Sapphire's black, straight hair blew against the wind. Her long, real fur coat wasn't doing a good job in keeping her warm. Neither were her matching tan fur gloves.

Sapphire looked in her pockets to see if she had a hat. She did. She took it out and put it on. She started walking next to her cousin. Her black, velvet snow boots munched on the ground as she took a step closer to home.

Sapphire glanced at her cousin, Alicia, who's glossy, black hair, was blowing wildly in the wind. She had a lot of lip gloss on, and a few strands of hair were stuck to her lips.

Alicia had the most gorgeous coat, black and fuzzy, full of fur. It was real fur. Alicia also had dangling pink earrings, blowing in the wind. She crossed her arms on her chest, and Sapphire saw that her cousin's hands were bare and she was freezing. Her teeth were chattering.

"Here." Said Sapphire, as she took off her tan, fur gloves, and handed them to Alicia.

"No. Its okay," said Alicia. She rubbed her bare hands against her coat. She had white fake nails. She also had a diamond ring on.

"Seriously. You can have it." Sapphire held the gloves out for her.

Alicia shook her head, as her naturally wavy hair flopped back and forth on her shoulders. "I'm fine. Trust me."

"If you're not cold, I'll take them." said Sapphire's other cousin, Rachel. She was 10 years old, exactly 3 years younger than Sapphire and Alicia.

"Sure," said Sapphire, as she handed rachel her warm, fuzzy gloves.

"Thanks," said Rachel, as she put the fur gloves on. They all walked in silence. The only sound was their boots munching in the snow, and the wind blowing fiercely.

"Look," said Alicia, as she pointed at a shop, called Clothes Delight. In the glass display, there was a beautiful long silky red dress. It was full of sequence.

"It's so pretty!" said Rachel, as she stepped towards the shop. Her dark brown hair was tied in a ponytail. She had a light pink hat and a white and pink coat. Her black snow boots were covered with powdery snow.

"Aw man!" said Alicia, as she kicked the ground with her boots. "I forgot my credit card at your house." She looked threw her black purse.

"I think I have mine in here," said Sapphire, as she looked threw her "XOXO" purse. It was creamed and tan. It was one of her favorites.

"You do?" asked Alicia, as she looked up from her purse.

"Yea," said Sapphire, as she waved 3 credit cards.

"Good," said Rachel. "Let's go in now, and shop!"

"Yea." replied Sapphire. She opened the cold glass door. They all entered.

"It's so much warm in here," said Sapphire, as she took off her tan woolen hat off. The room filled with a sweet lavender conditioner smell.

"It is. I was freezing out there." whispered Alicia.

"I am so going to wear that dress tonight." said Sapphire, as she glanced at the red sequence dress. She went over there and looked at it.

"It would look terrific on you." said Alicia, as she felt the red silk of the dress.

"Buy it." said Rachel. "How much?"

"It says," said Sapphire. "$190.00."

"You should totally get it." said Alicia, as she smiled at her cousin.

"Will it suit me?" asked Sapphire, as she threw a piece of hair back behind her.

"Yea." said Rachel and Alicia nodded.

"Okay. I'll get it. Oh and I have these lovely shoes and purse that would go with it."

"Really?" asked Alicia. "And I have an out gorgeous bracelet for you. It's red and white."

"Thanks." said Sapphire. She smiled at her favorite cousin.

"Oh. My. Gosh." said Rachel. She looked at a light blue silky dress.

"Totally you, Rachel." said Alicia. Sapphire nodded.

"I love this suit!" said Rachel, as she put it up to her chest.

"Cool. Now I need one." added Alicia.

Sapphire grinned as they all went around the shop, looking for a outfit for Alicia to wear.

"This one?" asked Sapphire, as she nodded at a sparkly black dress. It was lovely, and suited Alicia perfectly. Sapphire could imagine Alicia with her hair in a bun and her dancing perfectly to the light music that they would play at the party tonight. Alicia was the best at dancing out of all of them.

"Perfect." said Alicia, as she rushed to the dress, her high heeled boots echoing on the marble floor.

"I think it was made for you." added Rachel, as she nodded. Her dark brown hair bounced up and down.

"Really? You think so?" asked Alicia. She was looking at the dress, happy that it just might be hers.

"Yup." said Sapphire. She glanced at her pink watch. her father gave it to her, and it was her favorite out of her thousands of watches.

"Quick." said Rachel. "We're getting late."

"Yea." said Alicia. They walked up to the counter and put the dresses on the counter. The cashier checked it out. The total came out to $300.00.

Sapphire handed her one of her credit cards. She took the bag, handed it to Rachel, as she put on her hat.

"Let's go." said Alicia. She opened the glass door.

They all stepped out on the crispy snow. It was snowing harshly now.

"Why don't we stay here, and call David to pick us up." commented Alicia.

"Yea." nodded Rachel, in agreement.

"Alright." said Sapphire. They went inside the door. Sapphire called home using her cell phone. When her mom picked it up, she asked her to send the limo driver, David, to pick her up.

When David finally arrived, Sapphire, Alicia, and Rachel quickly walked to the white, long limo, that was covered with snow.

"Hello David." said Sapphire as she sat down. She went in first and got the remote. It was cold.

"Hi David." said Alicia as she sat down next to Sapphire. Sapphire was already flicking threw the channels.

Rachel greeted David and than they all sat down, snuggled in the warm blankets. They were watching a show, as they munched on some cookies.

When they finally reached the Sapphire's mansion, they all stepped out. They slowly climbed the big stair case and Rachel rang the doorbell.

"Hello." said the maid, as she opened the door. Sapphire, Alicia, and Rachel stepped in, as they greeted her and gave her their coats.

When they walked into the family room, they saw Sapphire's sisters, Emerald, Ruby, Crystal, Diamond, (Crystal and Diamonds were twins), Alicia's siblings, Mark, and Jenna, and Rachel's sister and brother, Katie and Alan.

They were all watching a movie. Sapphire sat down on the fluffy, brow sofa.

Alicia tapped her and said, "You wanna get the dresses?"

"Sure." said Sapphire. She jumped off the sofa and told David to get the bag. He did as he was told. They took the bag and climbed the long wooden staircase. They walked on the fluffy tan carpet until the reached Sapphire's all pink room.

"Lets try them on." said Sapphire. She slowly took out her red dress. I'll change in this bathroom. she nodded at the bathroom in her room.

"I'll change in the walking closet." said Alicia.

"I'll go in the bathroom across your room." nodded Rachel at the bathroom which was in sight, and straight ahead of Sapphire's room.

In no time they all came out. Sapphire's red dress, that was full of sequence, looked lovely and was fully fit on her. It was neck-less, and when she moved, the cloth that was spread lightly on the floor moved siftly. She tied her hair into a quick bun and imagined herself with makeup.

"Sapphire! You look wonderful!" said Alicia.

Sapphire turned to Alicia who was wearing the sparkly black dress. Her's was also necklace, and hung to the floor. It wasn't as long as Sapphire's. Alicia had a big cut on the side of her gorgeous dress.

"You too!" exclaimed Sapphire.

"Hey!" said Rachel Alicia and Sapphire turned to Rachel and saw her dress was another beauty itself. Her light blue silky dress was up to her feet, touching and spreading down on the carpet. It was a tank top dress. As she swung around her hair and dress danced in the air.

"Lovely!" said Sapphire.

"Thanks." said Rachel, as she blushed.

"You look terrific." said Alicia. She glanced at Sapphire's clock. "We don't have that much time left to get dressed!

"You're right!" said Sapphire.

"Come on." said Rachel. "We have only five hours left!"

"I cant believe it. Lets go!" said Sapphire. Alicia went into the bathroom across Sapphire's room. Rachel went into a different bathroom.

Sapphire took the dress she was going to wear into the bathroom. She quickly took a shower and than put on her pajamas. She was going to put on makeup and other stuff, so she didn't want to get her dress messy.

She took out her curler first thing. After she curled it into lovely curls, He jet black hair shined in the light. She than put on the facial cream she did all the time. Than she put on eye shadow, and than mascara. She than applied a couple of coats of lip gloss.

After that she put on her lovely dress on. She tied the strip on her neck.

She looked through her jewelry and took out a pair of red and silver earrings that touched her shoulders. They dangled to perfect timing as she shook her head. She always did that just to see her earrings move soothingly.

Than she put on a matching necklace, which was fit on her neck.

She put her hair into a bun, leaving a couple of strand out, just like she always did. She quickly wore some bracelets. As she was, she glanced at her fake nails, which were pure white, in a manicure form.

Sapphire sighed as she clicked the light off on the bathroom and than her room. She walked gracefully down the stairs.


Alicia also looked gorgeous when she walked down the wooden stairs. her black sparkly dress sparkled in the light. She had her hair straightened and in a lovely loose ponytail. Her earring were silver and black.

She had a lot of makeup like herself. She had lovely jewelry too.

When Rachel came, she looked beautiful too. She was dressed up.

The three girls went into the living room to see their siblings dressed and helping out their moms.

They helped too. In an hour, the guests started coming.

Sapphire slipped into her red high heeled sandals. She walked gently to the ball room and greeted the guests.

They were all dancing beautifully. The music was swift and gentle. Sapphire glanced at Alicia, who was dancing the best. Her beautiful hair was swinging back and forth and the smile never left her face.

Rachel was also dancing perfectly. She had improved. She was smiling like crazy. Her teeth were lovely and were aligned in a straight row like a row of Tredent Gum.

Sapphire glanced at her sister Ruby, who was dancing like a maniac. She was red.

She heard her call to Alicia's brother, "I'll be right back."

Just than the music stopped, the lights went out, and they all heard glass break and Ruby scream.