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"The List"
By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

Oberst Wilhelm Klink knew that the prisoners wouldn't be listening since he wasn't speaking with anyone in his office or over the phone, so he spoke freely.

"Hans, you dummkopf... You may have killed us all..."

He remembered the hidden horror when Hans Kronman had said he needed to talk to him about something, horror that was confirmed moments later. That horror had remained with him until Hogan and his men had found out what it was that Hans had, then it became far worse when he read the list - a list that was not supposed to exist;

'Colonel Klink, General Burkhalter, Colonel Muller, Admiral Metzger...'

Wilhelm hadn't read any further before setting the paper aflame, he didn't need to. He knew what it would say, 'Major Kronman, General Stofen...' the list would continue after that.

Hogan had thought that the list was of a possible conspiracy... He didn't know that the reason no one could ever know of that list is that it would be the end of Germany's last hopes to be rid of... how had the American put it once? Oh, yes, 'Old Scramble-Brains'. This was a conspiracy already in motion. Colonel Hogan, Wilhelm mused, would probably never know that the secret to his success in sabotage and escaping prisoners from other camps was because the 'enemies' guarding him were on the same side, in secret at least.

Wilhelm looked down at the papers on his desk, the Gestapo was bringing in three American prisoners and wanted him to empty a barracks, he might want to have Hogan in his office when they arrived; General Burkhalter was planning to have a scientist set up his laboratory at Stalag 13 - usually a prelude to having someone captured or killed by the Allies...

He'd have to keep on playing the part of the bumbling Kommadant Klink, but over the years he had become quite adapt at it - ego, pride, and a desire to be a general even without the appearant ability were all he needed. He acted like it was ridiculous that he was still a colonel, but in reality he knew that he was where he'd do the most good for Germany, for the Germany people, not the Nazis and their damnable Third Reich.

Oh, yes, he'd see to it that Hogan was in his office for the Gestapo's arrival...