School Days

"I have to what!" shouted Athrun standing up to turn to his friend, kira.

"I need you to tutor my sister after she arrives tomorrow." stated Kira, "Besides you'd be doing me a favor."

"It seems to me that I already do you a lot of favors." Stated Athrun the 20 year old was the smartest person at Archangel University or ACU. The well-built blue haired, emerald eyed boy was the envy of every girl in the school.

"Oh please! You know I couldn't teach her a thing." Said Kira. This was true. Averaging a 65 was not a good sign for any student who wanted advice in school.

"Well maybe if you didn't spend so much time with Lacus you wouldn't be in this mess." stated Athrun. Kira spent so much time with Lacus that Athrun barely saw him except when he needed a favor, which was quite often.

"It doesn't have to be everyday," said Kira, "but two to three times a week would be great." Athrun nearly fell off his chair.

"I don't have time to babysit your sister, I have a life too!" shouted Athrun

"What life you're married to your books you could take a little time and help her." Stated Kira. Athrun pushed his glasses up onto his nose and sighed this always happened he was just too kind.



"I said fine now I'm free on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 4-7 just drop her off." answered Athrun

"Thank you, you won't regret it!" shouted Kira as he ran out of their apatment probably for another date with Lacus. This was his typical life stay in the confines of his apartment and read or study. Kira was always suggesting take off his glasses and get a girl friend but he wouldn't he didn't want one back in high school he had been every girls heart throb and having learned they leaved you alone when they thought you were a nerd he took on that role. Besides babysitting Kira's sister would stop Kira from nagging him on going out on Friday night.

"Kira" someone shouted

"Hey Cagalli!" said Kira happily seeing his sister in over three years she looked just the same with her golden locks and amber eyes to her famine figure even though she rarely showed it.

"So have you been?" asked Cagalli

" Oh you know can't complain." Said Kira

" So when do I get to meet these great friends of yours and Lacus?" asked Cagalli even though they had been apart they had e-mailed each other as often as possible to keep the other up to date on what was going on in their lives.

"Well actually…"

"Surprize!" shouted a bunch of people as they jumped out from behind furniture, all except one, a man sat in the corner reading.

"Let me introduce my friends." Said Kira.

"Hia I'm Mirrialla but you can call me Mir or Milly." Said a pretty girl with auburn hair and green eyes.

"I'm Dearaka Elstman her girlfriend." Said a blonde tan guy pointing at Mir

"Yoah." Said a sliver haired, blue eyed boy.

"AKA Yzak Joule." Said Kira

"I'm Shiho and even though he seems cold he's really just a sweety." Said a brown haired, purple eyed girl.

"And this," said Kira dramatically, "Is my lovely girlfriend Lacus Clyne."

"He's just being silly," said a pink haired, blue eyed girl stepping forward, "I hope we can be friends, Cagalli."

"And who's he?" asked Cagalli pointing straight at Athrun

"That is Athrun Zala my best friend, your tutor and smart nerd." Said Kira walking up to Athrun and giving him a slap on the back.

"Umph." Was the only respond they got.

"Oh come on Athrun you have to at least look at your pupil." Teased Cagalli pocking him lighly on the nose. Athrun looked up, gold meet green, green meet gold both immediately looked away.

"That was odd," said Dearaka, "Well let's get this party started." And with that everyone began dancing except for two. Athrun sat in the corner every so often looking inconspicuously at Cagalli. Cagalli sat on the sofa tapping her foot with the music and wondering what that electric zap had been when her and Athrun eyes had met.

Sighing Athrun got up and sat beside Cagalli.

"Are you enjoying the party?" he asked

"Yes!" she replied not looking at him

"I see now what do you need me to tutor you in?" asked Athrun


"What!" said Athrun shocked

"Everything." Said Cagalli turning around to face him, "Math, Science, English, History, Geography etc." Athrun was shocked how could she need help in everything, impossible.

"You're joking!" he stated

"No I'm not and if you think it's impossible it isn't forget it I'll find someone else to tutor me!" she shouted luckily the music was so loud that no one heard her.

"You won't."

"Won't what?"

"You won't find anyone else to tutor you in all the subjects I'm the only one."

"Then I'll go to more then one tutor!" Athrun was enjoying himself it had been months since he had such a conversation. He decided to get on her nerves more.

"You are only allowed one tutor at this school." He stated

"What!" screamed Cagalli totally scaring everyone in the room, "Impossible! Just because you think you're so high and mighty doesn't mean I have to do what you say!"

"I think it's time I took Cagalli to our apartment." Said Lacus and she and Milly nodded.

"I don't see why you're so special." Continued Cagalli

"Cagalli it's time to go to our apartment. So you can get settled." Said Milly tapping Cagalli on the shoulder and gesturing toward the door.

"Fine. Good-bye Zala!" shouted Cagalli

"I'll see you on tomorrow." Said Athrun

"Yeap!" said Cagalli, "Hey wait you tricked me I'm going to kill you Zala." She continued cursing as she and the girls continued down the hall.

"That was a little harsh." said Dearaka to Athrun

"I can't wait to begin tutoring!" said Athrun already looking forward tomorrow.


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