harry

Well, that sounds like my brother alright.

You say he fell of a stair?

Hey, you haven't told Fred and George about it, right?

They would tease him to death...

Anyway, it is prettyboring over here.

There are no more visits allowed in Hogsmeade anymore.

They have also sealed almost the doors with some kind of spell

that only the teachers seem to be able to break.

Not even the library is open if no staff is supervising everything.

The room of requirement have also been sealed, and it is hevily guarded.

I can't belive it's gone SEVEN weeks since I saw you!

Oh, I miss you so much.



We may visit the school to look for clues later.

If so, I will tell you, and we can meet for a while.

I don't have much time to write now, we are on our way for another

lead to a horcrux.

Ron's leg is almost healed now, but Hermione don't want him to come.

I can say that I understandshe don't want him to come, after all, he is kinda wounded.

It could get worse, and he would slow us down on our way.

You say it's boring at Hogwarts, but at least you are there.

I hope to see you before another seven weeks have passed.