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"Sarah, I do not know what to say."

Wearily, she bushed her hair away from her sweat-soaked face. She pulled herself upright, ignoring his offers of help and protests at her movements so soon. She glared up at him.

"This is all your fault," she accused. "I cannot believe it's happened again."

"How could it possibly be my fault, though I hesitate to use those words in relation to our child," he started icily, "that we have another daughter?"

"Biology," she said triumphantly, "a man always determines the sex of the child."

There was a pause, then, "We seem to be running out of names," he remarked, not conceding her point.

"Really," she glared stonily, "really? That's what you're preoccupied with." Jareth winced, knowing that his wife's rant was only getting started. "You know that lie that everyone says, how it gets 'easier' each time. How the pain 'lessens'," she smiled facetiously, "they lied." She massaged her temples, coldly staring at her husband, "Twelve hours of labor."

He smiled down at her, hoping to ease her anger, "Sarah, you did beautifully." He leant down to her, holding the sleeping bundle close to her face. "And another perfect daughter is the result!"

"Jareth," she said, her voice saccharine, "I already have five daughters."

Arching an eyebrow in response, he responded, "And that makes her less special or perfect?"

"No," she objected, "you know what I mean!"

"Of course, darling," he dropped the matter, "now what to name her…"

"I don't know why you even ask," she said curtly, "after twelve hours of labor; I should get the privilege of naming our daughter."

Jareth chuckled, "As you wish, Sarah."

After a few moments, Sarah looked up and smiled. "What do you think of Julissa?"

Jareth wrinkled his nose in distaste, "Too juvenile for a princess," he dismissed, "perhaps as a second name."

Sarah frowned but conceded his point. Jareth usually had an objection to her first choice.


"Absolutely not," he passionately replied, "after the woman who felled humanity in that silly book of yours with her gluttony and lack of spine? I think not!"

Sarah brightened, "Final offer, Ariella."

Jareth looked down at his newest daughter, her sleeping form cuddled into the crook of his arm. "Perfect," he said quietly, kissing the baby's forehead softly.

Sarah smiled, pleased with herself. "May I hold her now, Jareth?"

Reluctantly, Jareth released his daughter into his wife's arms. They made a beautiful picture. Sarah, worn out from childbirth, covered in sweat, was somehow more gorgeous than he'd ever seen her.

"Shall I have the girls sent in?"

"Of course," Sarah smiled, eager to see her children, "they need to meet little Ella!"

"Ella," he paused. "It will do for a knickername."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "It's nickname, Jareth. Knickername sounds dirty."

He frowned until he thought of a good parting shot.

"We'll try for a boy in a couple of months, eh?"

The pillow almost collided with his head, but her aim was a little off.


"Six princesses," Tatiana said bluntly, "six children." She looked at her daughter-in-law with a newfound, grudging, respect. After two days abed, she was already back on the throne, fulfilling her royal duties. It was hard for Fae women to conceive, most only produced one child in their lifetime. Sarah had produced six in fewer than twelve.

"Yes," Sarah replied with a small sigh, "six children."

"Remind me of their names," Tatiana requested, "my mind seems over fatigued with travel wearies."

Sarah ground her teeth quietly. This woman was her children's grandmother! She should know their names for pity's sake. Even Karen knew Sarah's children's names and ages. She never failed to send a birthday wish, unlike Tatiana, who was busy with her lovers and fooling her husband into believing her fidelity.

"Catharina, my firstborn, is eleven this year. Next there's Elspeth, who is ten. Of course, there's Guinevere, whose birthday is tomorrow, she's turning seven. And then the twins, Sylvie and Linnea, who are three."

"Ah," she said distantly, "Guinevere is the one with the problem, yes?"

"Her leg was twisted when she was born," Sarah replied coolly, "There is no problem with my daughter."

"Don't get angry," Tatiana said mildly, "they all look so much alike, I merely look for differences."

Sarah and Jareth's daughters did look much the same. All were very fair and slight, favoring their mother, occasionally their father, in looks, though they all had different colored eyes. It did not help that two of her children were identical twins, with not so much as a freckle to distinguish their identities.

"Yes," Sarah said testily, "well, there is nothing wrong with my children."

"Of course not, dear," Tatiana said, humoring her daughter-in-law.

"Now," Sarah sighed, "if only I could have a son and satisfy this whole inheritance law mess."

"What mess?" Tatiana asked curiously.

Sarah looked at her impatiently, "A male heir is needed to inherit the crown, Tatiana."

"No, it's not," Tatiana responded with a laugh, "why my dear husband, Alistair, was only a consort!"

Sarah sat there for a moment, her mouth opening and closing, her fists rapidly clenching, and then, with a tight smile and gritted teeth, excused herself from the room.

She had a husband who was in very much need of a beating.


La fin.

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