(A.N.) Welcome to my very first yuri fanfic. As you've read in the summary, this story focuses on how two young girls fall in love in a world that would like nothing more then to see it end. The pairing is TifaxAerith, or "Tiferith." By the way, I honestly don't care if it's "Aeris." "Aerith" sounds prettier in my opinion, so that's the way it'll be. :3

Warning: Well obviously if you read the description, you'd know this is YURI/SHOUJO-AI/SLASH. Otherwise, FEMALExFEMALE. If that bothers you, GO AWAY.

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The comb traveled gently down long locks of rich chestnut hair. With a slight smile gracing her full pink lips, she held the hair in her hands for a moment, studying the handy-work of her careful grooming before raising her delicate hands to fluff out her bangs.

She began to hum quietly to herself; a trivial tune that she made up as she sang, admiring the pure glisten of her brown locks under the bright light of her vanity mirror before braiding and tying it with a vivid pink ribbon that matched perfectly with her button-up dress. She patted the emerald stone that lay nestled in the ribbon before moving her painted fingers to play with the wispy, curled tendrils of hair that had escaped her tight braid.

The young lady stopped her pruning and humming to regard her appearance. Her deep emerald eyes narrowed to scrutinize every soft, pale, and delicate feature before nodding to herself; the only noise made during this inspection being the soft jangle of heavy bracelets decorating her hands as she fixed every miniscule detail that didn't meet her approval.

With a small sigh, she stood up and walked over to her neatly made bed before pulling out a worn pair of brown boots covered in scuffs and sewing attempts to repair damage that wouldn't enable this girl to wear her favorite shoes.

After a moment of struggling with these boots, the girl thought about the tune she had going before she picked it up again, walking lightly with a slight bounce out of her room, a brown schoolbag thrown carelessly on her slim shoulder.

With a soft goodbye to her adoptive mother, the girl stepped outside into the bright morning. The sun was shielded from its full brilliance by the heavy fog that cast dew and moisture everywhere.

After pulling a determined face, the girl walked bravely down the steps from her apartment towards her first day as a junior in high school.

"'Eh, Tif! Time teh git up!" A deep, masculine voice boomed from the heavy wooden doorway.

Tifa put a hand to her eyes, her foggy brain registering the familiar voice and processing his words before opening a large, chocolate-brown eye framed by long black eyelashes.

"Get up Tifa! It's my first day of school!" a lighter, childish voice bubbling with enthusiasm that seemed inhuman for this early in the morning jolted the girl awake as the owner of the voice bounced onto her messy bed.

Tifa stared straight up, wide-awake at a beaming face hovering closely over her own. Stifling an aggravated sigh, Tifa brushed her messy bangs out of her eyes before falling into a small smile at Marlene's antics.

"Yes it is: your first day of kindergarten, so you'd better stop worrying about me and get ready yourself," with a full-blown grin pulling across Tifa's small face, she gently pinched her adoptive sister in the stomach before pushing her off the bed.

"Now, get out so I can change!" Tifa let out a light cheerful laugh as Marlene tried to glare, but only managed to look like a ruffled child who pouted sourly when they didn't get their way.

When the little girl left, Tifa grabbed a brush and wadded across her terribly small and messy room littered carelessly with clothes, books, and other entertainments to where a medium-sized mirror hung on the wall. She stared, unamused, at the scruffy appearance that greeted her. Slowly, she raised a brush she'd grabbed from her bedside table to trail sensually down her long faded black hair that could pass as a deep, dark brown.

When she was finished in her ministrations, she collected her hair in one hand, pulled a band dangling off a clothes hook, and tied it at the end. With a little assistance from her trusted hair mousse, Tifa styled and parted her bangs to the left side of her tanned face. After she managed to squeeze herself into a tight, white, sleeveless belly shirt and a sinfully small black leather skirt, she made her way out into the kitchen from which a salty, burnt scent wafted.

"Good morning Barret," Tifa greeted, stifling a yawn that tried to force itself out by covering her mouth with a small hand. She flicked some locks of hair over her shoulder before seating herself casually at the rickety wooden table. She stared at the long, faded marks and beatings this wooden had taken over the years, almost begging to tell the interesting and quirky stories each mark held about its appearance. Tifa made a quick mental note to look into a new table.

"Mo'nin Tif," the large, muscled black man answered, putting a ceramic plate full of bacon, toast, and eggs in front of the girl. He gave a tight smile to Tifa's questioning look at the pink apron that was too ridiculously small to fit him and the butter knife held awkwardly in his only large hand.

Tifa shook her head slightly with a small laugh before turning to her plate, stabbing her fork into the eggs. She would never question Barret's ways of raising herself and Marlene, and no matter how clumsy he was and tried to cover it up with failed anxious fatherly acts, she would always doubtlessly love him.

This was the only man who had taken her in when she was orphaned at the age of ten by a ravenous fire that had devoured not only her home, but her father as well. Barret had also adopted Marlene when she was barely a year old from her deceased father (who had been Barret's best friend, Dine), even though he suffered severely from poverty and barely managed to keep a house for them all to live in. And through all of that, he had even lost his right hand to in an accident.

Despite his tough, unkempt appearance, potty-language, rough attitude and barrel-sized chest covered in tattoos and piercings, Tifa had never met such a selfless man with as kind or large a heart as Barret, and for that, he would always be her father.

"Aw, shit!" Barret cursed loudly. Tifa shot Barret a warning glare as Marlene entered the room, ready for school with eyes lit in curiosity at the strange word that had come from her adoptive father's mouth. Barret quickly covered his mouth with his hand, eyes widened like a deer in headlights while waving his hand like it would explain what he had failed to.

"Eh….Ah mean, y'all need teh git teh schoo'! Look a' the time!" he said wildly, searching for the small clock he'd looked at not a moment before beneath the messy kitchen clutter.

Tifa blanched slightly. Through all of her reminiscing and eating, she'd managed to forget the prime reason as to why she'd gotten up at this hellish hour.

"Come on Marlene," Tifa started anxiously, not too thrilled to be late on her first day as a junior. Thankfully, her high school was close enough for walking, and in Tifa's case, running.

When the little girl only shot Tifa a bewildered look before giving some toast a hungry gaze, Tifa grabbed Marlene's hand, picked a bit of toast from her own plate, put it in Marlene's unprepared tiny fingers while her other hand grabbed both their bags laying around on the table, and she strode quickly out the door with her little sister in tow.

"Slow down!" Marlene cried, trying desperately to keep her pace with Tifa's quick, long strides while munching on the food. Tifa didn't bother to look down at the little girl; her eyes had set straight towards the elementary parked only a block away from Tifa's school.

"Sorry Marlene," Tifa apologized hastily, slowing down so Marlene could keep up, but she put a firmer grip on her younger sibling's hand.

Aerith walked leisurely, basking in the warm, but somewhat damp morning air. She was aware that school would be starting soon, and she had yet to pick up her schedule and such, but today in particular had the green-eyed girl battling with her reason that she should find a nice, quiet place to relax and enjoy what nature had to give.

What am I thinking? Aerith thought to herself, stopping at an intersection for the lights to change. She shook her head slightly as she reprimanded her thoughts. School first. I can do that later. However, stuck on her trivial matter, Aerith didn't see the distracted young brunette coming up on the curb, making a beeline for the elementary school across the street.

"Hey—Oof!" Aerith cried out, unceremoniously falling to the ground on her rear. Her schoolbag slipped off her shoulder as she felt a warm body—by the rather large size of the person's bosom, obviously a woman—press against her form, who brought up her arms defensively to break her fall.

"Um…" Aerith looked at their precarious position. Slowly, she glanced at the girl's left leg pushed a little too close between her legs for comfort, right leg twining around Aerith's. As she raised her gaze, she noticed that when the girl had tried to break her fall…her hands had wound up on Aerith's breasts.

"Oh my gosh…" Aerith sighed, blushing profusely like a cherry.

Tifa slowly opened her eyes, wondering when in the fall she'd screwed them shut so tightly. She started a little, totally forgetting about the poor girl beneath her and instead looking wildly around for Marlene. When she saw the girl beside her, eyes large and watery as if something traumatic had happened, Tifa glanced down at the girl she was on—she guessed the person was a girl by the feel of her—

"Oh…my…GOD," Tifa began, blushing almost as hard as the girl beneath her. "I am…SO sorry…"

Slowly, Tifa removed her hands from the pink-clad girl's chest and sat up while removing her leg from the interesting position it had been in. She brushed her bangs out of her face, trying to avoid meeting the brunette's gaze.

The lighter-haired brunette tried to awkwardly sit up in her dress, a blush dancing across her normally pale, narrow face. Tifa finally broke her own embarrassment to look at the struggling girl before getting up, unabashed about what was revealed in the process from her tiny leather skirt.

Feeling somewhat like a knight in shining armor even though she knew in this situation it was quite the opposite, Tifa brazenly offered her hand to the fragile-looking girl beneath her, quite sure that her normally confident disposition was being betrayed by her rattled breathing and wobbly movements.

Gradually, the brunette below her raised her head, eyes traveling the length of Tifa's body until finally their gazes met. Tifa stared straight back into the most stunning pools of deep, shimmering emerald she had ever seen.

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