A sharp pain in his side jolts him from his unfeeling and unconscious state. Twitching, his eyes flutter open and he glances across to the side, wincing at the twinges in his back- they're caused by jagged fragments of rock, he notes dazedly- that have suddenly become so much worse with the movement.

His eyes blur then clear again, and he narrows them both to protect against a gust of dust-carrying wind right in front of his face and at the sight of the person beside him, ready to prod him in the side again if he does not stir.He mutters in a disgruntled tone, "You."

The kneeling man beside him laughs. "Of course it's me. No one else really felt like refereeing the match between you and Jin, did they?" His red tails of hair fall across his face as he leans into the wounded demon on the ground before him, effectively blocking the sunlight from the half-fire, half-ice demon's eyes. Only two of them are exposed to sunlight though- the other, the Jagan eye, is hidden and therefore not so powerful behind a white band. He didn't believe he would need it for this battle against the Irish Wind Master…

The kitsune Kurama says lightly, "Guess you should have used your Jagan eye after all, Hiei." He knows the other so well that it almost seems sometimes that his thoughts are read by him, but Hiei's never really been concerned about that issue of privacy.

His thoughts are interrupted by the youth sliding an arm under his shoulders and pulling him to his feet. "Come on, we're going home," he tells the black-clothed demon in a tone that brooks no argument. "Jin's already gone ahead to let the others know what they have to have ready." There is a shadow of a smirk on his face. "That was quite a beating you took."

"He took me by surprise." It hurts to stand, and it hurts to talk. He nearly collapses after trying to place enough weight on his right ankle to walk, and his pride is hardly ruffled when his kitsune friend scoops him up and carries him away from the battle scene. After all, there's no one else to see; so he simply allows himself to be borne away. "The little bastard- he hit me while-"

"I know," Kurama says implacably. "I was watching, remember?"

Hiei has an absurd urge to stick his tongue out at his friend, and does so, eyes closed.

XD A very short drabble, and my first published YYH fic. HieiXKurama is possibly the cutest pairing ever- it certainly is in YYH! So yeah, I've just come over from the Kingdom Hearts fandom, and although I've published in Fruits Basket too, I knew about YYH before Furuba... but here I am now.

So yep, LOL, this drabble is tiny. I might just dedicate it to my friend Sammy, actually, whom I have corrupted with my HieiXKurama goodness after my first viewing! XD >proud of self> Hmmm. This... it ended up quite a bit differently to what I was expecting. For starters, I meant to have a little kiss... but that never happened... meh. Meh meh.

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