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Now for the finishing chapter of Tutoring Trouble...

Chapter 25

3 years later

"We now present to you the graduating class!" said a very happy Professor La Flaga, "Please stand up to receive your diplomas! Bell, Mary…"

"I can't believe I did it." whispered Cagalli to Athrun, "I mean to think I'd graduate the same time as everyone else was practically a dream for me! Considering how poorly I was doing in school!"

"Don't you mean we did it?" asked Athrun, "I helped you with most of your work."

"Because you love me so darn much!" she laughed back

"And I couldn't have my fiancé in school when we have to get married soon." said Athrun against her ear blushing Cagalli decided it was time to pay attention to Prof. La Flaga.

"Cama, Suzy…. Attha, Cagalli …" Standing up Cagalli went to the podium and received her diploma then sat down on the other side of the stage. As Mwu ran off the names of all the students Cagalli couldn't help but wonder why Athrun hadn't been called yet. It wasn't until he was the last person left on the other side that Cagalli started to panic, "What the hell is going on isn't Athrun like the bast student here?" thought Cagalli as she looked around her, "Shouldn't he have been called by now!"

"And now as a special treat our own pride and joy Athrun Zala will give a speech on behalf of the whole student body." stated Mwu. Standing up Athrun went near the podium,

"Hello fellow students, parents and teachers. My name is Athrun Zala and I have been asked to say a speech on behalf of the student body and try to summarize our university years into a few short paragraphs. This has probably been the most wonderful time of our lives. With the support of friends and colleagues all of us graduates here today have successfully completed our university training for a better life. Even though I can not remember a happier time for me there are some here when this is was a very tough time. Between studying for extremely hard exams or just trying to make it. Their determination has lead them to this moment when their school career ends and their job career begins. These people have struggled and succeeded where people like me who are naturally good breezed through. We are the graduating class and we've learned to adapt to any situation our teachers have helped us to understand that life is no picnic and whether we like it or not we are going to have to listen to our parents because they know more then we do. But for me probably the most important thing that happened here is that I meet the love of my life. Sure we argue but what couple doesn't and though we are different in many ways we still feel love for each other. So all you graduates I want to say that even though you haven't meet your soul mate yet don't worry it'll come and soon you'll be the parents. Thank you." Cagalli was close to tears and as Athrun came to sit beside her he whispered,

"Save the tears for the wedding."


2 months later

"I can't believe it today's the day you guys get hitched!" cried Shiho looking at her two friends in their wedding gowns.

"Stop squirming Cagalli," said an exasperated Mir, "Oh I won't be able to do up the ties on your dress!"

"I'm really going to miss you guys." Said Lacus close to tears as she twirled around in her dress. Today was the double wedding of Kira and Lacus and Athrun and Cagalli.

"No you won't you'll be to distracted by Kira to miss us that much." laughed Shiho as she blew her nose.

"It's not like we're going away forever you guys! We'll both be back in two months after our honeymoons." sighed Cagalli as she hugged a crying Mir, "Then we can be your bridesmaids." Blushing bright red both girls exchanged looks and giggled.

"Thanks Cag it means a lot." smiled Mir, "Now let's see have you two got something borrowed?"

"I have my mother's earrings." stated Lacus as she put them on.

"I have one of Lacus's bracelets." said Cagalli showing her hand.

"Have you guys got something new?" asked Shiho seeing both brides blush she laughed, "Okay we'll skip that question. How about something blue?" Seeing both girls blush again and look at the ground Shiho laughed,

"Looks like your soon-to-be-husbands are really going to enjoy tonight."


"Okay how about something old?" asked Mir trying to get off the uncomfortable subject after the couch incident she and Dearka had been a little more careful as to where they did it. Pulling up her dress, Cagalli showed them a pair of shoes,

"My father made me buy them before he died so I'd have something old." She laughed

"I have a necklace I got from my father." Replied Lacus fingering the small rose coloured jewel on her necklace.

"Well I think you two are ready!" exclaimed Mir clapping her hands, "Now it's just me and Shiho that have to get ready." With that both girls picked up their wedding gowns and went to change.

"It's going to be different to be married." Said Lacus out of the blue, "Are we ready for this big a step?"

"you and Kira have been ready for a long time and even you feel the jitters now they'll go away soon." Laughed Cagalli at her friend's discomfort, "Today is our day. And no one, I mean no one is going to take it away from us!"

"You're right I'm being silly!" said Lacus giving Cagalli a small hug, "We can do this."

"Well you two look very nice!" said Dearka entering the room with Yzak, "Boy, are Athrun and Kira going to be blown away."

"There you two are! You're five minutes late!" shouted Mirallia walking out in her bridesmaid gown, "The brides have to be on time!"

"Yes my lady!" said Dearka as he kissed Mir, "now if you two lovely ladies will follow us to the car we can get on with the ceremony!"


"We can dot his right Athrun!" said Kira as he looked around at everyone in the church.

"Of course we can!" exclaimed Athrun for the last half a hour Athrun had, had to continually convince Kira that everything was going to be fine.

"If you say so!" sighed Kira, "I'm just a little nervous."

"Little is an understatement." Murmured Athrun as the and began to play the wedding march. All of a sudden he wasn't feeling so good. Turning around he was shocked to see the most beautiful girl he had ever seen walking down the aisle toward him. As Cagalli took his hand he whispered in her ears,

"You look lovely."

"Don't I know it! But these heels are killing me!" groaned Cagalli

"We are here today to join these two couples in holy matrimony, which is an honourably estate instated by god in the time of man's innocence… If there are any who object to these couples joining together in matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace."

"I OBJECT!" shouted a very girly voice from the back.

"I SECOND THE MOTION!" shouted a man with purple hair as the two figures walked to the front.

"Those two can get married if they want but Athrun is mine!" shouted Mia as she glared daggers at Cagalli.

"Don't they ever leave us alone?" asked Cagalli as Athrun glared down at Mia for ruining his and Cagalli's special day.

"You can not marry that nerdo!" shouted Yunna as he glared at Athrun, "Because I love you Cagalli!" Cagalli growled, handing her bouquet to Athrun delicately she rolled up the gloves on her gown,

"Don't kill them Cagalli," whispered Athrun in her ear, "We need a white dress." Nodding Cagalli marched down the aisle.

"See my love has returned to me!" shouted Yunna looking at the everyone.

"In your dreams buster!" shouted Cagalli as she punched him in the face sending him flying into the wall, "This is my special day! And nothing you do will stop me form marrying Athrun. And you…" she said turning toward Mia but she was already lying on the ground a few feet away. Looking around Cagalli meet the- eyes of a very anger Athrun glowering at Mia,

"Don't you ever say that about my future wife again!" shouted Athrun as he looked at a very angry Mia

"But that's what she is!" shouted Mia then turning to look at Cagalli, "A whore!" Cagalli would have probably gone and punched the life out of her if Athrun didn't get there first.

"Mia Campbell, you insolent little bitch! You will not win! I love Cagalli and no matter what you believe I will continue to love Cagalli till the end of my days! This is our wedding a joining union to stated out love for each ohter and you know what I could care less if you were the queen of England because you won't stop me from marrying the woman I love!" screamed Athrun as he threw her out of the church along with Yunna as Cagalli gave him a swift kick in the rear. Composing themselves they returned to the altar as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Handing Cagalli her bouquet Athrun turned to the priest,

"You can continue."

"Uhhh.. well.. yes.. I suggest anyone with objections stay quiet or you may be silenced…."


3 months later

"What the hell are you doing Cagalli!" groaned Athrun as he looked at his wife hide at the bottom of the bed in the blankets.

"Nothing." Came the muffled reply from the bottom of the blankets.

"Cagalli come out now or I might just have to go down there and give you a reason to come out!" laughed Athrun as Cagalli tickled his toes.

"Oh no you don't! Don't even think about it Athrun!" said a giggling Cagalli

"Cagalli come out please…" begged Athrun. Seeing Cagalli's head stick out of the blanket he was expecting her to come out but she just looked at him and returned to the blankets.

"Cagalli come out now!" exclaimed Athrun when all of a sudden a present was pushed toward him from the mound of blankets. Looking at it Athrun carefully reached forward and started to undo the ribbon…

"Baby socks?" said Athrun, "Wait a minute, Oh My God baby socks!" Jumping out of the bed he lunged for the mound of blankets. Wrapping Cagalli in his arms he kissed her on the lips deeply.

"Is it true are you really pregnant?" asked Athrun. Reaching into the pocket of her pyjama's Cagalli pulled out a small rectangle and handed it to him. Looking at it once he tossed it away and smiled down at her.

"Do you know how happy I am?" he asked

"A bit to much if you ask me." Stated Cagalli, "However I am enjoying the attention." Smiling Athrun put his face to her stomach and said,

"Hey there I'm your soon-to-be daddy! And I want you to know that your mother is a little short tempered so if you can try not to swim in her gene pool just a suggestion!" he said as Cagalli whacked him with her slipper.

"Who are you to say I'm short tempered!" shouted Cagalli


9 months later

"Calm down Cagalli you aren't helping anyone by breaking my hand!" shouted Athrun as he heard something crack somewhere in his thumb.

"Who are you to tell me to calm down! I'm giving birth for God's sake and you're the one who got me this way! It's all your fault!" screamed Cagalli

"Are you sure you should be standing so near her?" asked a young nurse who was practically swooning in front of Athrun, "You could just follow me to a more appeasing location." She said running her hand up and down her chest. However she was quickly silenced by a swift kick of Cagalli in her but.

"That ought to shut her up!" screamed Cagalli, "Since my brave husband can't take the pain I'll have to give it to hookers!"

"Mrs. Zala you are going to have to push!" exclaimed the doctor

"What does it look like I'm doing!" growled Cagalli

"Seriously Doctor if you want to live a little longer I suggest you get away from my wife." Stated Athrun as he saw Cagalli's eyes glaze over with anger. Grabbing the cup of ice the nurse had handed her she threw at Athrun,

"I finally know why they give you that to throw it at your useless husbands! I would never kick the doctor out he is the only one trying to help me! Unlike someone!"

"Come on one more push!" And a baby's cry was heard. Picking himself up off the floor Athrun looked over at the little baby girl that was now in Cagalli's arms.

"Can I hold her?" asked Athrun. Smiling Cagalli pasted the baby to him and lay back down on the pillows.

"Do you have a name in mind?" asked the Doctor. Athrun looked over at Cagalli as she started to fall asleep,

"Zophia, Zophia Zala…."


3 years later

"Zophia Attha Zala get your teeny tiny little behind down here!" shouted Cagalli to her three-year-old daughter as she refused to come down the stairs for a sleepover at her Uncle's house. The blue haired, golden eyed girl had the stubbornness of both parents, the attitude of Athrun, and the temper of Cagalli, so she had been nicknamed Z.A.Z.

"She'll never come down like that." Laughed Lacus at Cagalli's red face. Hugging her two-year-old son as he stood at the bottom of the stairs she whispered something in his ears. The boy giggled and walked up the stairs,

"What on earth did you tell him to do?" asked Cagalli, but stopped when her daughter walked down the stairs with her cousin.

"Zaz and I will go wait in the car mommy." said Sigel walking toward the door.

"How'd you do that!" asked Cagalli shocked

"Oh I just told him to tell Zaz that you and daddy have some things they need to do." She said laughing at Cagalli's red cheeks.

"You didn't just have my child hear that did you!" groaned Cagalli as she watched Lacus walk toward the door.

"Take it any way you like," stated Lacus, "They're too young to understand the FULL meaning."


Taking off his tie Athrun looked around the empty hall. Usually Cagalli would come bonding toward him and help him take off his coat and such. But today there was no Cagalli. Walking toward the door to the kitchen he prayed she hadn't tried to cook. But was pleasantly surprised to see Indian food on the counter.

"Cagalli are you here?" asked Athrun into the darkness, grabbing one of the boxes Athrun began eating. Where was she? Going back into the hall he began looking in all the rooms. But still couldn't find her. Sliding opent he door leading intot heir backyard he was relieved to see Cagalli lying in the pool on a blow up chair. Placing his food ona deck chair he dived into the water and came up beside her.


"Ahhhhhhhhh!" shouted Cagalli as she fell in the pool. Coming up and glaring at her husband she shouted, "What the hell is wrong with you! Now I'm all wet!"

"Hey you should have been that adorable little wife and come and fed me!"

"You really want me to cook? Hey it's your funeral!"

"Come on I was only teasing." laughed Athrun as he whispered it against her throat.


"Come on." Begged Athrun nuzzling her neck, "Look at me!" Turning around Cagalli was caught off by the look of pure love she saw in Athrun's eyes.

"Fine ya happy!" she asked, "I have a question?"

"Mmmmm." Said Athrun all of sudden very interested in her neck

"Why'd ya choose me?" Cagalli asked. Pulling away Athrun looked in Cagalli's eyes,

"I choose you because you were different. You were someone who didn't take anything from anyone. While I just lived with what happened. You taught me to stand up for what I believe whether the world likes it or not. You are the only one for me." He leaned forward and kissed her lips lustfully, "Now as nice as it is to see you in your itty, bitty bikini I can think of a more pleasant sight."


"So did you enjoy your night with Aunty Lacus and Uncle Kira?" asked Cagalli the next day when Zaz came into the house.


"Oh I'm glad you enjoyed it!" smiled Cagalli picking up her daughter

"Is daddy home?" asked Zophia looking around

"Yup he's in the kitchen enjoying his own food!"

"Did mummy try to cook again?" asked Zaz

"You are becoming more like your father everyday!" laughed Cagalli placing her daughter down and watching her toddle toward the kitchen. Entering the kitchen she saw Athrun hugging his daughter,

"Hello there Zaz. And how was your weekend?" asked Athrun

"You and mummy ask me the same questions!" giggled Zophia

"Oh do we!" said Athrun tickling his daughter, "That's because me and your mummy love you so much that we have to hear everything twice, so you know we love you doubly much!"

"Oh Aunty Lacus asked me to ask you guys a question." Began Zophia, "She asked me to ask about tutoring trouble. What's that?" Seeing her parents both go bright red she got up on her knees and touched her father's forehead,

"Daddy do you and mommy have a fever you're all red?" asked Zaz

"Me and your daddy are fine, "said Cagalli breaking the awkward silence, "And don't worry you'll know the story soon enough. Because it seems your Aunt wants to tell it."

"So it's a story?" asked Zophia confused

"It's the story of some friends of ours." stated Athrun nodding his head

"I want to hear it!" shouted Zaz

"Okay it all began when a girl needed a tutor…" began Cagalli

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